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Son of the Finn 1.3 -  Son of the Finn is a game where you have to fulfill the last wish of character's deceased father by pursuing the adventures in the Andes. Tombs of ancient rulers are filled up with treasures and dangers. Wander through catacombs using either force or wits, the choice is yours. (0/0) download

OnTarget 3.76.19 -  will give you the fight of your life as ... (48/0) download
Austin Powers Goldmember 1.0 -  Austin continues the fight of good vs. evil ... Goldmember. Austin continues the fight of good vs. evil ... (37/1) download
Enneagram Pro 1.15 -  fairly accurate method of character analysis, using nine different ... (0/0) download
APassword 1.01 -  from a range of character options including: Letters, Numbers ... (15/0) download
PACelicious Game Pack 24 -  control some sort of character and must keep from ... (147/0) download
Archasis II 0.8 -  the RPG tradition of character classes. Players become members ... (3/0) download
AnyMini C: Character Count Program 5 -  AnyMini C is automatic character count software. It is character count program for all ... PPS, .HTM, .CSV, . After character count is completed, you can: view character count results on the screen; print character count results; export character count results into Text ... count, line count, and character count for .MIF (Adobe ... (83/0) download

Probability of Synapomorphy New -  quantifies the pattern of character state distribution over a ... for a fully synapomorphic character state as a character state shared by all ... a combination of relative character state frequencies within and ... (3/0) download
Character Count Tool 2.5.0Character Count Tool is a ... the user.This word character count tool allows Line ... count, page count or character count in Pdf, word ... (1/0) download
Tiff to Text 3.0 -  designed to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in a ... OCR text that contains character codes between0 - 127. Printable ... OCR text that contains character codes 10, (line feed ... (369/0) download
Style Flocker for InDesign 1.0 -  Style Flocker manages your character, paragraph and object styles ... hold any combination of character, paragraph and/or object styles ... (0/0) download
CBFG 1.4 -  -Global or per character position and width adjustment ... for accurate tweaking of character positions. -Anti-aliasing for ... (4/0) download
Toonworks Deluxe 1.01 -  to create billions of character combinations * 100 professionally ... (9/0) download
Clans 1.0 -  your sword for a fight to the death against ... magic and superhuman might.Fight for your clan and ... hundreds of frames of character animation. Casts spells, unravel ... (44/0) download
Astro Fury 1.0 -  Download Astro Fury today and strap in for the fight of your life! (45/0) download
Blades of Vengeance 1.0 -  Each character has its own special ... get ready for the fight of your life! Along ... (85/0) download
celtx 0.9.5 -  Celtx includes Scene and Character Development tools that help ... and auto completion of Character Names and Scene Headings ... (45/0) download
Learn Chinese 2006 4.01 -  and memorizing your customized character selections. It also provides character grid-search, translation, pronunciation ... features : - A full-features character writing database : see character writing animation, practice writing ... to memorize chinese characters. Character Grid-search, Translation Multichoice ... (34/0) download
Pope John II Tribute 1.0 -  to his strength of character, the world will always ... (15/0) download
Toon Boom Animate Pro for Mac OS 2.0 -  Tools:- Fast distribution of character parts to layers- Easy ... of velocity on multiple character parts- Efficient creation of ... (1/0) download
FlipBook Creator Themes Pack -Graze 1.0 -  the perfect combination of character and scenery both make ... (0/0) download
Word count plugin for Live Writer 1.0 -  find the number of character, words and paragraphs including ... (1/0) download
XP Idea OCR 1.3 -  Library is an optical character recognition engine compatible with ... by providing samples of character images - Avoid connected character/segmentation ... (1/0) download
The Guild 2: Renaissance 0.4 -  Nine completely new careers (character classes) allow the player ... decide which kinds of character to play. - Maps expanded ... to have the main character present, which will save ... (1/0) download