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The Lord of the Rings - Total War PATCH 2.0 -  has a complete Middle Earth map, from Harad to Forodwaith ... on Battle and Campaign map, and a few Historical ... (9/0) download

Earth Time Screensaver 1.2Earth Time Screensaver puts the ... your desktop with an earth map. This unique screensaver will ... (19/0) download
MapWM 0.9.5 -  Use your gps enabled mobile phone (WM5 / WM6) to store your position to a file and/or the internet.Together with the website you can use MapWM to generate Google Earth/Map output and GPX files.You may configure the software to store in regular intervals or to perform smart save and store only important track points.Audible speed warning: ... (4/0) download
KLONK Map Measurement -  on the ground on earth. Map Measurement uses lines and ... of different features on Earth. With Map Measurement, you can measure ... different measurements on one map. HOW TO CREATE A MEASUREMENT Open Map Measurement. Navigate to a ... (32/0) download
Earth Light 1.0Earth Light is a real ... and darkness across the earth. The map can be zoomed for ... of daylight/nighttime on the Earth - Detailed, zoomable Earth map with nighttime lights overlay ... (6/0) download
e-OSM Client 1.1 -  maps (Mapnik, Osmarender, Cycle Map,...), but it can work ... any kind of tiled map servers (Virtual earth, World Wind,...). eOSMClient uses ... (23/0) download
Virtual Earth for Mac OS X -  Virtual Earth is a handy and ... Yahoo and MSN. Virtual Earth allows you to select ... (3/0) download
Desktop Earth 3D 3.0 -  Dynamic earth desktop picture. DesktopEarth 3D ... on your choice of earth map. It also calculates the ... (75/0) download

QuakeSaver 1.20 -  on a true color Earth map, recent earthquakes. You can ... on the full world map, or select a specific ... earthquake events on the map and shows you its ... (37/0) download
Velocitek SpeedPlay 1.3 -  required) - Automatic Microsoft Virtual Earth map overlay - Simple drag and ... (9/0) download
MainNav GPS Application Software 2.1 -  formation and a google Map showing tracks. Also provides ... (7/0) download
Elk for windows 64 0.8 -  and interact with 3D earth map, depth viewer. Testing - In ... (3/0) download
Dr. Regener LandMap Vivo 10 -  locally with Vivo techology, map editor, dataexchange with Google Earth by Copy and Paste ... areas; labeling of the map, insert own symbols; print ... (5/0) download
3D World Map 1.2 -  3D With 3D World Map you can view the earth in 3D,and get ... two points on the earth,and more.The earth model is real 3D ... to see how the earth looks like.also you ... (209/0) download
Sun and Moon World Map -  application shows a world map with the position of ... in movement around the Earth. Includes moon phases. (6/0) download
Torrent Swapper 1.0.0 -  Peer to Peer Client Torrent Swapper is an open ... Internet connectivity between users. Torrent Swapper supports simultaneous downloads ... queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, disk ... (4/0) download
10 Most Fascinating Holes on Earth 1.6 -  localize them in the map and also use the ... top then hole on earth. Use the pictures as ... (0/0) download
World Map Clock 1.1 -  it is, anywhere on earth, at a glance! Introducing ... The clock is a map of the globe as ... North Pole. Half the map is in shadow and ... (2/0) download
MapBox Earth 1.1.0 -  MapBox Earth is a fun app ... 3D. Just choose a map from the selection bar ... (1/0) download
EarthDesk 4.5.1 -  resolution rendered image of Earth showing current sun, moon ... ... (111/0) download
Catfood Desktate 2.22.0003 -  is an eye catching earth simulator that combines satellite ... screen) or fix the map on one location and ... (31/0) download
StitchMaps 2.5 2.50 -  The result is a map that is suitable for ... fully automatic your Google Earth images, to a complete seemles map and saves and calibrates this. The calibrated map is suitable for programs ... (112/0) download
Earth Explorer 4.6Earth Explorer 4.6 is ... interactive 3D digital world map software. This educational program ... desktop. After you launch Earth Explorer, you'll be greeted ... (80/0) download
GeoClock for Windows v8.3 -  displays a continuously updated map of the Earth showing the sun's position ... of views: a world map, the United States (with ... (564/0) download
GPSMap v3.0 -  determine your position on earth, and use any type of map in BMP format. The ... the left of the map continuously display the speed ... program uses the moving-map principle, letting you easily ... (88/0) download