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ReBirth RB-338 v2.0.1 -  analog synthesizers and classic drum machines. ReBirth is the software ... synthesizers and two classic drum machines. It also comes with ... (326/0) download

DKS PRO 1.7 -  studying the classic analogue drum machines, which were able to ... classical" oscillator-based electronics drum synthesis approach with simple ... physical modeling of the drum shell, a powerful set ... (2/0) download
CLAP DRUMS VST 1.0 -  instrument have 400 clap drum sounds from various drum machines & keyboards. You can ... (14/0) download
Techno Kick Digital Free VSTi 1.0 -  kick sounds from various drum machines & keyboards. You have ... (12/0) download
Techno Hats VSTi Free 1.0 -  hat sounds from various drum machines & keyboards. You have ... (12/0) download
Techno Toms VSTi 1.0 -  toms sounds from various drum machines & keyboards. You have ... (15/0) download
BeatRaptor 1.0 -  of the same old drum machines? Looking to add ... unlimited sonic possibilities. - Classic drum machine style includes trigger ... (1/0) download
Reason 2.5 -  synths, mixers, step-time drum machines, effects, and a realtime ... (126/0) download

Reason X 2.5 -  synths, mixers, step-time drum machines, effects, and a realtime ... (110/0) download
DrumPads 2 -  DrumPads is a virtual drum kit for Windows that lets you play drum sounds using your mouse ... It has 12 playable drum pads and 100 different high-quality drum samples. In addition to ... you can also play drum sounds using your computer keyboard, with each drum pad able to be ... (115/0) download
Stochastik Drum Machine 1.0.2 -  is a full-featured Drum Machine with one outstanding ... included, from classic analog drum machines of the past to ... Over a thousand included drum, cymbal and percussion sounds ... (2/0) download
The*Drumz Wizard v2.0 -  use tool for composing drum-tracks and emulating a drum-machine. It comes with ... as sound cards, samplers, drum machines and synthesizers). Using The*Drumz ... (679/0) download
DrumtrackHD 1.2.1 -  is the long-awaited Drum Step Sequencer for the ... sample patterns, new HD drum kits, reverse samples and ... choice of over 15 drum kits. Customize your kits ... (0/0) download
Randgrid synthesizer and drum machine 1.0.7 -  on classic analog synthesizers, drum machines and step sequencers. You ... synthesizers and fourteen sampled drum parts. Note that the ... to say that the drum machine in Randgrid is ... (4/0) download
SampliTron 1.1 -  such as synthesizers and drum machines. The keyboard can also ... (90/0) download
Classic Drum Machines Volume 2.0 -  This software expansion pack pays tribute to two gemstones of the electro house music scene. It recreated the 606 analog sounds thanks to our technology, bringing back all the the analog warmth and acid grit of the original. The DR-707 emulates one of the most beloved grooveboxes in Electro-House by embedding the original sounds. By adding a touch ... (3/0) download
MAGIX Music Studio 2007 deluxe 12.0 -  application includes several software drum machines including LiViD, which introduces ... (6/0) download
Portable Sequetron LE 12.10 -  s) such as synthesizers, drum machines, light displays etc. Sequences ... (2/0) download
Fish Band 1.0.1 -  evolves the melodies and drum patterns over time, keeping ... with sophisticated synthesizers and drum machines Freeform multi-touch, multi ... (4/0) download
Arpeggionome for iPhone 1.1 -  devices (such hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and sound modules). Control ... (4/0) download
AIR RAID ASSAULT 1.0 -  "One of the funnest drum machines on any mobile device ... (10/0) download
MPV's Reason 6 105 - Working With Audio 1.0 -  collection of samplers and drum machines. Theres no better way ... (2/0) download
Coconut Drum 1.0 -  Coconut Drum is an interesting action ... off the orangutan's drum and catch them in ... (12/0) download
Virtual Drum Electro 1.0 -  virtual drum is a free drum module software program. Play drum samples though your midi keyboard, electronic drum pads or even your ... load up your own drum samples or purchase celebrity sample banks from Virtual Drum. Virtual Drum Electro Pro will be ... soon from the Virtual Drum web site. Virtual Drum Electro Pro contains many ... (29/0) download
Mini Piano And Drum 1.0.0 -  simple mini piano and drum software with 128 instrument ... ... (7/0) download