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Desktop Icon Toy 1.7.1Desktop Icon Toy is a desktop icon enhancement tool. It can animate and dance desktop icons, arrange icons, remove icon labels, add hover effects for desktop icons, automatically show hide desktop icons, save and restore desktop icon layout and more. Desktop Icon Toy is a desktop icon enhancement tool that allows ... ... (278/0) download

Monster Icon Installer 1.0 -  Monster Icon Installer is a desktop icon tool that creates a ... content and games. Monster Icon Installer creates a quick ... (5/0) download
Blogger Icon Installer 1.0 -  Blogger Desktop Icon Installer is a lite ... have to install this desktop utility. This tool can ... ... (5/0) download
Windows 2012 Icons 0.8 -  Show Desktop Icon Windows 2000 is a ... Metro experience? These Show Desktop Icon Windows 2000 offer over ... Windows 8! Free Show Desktop Icon Windows 2000 represents symbols ... (2/0) download
12Ghosts SaveLayout 8.11 -  Keep changes to your desktop icon layout once and forever ... answer to the Windows desktop imperfection, keeping a strong backlog of icon layouts. Restore at resolution ... taskbar is moved. Transfer icon layout between Windows versions and PCs. Optional tray icon, hotkey, and command line ... (40/0) download
12Ghosts SetColor 8.11 -  tool to set the icon colors suitable to your wallpaper image. Change the desktop icon's text color and the desktop icon text's background color, even ... (17/0) download
JukeBox Decoder 2.8.0 -  and drop files to desktop icon, or move files or ... and drop files to desktop icon, or move files or ... (12/0) download
Deskcolor v3.00.1 -  Lets you remove the Desktop icon boxes of solid color ... you can toggle the icon text background off, select a predefined or custom icon text color, and apply ... ... (35/0) download

Invisible! Pro v3.0.1.2 -  make the background of desktop icon labels transparent or colored ... Recycle Bin\; clear your desktop with a single mouse ... hide or show all desktop icons. The program also ... (75/0) download
Desk Tidy v1.1 -  Lets you hide desktop icons, change screen resolutions, store desktop icon layouts for different screen ... screen resolutions, store your desktop icon configuration for different screen ... see, and access your desktop shortcuts without minimizing all ... (36/0) download
12Ghosts SetTextColor v21.01 -  the colors of your desktop icon text and icon text background. You can also set the desktop icon text background to be ... (37/0) download
Hide-It v1.1 -  hide any application's window, desktop icon, and taskbar button. The ... the small Hide-it icon in the System Tray ... (33/0) download
Desk Drive 64-bit 1.8.2005 -  Desk Drive adds a desktop icon pointing to the drive ... (3/0) download
Amelix IML 1.0 -  will store your desired desktop icon layout. Then, if something changes your desktop icon layout, you can restore your desired icon array with a simple ... (11/0) download
MusicMnemonic Light 1.1 -  Phone / iPodTouch MusicMnemonic desktop icon one tap Restore the ... (0/0) download
Anvisoft PC Plus 1.0 -  Plus is an integrated desktop & system management software ... of PC problems including desktop icon issues, network issues, software ... help you retrieving disappearing desktop icon, fixing game issue, solving ... (26/0) download
Amelix Icon Manager 2.5 -  Amelix Icon Manager will store your desired desktop icon layout. Then, if something changes your desktop icon layout, you can restore your desired icon array with a simple ... able to use different icon layouts, Amelix Icon Manager will create an unlimited quantity of icon schemes for your desktop. Each user can then ... own arrangement. With Amelix ... (186/0) download
Solway's Desktop Icon Layout Saver 1.1 -  the location of your desktop ... (2/0) download
ActivIcons 3.36 -  to customize the Windows desktop icon and cursor attributes. Includes ... animated icons on your desktop, or just to replace ... Windows places on your desktop and Explorer file manager ... (296/0) download
Twitter Icon Installer 1.0 -  absolutely love the Twitter Icon Installer. This little installer will add a desktop icon so when it's ... (1/0) download
ATT Icon Installer 1.0 -  absolutely love the ATT Icon Installer. What does ATT Desktop Icon Installer do? It just puts a ATT Icon on your desktop in the form of an Internet Desktop Shortcut that when clicked ... (12/0) download
Image Converter 1 -  particular photo into a desktop icon for that computer family ... (38/0) download
UIFriend 2.1.1 -  and layout of your desktop icons, and it correctly ... uses the computer. UIFriend's desktop icon layout protection feature ensures that your desktop layout is protected from ... unexplainable times when your desktop icons turn to scrambled ... (43/0) download
MyDesktop 1.4 -  MyDesktop saves/restores Desktop icons. MyDesktop is a ... save and restore Windows Desktop icon positions. MyDesktop is compatible ... place icons on their desktop in specific positions. From ... (93/0) download
12Ghosts Save Layout 98 v21.01 -  the layout of your Desktop icons so that you ... right click on 12Ghosts's desktop icon, and choose save. When ... (23/0) download