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Pixie Power Swapper 1.02 -  is a light hearted puzzle game in which you ... it is a different puzzle so there will always ... (13/0) download

Crazy Cube 1.0 -  Then draw across cube and once it reaches ... markers to complete a cube. You can not link ... are blocked. Once a cube is completed, it will ... (1/0) download
Diamond Detective 1.0 -  OH NO! The precious jewels of Gemopolis have been stolen! The commissioner requests your help to recover the stolen gems, collect clues, and solve the mysterious heists! Game play is a race against time OCo you must make long chains of OCtsame typeOCL glittery gems to fill the jewel vault before the thief escapes. The longer the gem-chains, the faster ... (1/0) download
Diamond Puzzle 1.0Diamond Puzzle is a brand new ... own style of play... Diamond Puzzle is a brand new ... (68/0) download
Rubix Cube 3D 1 -  The Rubik's Cube is a 3-D mechanical puzzle invented in 1974[1] by ... a classic Rubik's Cube, each of the six ... sides of the solved Cube, there is no edge ... (5/0) download
Sudoku Puzzle Game and Solver 1.3 -  fixated on the Rubik's cube. Sudoku Puzzle Game and Solver can ... (57/0) download
Pokemon Diamond Pearl 1.0 -  An official Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Flash online puzzle game. Click on groups ... (21/0) download
Majewels 1.9 -  newest sequel of stone-puzzle game like Bejeweled and Diamond Mine! Genuine HEX 9*9 ... fast playing this remarkable puzzle game. Swap jewels to ... (2/0) download

Diamond Ring Mahjong Solitaire 1Diamond Ring Mahjong Solitaire puts ... moment you play this puzzle game, as you match ... its a whole new puzzle for you to explore. Diamond Ring Mahjong Solitaire is ... (1/0) download
Exocubes 1.0.1 -  high-energy, action-oriented puzzle game like none other! ... woke up to a cube-like room. He'll need ... the seemingly non-ending cube rooms! Manipulate magical cubes ... (8/0) download
Squarex v1.2 -  you maneuver your yellow cube around a puzzle board capturing grids by ... (38/0) download
WildSnake Puzzle: TwistIt! - Vol.1 1.00 -  This puzzle game is based upon ... Jigsaw, Slider and Rubik's Cube right on your desktop ... (22/0) download
I.Q. Identity Quest for Mac OS 1.0 -  the riddles of the Puzzle Cube and become a master ... ... (2/0) download
Halloween Diamond Mahjong 1.0Diamond Mahjong solitaire is a fun puzzle game based on the ... (5/0) download
Cube Soma-7 1.11 -  The program Cube Soma-7 offers you ... (2/0) download
PuzzleGamesPack 1.0 -  A cool Puzzle Games pack that includes Jigsaw, Sudoku, Magic Cube, Magic Square and Towers ... You can make Jigsaw puzzle from any of your ... (1/0) download
Cubor 1.0 -  is a fun 3d puzzle game, roll your cubes ... sixteen levels! Click a cube to select it, Click ... arrow to move the cube, Drag the background to ... (2/0) download
Tropical Puzzle 1.22 -  Tropical Puzzle lets you immerse yourself ... and? a bit of puzzle-solving for your brains ... high scores table. Tropical Puzzle shines with various interesting ... (33/0) download
Puzzle Myth 1.16 -  new twist on classic puzzle game, Puzzle Myth is a really ... (41/0) download
Picture Cube 3D 1.1 -  a spinning 3D picture cube. You can even add ... spinning, zooming, or bouncing cube. An installer and uninstaller ... (252/0) download
The Qube 2.00 -  & VERY ADDICTIVE 3D Puzzle Game based on the ... (112/0) download
Snowy: Puzzle Islands 1.0 -  Actually, in Snowy: Puzzle Islands you'll have plenty ... (37/0) download
Diamond Hunter -  I went down the steps into the area of a house. My eye was taken by something bright. Diamond! Collect diamonds and run to exit, collect them all to open the door. On the way you will run intro enemies - running to avoid those enemies. Full 3D. 5 level free. Requirements: You must have a video card which is DirectX 8.0 compatible as a minimum. Recommended: ... (36/0) download
Classical N-Puzzle 2.0 -  game is classical n-puzzle game. You can play ... different solutions to the puzzle. You have the oportunity ... with images makes this puzzle much more difficult. You ... (35/0) download
Triptych 1.17 -  is a fast paced puzzle game with dynamic physics ... empty spaces. Unlike other puzzle games, the gameboard is ... far beyond the average puzzle game. Download the FREE ... (24/0) download