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Classroom Grader 95 v1.3.1 -  Grader 95 is a grade book program designed for elementary school teachers. It was ... (70/0) download

GradeSmith v3.0.0 -  GradeSmith is an electronic grade book that can serve as ... at all levels: Primary, Elementary, Secondary, and College. It ... (61/1) download
Making the Grade 10.1 -  Making the Grade is a very good solution for teacher grade book and classroom management. It ... (2/0) download
Grading Assistant v2.7 -  a full-featured teacher's grade-book and attendance system. Keeping current grade averages and maintaining student ... (155/0) download
Class Action Gradebook v6.05 -  and easy-to-use grade book application which allows you ... (45/0) download
GradeBook 1 -  an easy to use grade book program featuring password protection ... (57/0) download
XGrader 1.0Grade book app. XGrader is a grade book that automatically calculates final ... assignments specify which letter grade levels to use set ... (30/0) download
ClassRoom GradeBook 8.2 -  GradeBook is a freeware grade book program for teachers. With ... (5/0) download

GRADE GUIDE 5.57GRADE GUIDE is a versatile ... far beyond a traditional grade book. GRADE GUIDE is a versatile ... (16/0) download
GradeKeeper X 5.6.5 -  just like your paper grade book. Adding students, assignments, and ... (12/0) download
Gradebook Power 8.01 -  Many features for elementary and secondary teachers. Individual ... possible, points earned, letter grade, category averages, grading trend ... optional parent signature, optional grade override, weighting, low test/homework/lab/quiz grade throw out, uses teacher's ... (82/0) download
Test Creator 3.7 -  teacher and create and grade tests as it is ... tallied into the electronic grade book for you in real ... all control over the grade book and may either alter ... (153/0) download
PC Gradebook 4.1.2 -  of 23 years of grade book research and development. PC ... (90/0) download
Crisol Mind Web Pro 2010 -  A grade consolidation module that will ... the teacher to easily grade all the subjects evaluation ... (2/0) download
AGiSS Gradebook v4.01c -  program displays a computerized grade book so that you can ... in the current class grade book, displays assignment or quarter ... see what a student's grade would be if low ... (46/1) download
GradeBook1 X 2.7 -  an easy to use grade book program featuring password protection ... (82/0) download
School Time Quizzer X 2.2.2 -  Grades can be automatically recorded into a GradeBook1 grade book file too. (21/0) download
GradeBook1 2.6 -  an easy to use grade book program featuring password protection ... (69/0) download
Keyboarding Pro DELUXE - (CE) 1.3 -  KEYBOARDING PRO DELUXE includes advanced features such as error diagnostics, error-checking of keystrokes and document formats, a reference guide with presentations of Word 2010 commands, coverage of language arts skills and document formats, communications skills review and activities, document format activities, and create a grade book. (2/0) download
Crisol Mind Test Player 1.0 -  into the group’s grade book. - The user interface, the ... (3/0) download
Markers Assistant 3.2.2 -  What is assessment? Assessment is the processes used to collect information about student progress toward educational goals. The particular form of an assessment depends on what is being assessed and on uses to which results of the assessment will be applied. Assessments can range from small-scale assessments that teachers use in the classroom to obtain ... (3/0) download
Math Coloring Book: Grade 1 1.00.13 -  coloring and solving first grade math concepts on 50 ... to succeed in first grade. Skills include: counting by ... of the Math Coloring Book - Grade 1 that you can ... (18/0) download
FRS Princess Coloring Book 1.0 -  FRS Princess Coloring Book provides 100 fun princess ... illustrations for Preschool and Elementary age children. Color on ... (2/0) download
FRS Dot to Dot and Coloring Book Fun 1.3 -  to Dot and Coloring Book Fun is designed for ... from kindergarten to second grade. 100 pages of dot ... dot activity and coloring book fun await in this ... (1/0) download
Book Reporter 2.1Book Reporter educational software is ... virtually any existing unit. Book Reporter educational software has ... it easy to enter book reports, but also makes ... (20/0) download