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3D Kid's Dice v1.0 -  3D Kid's Dice is a version of the dice game "Shut The ... each throw of the dice. The total of the ... numbers on the two dice.The game features 3D rendered graphics, dice animation, realistic sound effects, music ... (41/0) download

Finger Football Lite (3D Multiplayer) by Zelosport 1.1 -  3D animation and revolving camera angles ... how to interpret the dice, and how to score! 8. Dice animation that is tied to ... (5/0) download
Ludo MultiPlayer Online 1.9 -  in HD) * 3D dice roll animation * Play Online by ... to finish according to dice rolls along a path ... Features: * Sound effects: Dice roll, Token movement, Token ... (0/0) download
Ludo MultiPlayer Online HD 1.9 -  in HD) * 3D dice roll animation * Play Online by ... to finish according to dice rolls along a path ... Features: * Sound effects: Dice roll, Token movement, Token ... (3/0) download
Animation from Movie 1.0 -  Converts movies into animation clips. Making animation never been so easy ... and view the result animation. The animated clip can ... (227/0) download
PDF to PowerPoint Animation Converter 2.0 -  VeryPDF PDF to PowerPoint Animation Converter can be used ... PDF files to PowerPoint Animation files. PDF to PowerPoint Animation Converter is a professional ... convert PDF to PowerPoint Animation formats. It can retain ... (64/0) download
PM Animation 1.0.16 -  The PM Animation is a cross-platform, 2D animation software product. It comes ... for creating frame based animation. The software can be ... image into an attractive animation. The animation can be saved as ... (66/0) download
Ya! Dice 1.0.0 -  game you roll 5 dice and match the result ... First, you roll 5 dice, and then you can ... keep a number of dice and roll the rest ... (26/0) download

ZC Dice 1 -  ZC Dice generates random dice rolls for use with ... (18/0) download
Dice Solitaire (3 pass) 1.0Dice Solitaire is a solitaire ... decks of cards. In Dice solitaire, the player is ... (3/0) download
!!! $500 CLUB DICE CASINO 2006 3.65 -  Club Dice Casino, Online Casinos Customer ... (3/0) download
DP Animation Maker 2.0.2 -  DP Animation Maker is powerful, easy-to-use animation software that lets you ... (7/0) download
Aurora 3D Animation Maker 11.08.18 -  Easy 3D Title Animation Maker Software. Web design ... s attention! Aurora 3D Animation Maker lets you create ... all aspects of your animation, including the length of the animation, the speed of playback, and more! Aurora 3D Animation Maker gives you a ton of special animation effects to further liven ... (74/0) download
3D Architecture Animation Creator Pro 1.2 -  3D Architecture Animation Creator is a plugin ... rotation, scale and visibility animation.2) Along the x, y, z direction generated animation.3) Along the path generate animation.4) Anti-direction generate animation.5) Generated by random ... generate position, rotation, scale animation.7) Objects along World ... (9/0) download
Morpheus Photo Animation Suite Mac 3.00 -  The all-in-one animation suite includes Morpheus Photo ... mixes. If you like animation, you'll love Morpheus Photo Animation Suite!Features include: * Easy ... (5/0) download
Ten Thousand Dice 2.40 -  Ten Thousand Dice - A Game of Temptation ... is played with six dice, and is a race ... in turn rolls the dice in an attempt to ... (57/0) download
GaDGeTS AS2, Flash Animation Components 1.1.0 -  GaDGeTS AS2 Components, animation plugins used directly in ... the result. A All animation visual contents can be ... (12/0) download
Random Dice Roller Software 7.0 -  to create custom random dice to roll. You can create any type of dice, coin or even random ... are classic 6-sided dice, a 20-sided dice, a coin, even rock ... roll and how many dice to hold in your ... (3/0) download
Effect Animation 1 -  Effect Animation for game!100% vector/can be ... of projects.file includedEffect Animation swf.Effect Animation fla.help txt.fully ... ... (7/0) download
MicroWorld Animation 1 -  Adobe Flash)[Bacteria animation]Background animation. Additional animation effect for your flash/website ... enables you to create animation effect with particles adjustable ... sample 3).Background Bacteria animation provides following features:Minimum ... (3/0) download
Under Construction Animation 1 -  100% vectorfile includedUnder Construction Animation swf.Under Construction Animation fla.Under Construction Animation jpg.help txt.fully ... paste method twening method animation 24 fps .help txt ... (11/0) download
Camel Animation Silhouette 1 -  Camel Animation silhouette.movie is 100% ... of projects.file includedCamel Animation silhouette swf.Camel Animation silhouette fla.Camel Animation silhouette jpg.help txt ... frame by frame method animation 12 fps .help txt ... (8/0) download
Bus Animation 1 -  Bus animation FOR TXT card copy ... (11/0) download
Video to GIF Animation Converter v2.0 -  VeryDOC Video to GIF Animation Converter allows users to clip video to GIF animation with different starts and ends. Video to GIF Animation Converter supports these options ... converting video to GIF animation. 9.Do the batch ... (5/0) download
AVI to GIF Animation Converter v2.0 -  VeryDOC AVI to GIF Animation Converter enables you to ... files. AVI to GIF Animation Converter supports these options ... ... (13/0) download