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Dictd -  Client/server software implementing the Dictionary Server Protocol The DICT ... a client to access dictionary definitions from a set of natural language dictionary databases. dict(1) is ... (138/0) download

Functional Vocabulary 1.0 -  their vocabulary beyond standard dictionary definitions. In this program users ... rather than labels or dictionary definitions. For example, while the dictionary definition of a trash ... (0/0) download
Brazilian Idioms 2.0 -  is different from the dictionary definitions of individual words. Idioms ... (4/0) download
Word Spring 5.1.6 -  highly configurable Spell Check, Definitions Dictionary, Thesaurus and mini-editor ... for functions and options. Dictionary Update Wizard automates downloading ... On- the-fly Thesaurus. Definitions Dictionary - 180,000 word dictionary: definitions, meaning, context, synonyms, antonyms ... (113/0) download
Khmer-English-Khmer Dictionary 2.0 -  Khmer-English English-Khmer dictionary by KhemaraSoft application for ... K-E E-K Dictionary and has the most ... intuitive interface. Providing concise definitions as a quick guide ... (2/0) download
Windows Dictionary of Astronomy v2nd Edition -  Windows Dictionary of Astronomy is a comprehensive astronomical dictionary including over 2,000 ... into three sections: the Dictionary, the Table Viewer, and ... Reading section.In the Dictionary section you can browse ... (40/0) download
ChinaScribe 1.26 -  be a versatile Chinese dictionary program that can be ... much easier. A Comprehensive Dictionary: The ChinaScribe dictionary contains over 170,000 ... add English or German definitions or both. You can add and amend dictionary entries. It is also possible to create dictionary definitions in other languages (e ... (6/0) download
Express English Dictionary 1.0 -  Express English Dictionary is a FREE and ... chat, forum and online dictionary. Find dictionary definitions, pronunciations, spellings and translations ... (31/0) download

Clever Dictionary -  Clever Dictionary - Finding the Right Word ... Whole Lot Smarter Clever Dictionary, is an offline dictionary, thesaurus and much more ... words and quotes. Clever Dictionary consists of nine powerful ... (22/0) download
Word Lookup Pro - Words With Friends Dictionary and Anagram Finder 3.7.7 -  Lookup Pro is a Dictionary and Anagram Finder for ... Tile distribution + Offline dictionary definitions for most words, plus additional definitions from the web (requires ... 170,000+ word English dictionary (as used in Words ... (1/0) download
Way of Dreams - Dream Dictionary 3.9 -  searches more than 3000+ dictionary terms and related synonyms ... using only a dream dictionary. Definitions also have hyperlinks to ... know yourself! Our Dream Dictionary is based on over ... (1/0) download
The Tibetan Translation Tool 3.2 -  The Tibetan to English Dictionary and Translation Tool takes ... words, and displays corresponding dictionary definitions. The Tibetan Translation Tool ... (9/0) download
Collins-Robert Concise French Dictionary 2.4.2 -  Pro French-English Translation Dictionary. This app combines detailed, professional dictionary data from HarperCollins and ... smart search goes beyond dictionary entries to give you ... for faster than ever. DICTIONARY: Over 57,000 entries ... (1/0) download
Kids Primary Spelling Tutor 4.0 -  program are replaced with dictionary definitions and the spoken word ... (451/0) download
Word Match Synonyms & Antonyms 1.0 -  words in higher levels - Dictionary look-up though use ... completed answers to get dictionary definitions. Perfect for anyone who ... (1/0) download
Vocabmonster 250 SAT Words 2.0 -  learning words through dull dictionary definitions. *Words and cartoons prepared ... (2/0) download
Vocabmonster 250 SAT Words (Web Sync) 2.2 -  learning words through dull dictionary definitions. Custom Lists: The Custom ... (2/0) download
Kbuuk Reader 2.4.1 -  now you can access dictionary definitions and share highlighted text ... (8/0) download
Apples & Pairs - Word Matching Game 1.5.1 -  the apps built-in dictionary definitions. Ideal for kids and ... (5/0) download
Jamaican Patois Dictionary 1.0 -  to use Jamaican Patois dictionary. Get translations, definitions and example sentences. FYI: Jamaican Patois is ... (4/0) download
Thai2English 2.3 -  The two-way Thai2English dictionary has over 110,000 ... and 80,000 example sentences in both Thai and ... give context to the definitions. Just type what a ... (5/0) download
Quickrr Dictionary 1.1 -  Quickrr Dictionary is a small Chrome ... quickly look up word definitions in the dictionary. Including quick Google Dictionary, Images & Wikipedia search ... (4/0) download
Dictionary for Safari is a simple and ... finding and displaying word definitions without leaving the current ... (2/0) download
ClassleSoft Definition Dictionary 1.0.0 -  ClassleSoft English Definitions dictionary is a handy free ... tool that comes with definitions for approximately 1,00 ... (13/0) download
Merriam-Webster Dictionary HD 2.2 -  most useful and respected dictionary, designed and enhanced especially ... addition to all the definitions from Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, the app offers voice ... synonyms and antonyms, example sentences, Word of the Day ... (4/0) download