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Duplicate Bridge Scoring 1.0.1Duplicate Bridge is fun to play ... That is where the Duplicate Bridge Scoring App can make ... an application designed by duplicate bridge players, for duplicate bridge players. Launch the app ... (17/0) download

Free BriAn Bridge Client 5.0 -  in a game of duplicate bridge. The club or tournament ... using the BriAn Electronic Bridge scoring system to run ... (7/0) download
Bridge Scorepad 1.1112 -  out of scoring Rubber Bridge, Chicago (4-deal) and/or Duplicate Bridge - let your iPhone/iPad do ... you are a veteran bridge player or someone who's ... into the game, the Bridge Scorepad can help you ... (15/0) download
OKBridge (32-bit) v1.3 -  Lets you play duplicate bridge across the Internet with ... of the world's largest duplicate bridge clubs. Numerous world and ... Spectators Gallery). OKbridge offers bridge in all its forms ... (249/1) download
Micro Bridge 12.0 -  Micro Bridge is a highly intelligent contract bridge software, running on Windows ... You can enjoy playing bridge with other computer players ... persons at once). Micro Bridge supports many types of duplicate bridge and other functions. (6/0) download
Bridge Baron Express 18.1 -  Contract bridge card game software. With more than 500 deals, Bridge Baron offers you the ... complete, easiest-to-use bridge software. Five-card majors ... Five-time World Computer Bridge Champion. Bridge Baron Express includes two programs in one: Play Bridge and Tournaments. Bridge Baron can play 2 different types of bridge: Duplicate or Rubber. (423/0) download
Bridge Baron for Mac OS 21.0 -  Contract bridge card game software. With ... 53 billion billion deals, Bridge Baron offers you the ... complete, easiest-to-use bridge software. Five-card majors ... (43/0) download
MiniHand 2.0 -  utility software for Yahoo Bridge. It runs on any ... hands, card-plays, and duplicate-scores for all deals you play in Yahoo Bridge. You can do post ... up your skill in Bridge. It runs on many ... (3/0) download

Bridge Baron 17 EED-REG 17.1 -  Play with the Best: Bridge Baron is a five ... of the world computer bridge game championship & the ... ranked by the ACBL. Bridge Baron game is the ... (16/0) download
Bridge Base Online 5.2Bridge Base Online offers free and premium bridge services to bridge players of all levels. The game offers duplicate matchpoints, duplicate IMPs, rubber bridge, duplicate tournaments and team matches ... (6/0) download
OE Duplicate Remover 1.0 -  no doubt, have encountered duplicate email messages. The "Outlook Express Duplicate Message Remover" will automatically find and remove duplicate messages. The OEDMR will (a) find duplicate messages in any folder ... (49/0) download
Tutorial Bridge 4.5 -  Tutorial Bridge is a program for ... the game of contract bridge while at the same ... playing the game of bridge. Numerous example hands demonstrate ... (105/0) download
WinUtilities Duplicate File Finder 3.52 -  WinUtilities Duplicate File Finder is a utility that identifies duplicate files in one or ... check file names, WinUtilities Duplicate File Finder performs a ... regardless of names. WinUtilities Duplicate File Finder's scanning can ... (61/0) download
Duplicate Image Finder 1.0.18Duplicate Image Finder locates duplicate images on your computer ... move, or view the duplicate images. DIF is very ... (74/0) download
Duplicate Checker 3.4Duplicate file finder and remover ... you are looking for duplicate image, photo, music, mp3 ... it's decision for you. Duplicate Checker is a powerful tool for finding duplicate images, photos, mp3 and ... (148/0) download
EF Duplicate MP3 Finder 6.30 -  The EF Duplicate MP3 Finder is a ... find out and remove duplicate audio files with same ... with smaller differences. EF Duplicate MP3 Finder support the ... (59/0) download
EF Duplicate Files Manager 7.10 -  The EF Duplicate Files Manager is a ... find out and remove duplicate files with same name ... If necessary, the EF Duplicate Files Manager can analyze ... (50/0) download
Duplicate Payment Detector 1.2 -  recovery tool - detection of duplicate payments and other transactions. Identify any type of duplicate item such as invoice payments, employee expense reports, duplicate inventory items, fixed assets ... (28/0) download
Duplicate File Detector 4.5.4Duplicate File Detector is a ... "Title" and "Comment". Let Duplicate File Detector analyze the ... file, but where?...". Duplicate File Detector is here ... (150/0) download
1-Click-Duplicate-Delete-for-Outlook 1.10 -  Searches/deletes/merges duplicate mails, contacts + calendar ... with just 1 click. Duplicate contacts aren't only removed ... (33/0) download
Duplicate File Detective -  Powerful, professional grade duplicate file management solution. Features ... (23/0) download
Duplicate Finder 3.5.4 -  Find and Remove TRUE duplicate files, Search duplicate file contents regardless of ... name, Delete or move duplicate files, Clean up disk space, manage files better, Duplicate Finder matches byte by ... more reliable than other duplicate file finders. Features: - Two ... (60/0) download
Easy Duplicate Finder 1.5 -  Easy Duplicate File Finder is a ... to find and delete duplicate files. How do you ... PC is occupied by duplicate files? Easy Duplicate Finder will show you! ... (268/0) download
Duplicate cleaner 1.2Duplicate Cleaner is a tool ... surprised just how many duplicate files you could find ... on your system then Duplicate Cleaner will find it. Features: # Find Duplicate Files by content # ... (57/0) download
Delete Duplicate File 3.2 -  not realize how many duplicate files you have on ... home or corporate network. Duplicate files are in most ... waiting to be removed. Duplicate File Finder will help ... (19/0) download