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File Shredder 2.0File Shredder is free, secure and fast application to permanently shred ... software, tricks or hacks - File Shredder destroyes them beyond recovery. File Shredder is released under the ... License and it is free for personal and commercial ... (287/0) download

Complete Data Wipe 2.4 -  Data Wipe is a Free file shredder with NO SPYWARE bundled ... (2/0) download
Delete Files Permanently (File Shredder) 3.0 -  Permanently is an advanced file shredder that allows you to permanently delete files, wipe free space, empty and wipe ... (3/0) download
KaKa File Shredder 4.1File Shredder is an advanced security ... Easy to implement and fast to use in practice ... mind for sensitive information. Fast erasure for files, folders, temporary files and free space. Drop Target Window ... (2/0) download
AceErase File Shredder History Eraser 2.0 -  easy to use, secure file shredder & history eraser privacy tool. Several powerful file shredding algorithms (DOD strength ... files, folders, recycle bin, free space, IE browsing history ... files, desktop run history, file tips, swap file, & more from one ... (12/0) download
Windows File Shredder 11.04.01 -  Kernel file shredder software can effectively accomplish file erasing task. It is ... folders deleted by Kernel file shredder cannot be recovered by ... data recovery solution. Windows File shredder software provides user with ... (3/0) download
File Shredder Deluxe 2.3File Shredder Deluxe is the ideal ... And we mean ever. File Shredder Deluxe v 2.3 ... technology that overwrites each file repeatedly with random strings ... (40/0) download
Disk Doctors File Shredder 1.0.0 -  Disk Doctors File Shredder helps you to shred ... can automate the process. File Shredder is an advanced file shredding application, which allows ... explorer view to select file and folders to shred ... (2/0) download

Free File Utilities -  A Free File Utility,file test and diagnose tool, help you to test file Open with different file mode, file access, file share. You can read file data, write file data, set or get file attribute, set or get file lastwritetime, set or get file lastaccesstime, set or get file creation time, get file size; You also can get file MD5 hash, or get file block ... (2/0) download
Free File and Data Recovery Services 2.0Free file and data recovery services ... 2012. You can get free data recovery services in ... lose this opportunity of free data recovery services for ... (1/0) download
Free File Splitter Joiner 5.4.5Free File Splitter Joiner is free file splitter joiner software to split any file into smaller pieces for easier transfer, storage and file management, and then rejoin ... to recreate the original file. Moreover, it can choose the maximum size for file parts from floppy disc ... (4/0) download
Free File Monitor 3.7.8Free File Monitor is a system ... to monitor, and then Free File Monitor will display all ... just double-click it. Free File Monitor is the right ... (0/0) download
PC Shredder 1.1 -  PC Shredder is one free data removal and file shredder software, can permanently delete ... from being recovered. PC Shredder is Freeware. It is free for both personal and commercial use. PC Shredder works on Windows NT ... hardware requirement for PC Shredder to run properly. Why You Need PC Shredder: When you delete files ... (1/0) download
Ace File Shredder 1.0 -  with our efficient digital file shredder, able to shred files, folders, and wipe free disk space to prevent ... being recovered with Ace File Shredder! Did you know ... easily be recovered using file undelete utilities? Prevent your ... (23/0) download
Jack the Shredder 1.0 -  An easy-to-use file shredder with unique features. Protect ... from identity theft. Includes free 'Chief Inspector' program that ... to be shredded and file types to be excluded ... (3/0) download
Blancco - File Shredder 2006 -  Blancco - File Shredder is a secure solution ... When you delete a file, empty the Recycle Bin ... recovered by anyone. Blancco - File Shredder is user-friendly, easy ... (23/0) download
ShredIt for Windows 5 -  this easy to use file shredder that shreds data so ... drive or wipe a file, ShredIt for Windows is ... shreds files, folders, disk free space, hard drives and ... (27/0) download
Free File Wipe 1.5 -  presents a first freeware file wiper called Free File Wipe from a new ... delete/erase some data or file forever. This can be ... deleted files in internal file allocation table as deleted ... (145/0) download
Data Shredder Tool 11.04.01 -  Kernel File Shredder is one such utility ... result. But, this data shredder program can be very ... program to shred a file, the file is over-written with ... (2/0) download
EaseUS Deleted File Recovery 3.0.1 -  EaseUS Deleted File Recovery is a powerful and free file undeletion solution for Windows ... Recovery Wizard. EaseUS Deleted File Recovery is an easy ... device users; EaseUS Deleted File Recovery provides a perfect solution. Deleted File Recovery Features List: - Restore ... (4/0) download
Max File Shredder 2.3 -  Max File Shredder is privacy protection software ... Prime Features of Max File Shredder: 1.File Shredder permanently erases deleted data ... it impossible for any File Recovery tool to recover ... (40/0) download
Adsen File Splitter 1.2 -  Split files with this free file splitter. You can choose a predefined file size to be used ... size. After splitting a file, you simply just click ... files to return the file to its normal size ... (25/0) download
WinUtilities File Shredder 2.6 -  WinUtilities File Shredder is a utility that ... When you delete a file using the conventional Windows delete method, the file is not actually destroyed. Windows simply acknowledges the file is no longer needed and considers it free space. The deleted file will exist in a ... When you use WinUtilities File Shredder to shred a file, the file is over-written ... (40/0) download
Safe File Shredder -  to use the Safe File Shredder. The shredder program work as follows: File content becomes filled by ... new aircraft. But Safe File Shredder takes steps to exclude ... as deleted on the file system level and the ... (47/0) download
Alternate File Shredder 1.2 -  Alternate File Shredder is a program that ... no recovery possible).This free and easy to use ... also can overwrite the free space on a drive ... (3/0) download