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Natural 20 - for Rolling Dice 3.2 -  Natural 20 is a dice rolling app which handles single and multiple dice rolls. Its comfortable to ... carrying a box of dice to each game! Natural ... help you roll your dice: ~ Quick Roll Simply pick your dice, and you have an ... (3/0) download

Max Dice Roller - Linux 1.01 -  Max Dice is a simple dice rolling utility for games. Max Dice is a simple dice rolling utility for use on ... (31/0) download
GMA Dice 1.2 -  GMA Dice is an advanced dice-rolling program. It has accurate dice rolling sounds, 12 dice roll type presets, the ... sort and review individual dice, and the ability to ... roll one or more dice in a multi-dice roll. It is good for all dice games, but it is especially useful for advanced dice games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Yahtzee, and Dice Poker. (9/0) download
Risk Dice Simulator 1.0 -  This app simulates the dice rolling in a game of ... involved in a battle. Rolling the dice 100+ times, and then ... each roll of the dice, and the results. You ... (2/0) download
Dial-a-Dice 1.1 -  Dial-a-Dice is a unique dice rolling app. Created by Geek ... Games (RPG). Dial-A-Dice is handy for everything ... you need LOTS of dice for calculating the immense ... (1/0) download
Dice for TRPG 1.0.1 -  Handy dice-rolling app for traditional gamers! ... number and combination of dice may also be adjusted ... (4/0) download
Dice Deluxe 1.0Dice Deluxe is a complete dice rolling simulator that makes it easy to play any dice game wherever you go. Dice Deluxe was designed for ... easy to play any dice game. Featuring 3D graphics ... sound effects, and customizable dice and backgrounds. You'll never ... (2/0) download
Yahtzii 1.2 -  the rendered alternative for dice rolling fun! Yahtzii, a dice game featuring rendered dice graphics and a simple ... (38/0) download

AskDice 1.1 -  Freeware easy dice roller Freeware generator of random number with the dice rolling styled interface.If you ... at random roll the dice to ask the program ... for important decision!)Also rolling the dice you can choose random ... (98/0) download
DMDJ 1.4 -  life easier with our dice rolling system. Tired of using ... we also focus on dice rolling. DMDJ comes with a powerful and advanced dice system that can be ... Even the most complicated dice throw is one touch ... (3/0) download
DieRollPod 1.0 -  Simple dice rolling application for RPG players. Two dice formats : XdY+Z & XdY ... (1/0) download
Hero Roller 1.1 -  Hero Roller does combat dice rolling for Hero System role ... damage classes. Commonly used dice rolls can be dragged ... loaded with commonly used dice rolls. Preloads are saved ... (1/0) download
Random Roll 2.0 -  The ultimate dice rolling app! No longer worry about finding dice for all your games ... Roll up to 6 dice with up to 30 ... Shake to Roll! -Real dice rolling sound! Changes: New icon You can now roll dice with up to 30 ... (4/0) download
Drums of War HD 1.6.2 -  fingertips, including in app dice rolling, D&D Compendium access, and ... and temporary conditions. Roll dice without leaving the app! ... them. Spend more time rolling dice and less time flipping ... (3/0) download
Diceshaker 1.0.6 -  Diceshaker is a little dice-rolling utility for your roleplaying ... roll total and individual dice, to accomodate different game ... (1/0) download
Hero Roller Lite 1.1 -  Roller Lite does combat dice rolling for Hero System role ... damage classes. Commonly used dice rolls can be dragged ... loaded with commonly used dice rolls * Adjustable slider ... (4/0) download
Roaring Dice 1.2 -  This little tool recites dice rolls. It was thrown ... someone asked for a dice rolling tool for his recently ... (1/0) download
CrystalBall Lite for Mac OS 3.3 -  Powerful networked dice roller engine, text chat ... Game Masters and Players.Dice rolling engine:- More powerful and ... we have seen. - Standard dice, plus customizable buttons of ... (1/0) download
Random Dice Roller Software 7.0 -  to create custom random dice to roll. You can create any type of dice, coin or even random ... are classic 6-sided dice, a 20-sided dice, a coin, even rock ... roll and how many dice to hold in your hand while rolling. The results can be ... (3/0) download
Farkle Deluxe HD 1.0 -  Deluxe is a new dice game for your iPad. Players take turns rolling six dice to get 1's, 5's ... or risk it by rolling again in this on ... Yahtzee, Yacht, Craps, Poker Dice or Pig, you'll love ... (3/0) download
Dice Shaker 2.1 -  In Dice Shaker, an application designed ... strategy game, you roll dice virtually making the game ... button to roll the dice. For more fun, you ... (0/0) download
ThaiRand 1.0 -  Numbers, Password and digital Dice ::Features:: 1.Numbers : generate ... by Master password 4.Dice : enjoy greater and real dice rolling , select amount of dices ... (1/0) download
Dortia backgammon 1.5 -  Throw the dice in any direction, with ... like throwing a ...real dice. !!!!! Best Greek game ... different background ambiences - Realistic dice throwing experience - Natural dice rolling movement - Opponent hands! - Game ... (4/0) download
SFB Online Client 4.0 -  The difference is the computer interface which augments or automates many of the mundane tasks of game play such as energy allocation, moving counters across the map, dice rolling and damage allocation (1/0) download
BackgammonCoach 2.0.0 -  a higher number of dice combination will be in ... count - Display of previous dice rolled - Possibility to perform ... Possibility to use manual dice rolling - Possibility to use the ... (1/0) download