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SobekCM METS Editor 1.0.2 -  compliant metadata files for digital library resources.It allows the user ... all of the bibliographic information, and assign page names ... (0/0) download

MyUniverse Personal 1.1 -  take control of your digital information in a creative, free ... access to all your digital information from a single place ... representing a piece of information or knowledge. MyUniverse building ... (1/0) download
Rosari Mobile Info 1.0 -  all kind of mobile information, resources and news in their ... and communications solutions) - Signage (digital signage and information systems) Get this handy ... (7/0) download
GuardMax. 1.9 -  Safe and Secure Digital Information Vault With GuardMax you ... to keep your sensitive information and passwords safe and ... at various levels. Detailed information about encryption methods used ... (30/0) download
Shareware Author's Resource Guide (SARG) v2.1 -  shareware authors with valuable information, resources, and contacts extremely important ... (19/0) download
iHex 6.3 -  retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. An information resource is identified by ... [1] Hyperlinks present in resources enable users to easily ... their browsers to related resources. iHex is a browser ... (4/0) download
RepairSurge 2.1 -  repair manuals with reliable digital information. This Windows-based software ... absolutely packed with repair information covering nearly every vehicle ... specifications, diagrams, or wiring information. Not only will you ... (12/0) download
Geoagro GIS 1.0 -  and a wealth of information resources are becoming available at ... most out of these resources, and apply them in ... (6/0) download

Template Package (Access Denied) 1.5 -  compiles any types of digital information products (such as eBooks ... (4/0) download
F30 EBook Maestro PRO 2012 -  compiles any types of digital information products (such as eBooks ... (18/0) download
Freeraser Portable -  an unrecoverable destruction of digital information. Destroy your secrets for ... Do not keep sensitive information, destroy it! An ordinary ... to delete any sensitive information, like industrial secrets or ... (4/0) download
Word Document Recovery Services 1.0 -  office work to maintain digital information. It was introduces by ... (2/0) download
Wostok Locator 1.1 -  real world objects with digital information. Location-based Service help ... (2/0) download
HKnowBase - Human Knowledge Base 1.0 -  and experience into a digital information repository which can be ... are various categories containing information that you can use ... *Online search *First Aid information *Handling emergencies information such as in case ... (0/0) download
HysterSisters Hysterectomy Support 1.2 -  for hysterectomy support and information resources. It's easy! Simply add ... receive helpful answers, great information, hints, videos, articles and ... Track menopause symptoms, gather information and participate in support ... (1/0) download
Marshall World 1.0 -  World app is your digital information center for all things ... (2/0) download
Health Hotlines 2.0 -  of Medicine's Directory of Information Resources Online. This database contains ... 000 biomedical organizations and resources. Some of the subject ... categories including government agencies, information and referral centers, professional ... (2/0) download
Ethel L. Whipple Memorial Library 1.0 -  Offering eBooks, electronic databases, all of the newest bestsellers, free wifi, internet access, and all the information resources you need. (2/0) download
Complex Password Generator Free 1.1 -  securing you most sensitive digital information. Complex Password Generator features ... (4/0) download
EmployeeEdge 1.1 -  program, you can get information, resources, discounts, and perks on ... (0/0) download
Byte Converter 1.6 -  convert numeric units of digital information from one form to ... (0/0) download
Essential Data Tools 2.7 -  secure deletion of sensitive information, automated backup of critically ... deleted or otherwise missing digital information - all this and more ... RECOVERY Recover data from digital still cameras (DSCs), digital video (DV) cameras, personal digital assistants (PDAs), MP3 players ... (36/0) download
Digital Document Encryptor 2008Digital Document Encryptor is a ... documents and other private digital information you have on your computer. Store information securely or send secure ... or a folder. The Digital Document Encryptor supports the ... (7/0) download
Ogre Meshy 1.4 -  animation preview, detailed mesh information, resources.cfg loading for power ... (3/0) download
NetSurfer 3.2 -  retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide ... browser is to bring information resources to the user. (4/0) download