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Socket Workbench 3.1Socket Workbench is the definitive tool for analysing socket communications that underlie the ... inter-process communication. Configure Socket Workbench to be a socket client (like a web ... mail client) or a socket server with ease. You ... (527/0) download

Treatment of Piles 1.0 -  natural ways for the treatment of piles? If you ... (1/0) download
PowerAFA Aphasia Treatment Software 6.1.0 -  speech and brain injury treatment software, that improves words ... (4/0) download
Socket Spy 4.28Socket Spy is multipurpose utility ... a new one in Socket Spy debugging environment. SocketSpy ... (0/0) download
TCP Spy 2.13 -  capture and display all socket calls of the next ... starts and makes a socket call. It will also ... being communicated over the socket is text based. If ... (82/0) download
PoolMagic CARE home 8.84 -  Water treatment software. Evidence of all ... tests, recommendation of water treatment, according to measured values ... (312/0) download
PoolMagic CARE prof 8.8.12 -  tests, recommendation of water treatment, according to measured values ... (121/0) download
Aphasia Tutor 1: Words 5.09 -  software provides unlimited aphasia treatment for many of the ... (135/1) download

Simplifier 1.21 -  look effects like watercolor, dry brush and others. Filter ... (108/0) download
Mabry Socket/X v1.00.003 -  Mabry Socket/X is an ActiveX control and COM object for accessing the Windows Sockets. Socket/X makes it easy to write TCP/IP or UDP client and server software. It provides complete support for Windows and Visual Basic's event-driven programming model and lets you do nearly anything that can be done with WinSock. Socket/X offers a "fast notifications"\; ... (122/0) download
Preferential Treatment -  Preferential Treatment will check your preference ... (17/0) download
Amblyopia ABC 2014.6 -  AmblyopiaABC is a treatment software for 3-12 ... children doing monotonous medicine treatment in the long period ... particularly suitable for the treatment lazy eyes of children. it is only treatment 2-3 times every ... (38/2) download
Differentiation and Acupuncture Treat 1.0 -  TCM, the other for treatment according to differentiation given ... syndromes and determination of treatment are inseparable, one relating ... latter. The methods of treatment, so determined, may in ... (7/0) download
HS Sockets C Source Library 1.1 -  for interfacing to network socket layer. HS Sockets runs ... complexity of low level socket api from user application ... local port * Configurable socket read buffer size * ... (2/0) download
FlipBook Creator Themes Pack -Dry 1.0 -  Creator (Pro) Themes Pack- Dry (Professional Shopping Catalog theme templates) Dry here is theme which ... (1/0) download
Foundstone Socket Security Auditor 1.0 -  bind his, her own socket on the same port ... application server. McAfee Foundstone Socket Security Auditor identifies the ... (0/0) download
Dry Fire 1.0Dry Fire is a fabulous ... (1/0) download
MB Astro Homeopathy 1.0 -  based on the homeopathy treatment principles as well as ... unique tool for astroOCohomeopathy treatment considers your birth details ... or free astrology homeopathy treatment. The instructions to run ... (6/0) download
MB Bach Flower Remedies 1.0 -  your ailments through flower treatment or flower remedies. To ... or the Back flower treatment principles have proved to ... a concrete theory about treatment through flower essence or treatment through flower fragrance. The ... (3/0) download
Gynecomastia Treatments 1.0 -  seeking non surgical gynecomastia treatment options. Easy to read ... (2/0) download
Free Laser Hair Removal Treatment Software 1.6 -  the Laser Hair Removal Treatment Software Advisor to get ... (3/0) download
BigSpeed Secure Socket Library 2.0 -  BigSpeed Secure Socket Library is an ActiveX ... more sites. BigSpeed Secure Socket Library can be used ... proxy servers. BigSpeed Secure Socket Library utilizes an elegant ... (29/0) download
AmphiSoft plugins 1.21 -  painterly look (watercolor and dry brush), line halftone (engraving ... (186/0) download
Winfotinto 2.0 -  The Software for Dry Cleaners and Laundries. With ... is currently helping numerous Dry Cleaning / Laundry business ... (18/0) download
Easy Eyes Saver 2.9 -  as: eyestrain, eye fatigue, dry eyes, light sensitivity, blurred ... Vision Syndrome), reduces eyestrain, dry eyes, backache, wrestache and ... ... (68/0) download