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Advanced eLearning Builder 3.6.4 -  is designed for creating e-learning materials such as e-tests, tutorials, quizzes, etc. he created test can be compiled to ... enables the creation of e-tests, just with several ... buttons ensure that your test has an attractive look ... (76/1) download

Galaxy Examinator-Production 6.4 -  software solution that enables test and product engineers to ... as STDF, Agilent GDF, e-Test (WAT and PCM), CSV ... (3/0) download
Flystrike e-mail Interro -  Flystrike interrogates e-mail messages Flystrike e-mail Interrogator allows the user to test e-mail messages before downloading ... (29/0) download
Practice LSATs 1.0 -  This e-book will inform you ... basic information about the test.The information in this ... (1/0) download
Aristotle Virtuousness Test for Mac OS 1.0 -  a simple 11 step test which determines how much ... Plato’s student.) This test should be done by ... knows you very well. (E.g.: Family, partner, friend ... (26/1) download
Star Email Verify 9.30 -  tool is designed to test whether the e-mail address exist really ... (0/0) download
DTM Test XML Generator 1.02.00 -  DTM Test XML Generator creates a ... and time values, address, e-mail, IP-address, URL ... currencies, companies, etc. The test document preview feature makes ... (2/0) download
Atrixware Test Pro Developer 9.0 -  Atrixware Test Pro Developer is targeted ... needing to create resellable e-learning content and develop feature-rich e-learning software, and will ... those wanting to create E-Learning content for Windows ... (1/0) download

ContiPerf 2.3.0 -  easily leverage JUnit 4 test cases as performance tests e.g. for continuous performance ... by JUnit 4's easy test configuration with annotations and ... Java annotations for defining test execution characterisitics and performance ... (2/0) download
Test Compliance with Benford's Law 1.5 -  particular population of values, e.g. transaction amounts, comply ... Benfords Law. Six tests: Test first 1,2 or ... (32/0) download
Primary 1 Test Papers 2 -  All test papers comes with model ... report card. This personal e-tutor is also able ... (991/0) download
e-Learning Authoring Tool 1.1 -  great tools for creating e-learning course content. However ... you want to create test questions, bookmarks and support ... code for these essential e-Learning capabilities right now with the e-Learning Course Development Kit ... (89/0) download
WinPing 1.6.4104 -  Ping program; useful to test your connection. Enter a ... a valid host name, e.g. homepage or google ... a valid IP address, e.g. 98.137.149 ... (0/0) download
Daypo Online Tests 2.0 -  publish online tests for e-learnig. You can create ... it's totally free. Your test can help other people ... alums and upload de test to the daypo web ... (3/0) download
ULC Load 3.0 -  Jakarta's JMeter load test infrastructure, leveraging the existing functionality of this infrastructure, e.g. easy visualization and analysis of load test results, easy load test distribution to increase load ... ... (16/0) download
Agilent Signal Studio for 3GPP LTE FDD 9.0 -  predefined configurations including Enhanced Test Models (E-TM) and Fixed Reference ... (4/0) download
I2C Exerciser 1.1 -  you need to debug, test, and validate the I2C ... (2/0) download
test.commander 1.7test.commander is a program ... of one or more test controllers and multiple Q.bloxx or e.bloxx modules, to be ... the specific requirements.The test.commander serves as the ... (1/0) download
Office Test Files 0.9 -  Office Test Files, 6 files to test if your system is ... (3/0) download
Question Tools Editor 4.1.1 -  a fully-functional, free, e-learning tool used in ... to create exciting, interactive e-learning lessons, exercises and ... and tests. Open and test multiple screens within the ... (0/0) download
Test Maestro II 2.00Test Maestro II is an advanced Windows based Test Bank and Test Generator for teachers. It ... formatted tests from a test bank of questions you ... for composing the questions. Test questions may be fully ... (191/0) download
RelayTest 2.1.2 -  Relay Test Pro is a tool ... administrators, that allows to test a specified mail server ... of the findings. The test data can be automatically ... (62/0) download
Test Prep 3.0 -  Markosoft's Test Prep application was designed ... make studying for a test a walk in the ... layout resembles a matching test where each answer matches ... (70/0) download
Test Creator 3.7 -  is now with Markosoft's Test Creator and Test Taker applications. With the Test Creator, you can effortlessly ... and administered using the Test Taker application. To enjoy fully computerized test administration and grading, first ... students can use the Test Taker application and log ... (153/0) download
DSL Speed Test 1.3 -  Internet Speed Test measures download and upload ... (317/0) download