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PDF Digital Signature 1.0 -  With PDF Digital Signature you can digital sign a PDF document ... (6/0) download

Easy Signature 1.02 -  Easy signature is a free digital signature software that allows digitally ... security document management and digital identification for companies and ... Secure electronic signing and digital signing PKI technology. 2048bit ... (9/0) download
SignPack 3.0.0 -  SignPack work with signature pads to capture and secure your digital signature. Capture, secure and produce ... a snap. SignPack electronic signature software supports major signature pad brands including Topaz digital signature pads and Interlink e-signature pads. Conventional digital signature capture solutions packaged with electronic signature ... (251/0) download
Multilevel Digital Signature System 3.0_free -  A facile and efficient digital signing system for enterprise ... be involved in the signature. RSA key (1024 bits) ensures signature safety and dynamic transport ... shielding, support anti-counterfeit signature page printing. Records all ... (173/0) download
SmartSignSafety -- Visual Digital Signature For AutoCAD 3.0 -  Enter Digital Signatures! It's powerful, and ... Setp 2: Add the signature in AutoCAD. Step 3 ... First, look at the signature by a traditional pen ... (3/0) download
E-Lock ProSigner -  Lock ProSigner is a digital signature product that integrates into ... over Adobe's native digital signature format, providing several value additions to the digital signature process such as the ... to associate a handwritten signature, functioning with IE, Netscape ... (40/0) download
PDF Impress -  Store your digital id in Windows Certificate ... or webcam to load digital copies of your physical ... attachments, watermarks, stamps and digital signature, optimize and setup PDF ... (168/2) download
602XML Form Filler 2.0 -  509 digital signature for authorization. XML data ... (105/0) download

PDFExec For MS Word 3.3.7 -  for Microsoft Word, with digital signature, is a PDF conversion ... ... (37/0) download
Picturesque X 1.0Digital photograph viewer. Picturesque displays your digital photographs like you've never ... (8/0) download
AzSDK MD5 ActiveX 3.10 -  can act as a digital signature for documents, files and virtually any kind of digital data.AzSDK MD5 AcitveX/DLL ... (61/0) download
ACE Dental Practice Management Software 10.0 -  recall management, word processing, digital signature documents, lab case tracking ... (45/0) download
CreaSign SDK 2.0 -  creation and verification of digital signature within different applications. Digital signature (or electronic signature) ensures a rock-solid ... digitally signed electronic documents. Digital signature, endorsed by CreaSign, is ... binding as a handwritten signature on a paper document ... (5/0) download
EZSignIt 2.0 -  a code-signing (authenticode) digital signature that you possess. It ... (3/0) download
clickSIGN 10.3 -  able to add your digital signature to any digital document. Right-button over ... document, Sign option, and digital signature is done! ClickSign doesn' ... Automatically applies the correct digital signature format for each document ... (4/0) download
E-Lock Reader 7.7 -  E-Lock Reader - Digital Signature Verification Tool E-business ... much beyond the actual digital signing of documents. The ... (20/0) download
Geminisoft Scrinium 1.0 -  them with encryption and digital signature using 2048 bit keys ... (3/0) download
PDF Sign&Seal 6.0 -  Sign&Seal brings enhanced digital signature, time-stamping and strong ... that can include hand-signature images, company seals and ... 2. Designing of Flexible signature appearance 3. Multi-page ... (4/0) download
KD Check 2.0 -  is an application for digital signature verification of archived data ... (1/0) download
TrustedQSL 1.1 -  operators by promoting the Digital Signature Standard (DSS). The goal ... (1/0) download
GTrek-IV 1.0 -  GTrek-IV, is a digital Image Viewer and Geo Tagging tool! ... (2/0) download
PhotoSurfer 2.0 -  PhotoSurfer is a free digital photo viewer and photo editor (freeware ... a family with a digital camera. With PhotoSurfer you ... to easily share your digital photographs, view, organize, manage ... (4/0) download
SaralPayroll 1.0 -  your employees by using digital signature and photo capture. This ... (1/0) download
Viafirma esign 1.0 -  Allows biometric digitalized signature, advanced digital signature using software certificates and recognized digital signature using viafirma smart card ... (2/0) download
Mobile Signer 1.7.0 -  server that integrates electronic digital signature of documents in business ... complete, flexible and versatile signature engine: Web service-based architecture. Signature of any electronic document ... of simple and advanced signature formats: PKCS#7/CMS and CAdES, XMLDSig and XAdES, PDF Signature and PAdES. Allows time ... (2/0) download