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Uniscan 1.0.0 -  a TrueType font analyzer, character map, and Unicode text analyzer ... TrueType fonts and display character and glyph counts, and ... (12/0) download

BabelMap -  BabelMap is a character map application that allows you ... through the entire Unicode character repertoire or search for a particular character by name or codepoint ... (15/0) download
Map Of Chars v2.9Map Of Chars is an ... replacement for the Windows Character Map utility. The program lets ... your characters\; display each character in a separate, larger ... (78/0) download
ExtendedCharacterMap v1.41 -  similar to the Windows Character Map utility, but it shows ... ideal for viewing the character set of any font ... keystroke name for each character is displayed at the ... (30/0) download
Transnavicom Satellite Map of Zurich 1.0 -  Demo-version of Satellite Map of Zurich! The newest ... move quickly on the map in any direction. Moving ... and navigation around the map easier. Measuring distances of the map between any number of ... (5/0) download
Character Map 32 (CM32) v2.6.02Character Map displays all of the ... select and paste any character into your current document ... (42/0) download
Arjan Mels' Font Viewer v1.14.1 -  Font Viewer is a Character Map-like utility which allows ... detailed information for every character in any font, including ... the program includes a map of all Unicode characters ... (168/1) download
Son of the Finn 1.3 -  Son of the Finn is a game where you have to fulfill the last wish of character's deceased father by pursuing the adventures in the Andes. Tombs of ancient rulers are filled up with treasures and dangers. Wander through catacombs using either force or wits, the choice is yours. (0/0) download

Font Fitting Room Deluxe 3.5.3 -  uninstalled fonts, with full character map and multilingual name property ... (0/0) download
OnTarget 3.76.19 -  will give you the fight of your life as ... (48/0) download
Austin Powers Goldmember 1.0 -  Austin continues the fight of good vs. evil ... Goldmember. Austin continues the fight of good vs. evil ... (37/1) download
Enneagram Pro 1.15 -  fairly accurate method of character analysis, using nine different ... (0/0) download
Font Fitting Room Standard -  uninstalled fonts, with full character map and multilingual name property ... (2/0) download
TransLT 2.0 -  the coordinates of a map projection system - Supports a large number of map projections (109 map projection methods) - Supports the ... (2/0) download
Spinning Gobe Sample 1.0 -  to manipulate the navigation, map style, map font size, and view of the map programmatically through the MapPoint ... to navigate a MapPoint map or change how it ... (4/0) download
XMap3 3.0 -  the comms cable each map will show, at the top of the map display, an RPM and ... y axis for the map) in real time. Also in each map a yellow highlighted block ... current position within the map. Beside the real-time display on each map are the undo and ... (0/0) download
FunnyGames - Advanced Ninja 1.0 -  the end of the map using it to climb ... (0/0) download
Map View View is a professional map browser. Both satellite imagery ... user experience of viewing map. And more, the map can be viewed even ... and different types of map can be viewed in ... (378/0) download
FontPicker 1.8 -  The character map for each font is ... (136/2) download
Flash USA Map 1.9 -  An interactive Flash USA map with all the features ... every aspect of the map is customizable. However, unlike competing products, our map is very simple to ... (0/0) download
FontDings 2 -  brother of the Windows Character Map.When the program first ... on-screen, the full character set of the selected ... (10/0) download
AriTech ASCII Table v1.11a -  When you select a character in the character map pane, the ordinal form of the character is shown in four ... can copy the selected character to the Clipboard. (131/1) download
GIS ObjectLand 2.6.7 -  user presentation of a map; - control of displaying features ... pages of an imported map into one unified continuous map; - copying, merging, and moving ... feature selected on the map; - searching for features on the map by linked records; - creation ... (43/0) download
Advanced Security Tool - AST 1.1.4 -  Included a character map for custom choice a ... (50/1) download
APassword 1.01 -  from a range of character options including: Letters, Numbers ... (15/0) download