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ActFax 4.27 -  powerful and feature rich fax server software system. ActFax has been ... transmission and receipt of fax messages, as well as sending and forwarding fax messages by email. The software runs on any Windows ... NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server or Vista (Server and Workstation edition), Windows ... (125/0) download

Faxmind Email to Fax Server -  FaxMind is a powerful fax server that enables you to ... often called email to fax and fax to email services. FaxMind ... your email contents and fax them out. Inbound faxes, voices or fax transmission reports will be sent via SMTP server. FaxMind Feature Summary: Send ... (5/0) download
Fax2Send 2.1 -  Fax2Send is a fax server software system. The Fax2Send MS ... faxes via a Fax2Send Server. Five languages are available ... (5/0) download
Fax Server Plus 5.5.0702 -  Windows Virtual PBX Fax software that supports IVR, Virtual PBX, Fax Partner, BlackList, Fax to Email, Voice Recorder, Voice to email, powerful fax editor, public contacts and Automatical Fax Routing. Generally speaking, Fax Server Plus is a fax software that enables you to ... line. Features: - Free powerful Fax Editor; - Supports Multiple ... (4/0) download
Fax Server Pro 9.0.0827Fax Server Pro is a client and server system designed to integrates fax communication with your IT infrastructure. Sending a fax is as simple as ... any Windows application. Incoming fax messages are routed directly ... storing and exchanging documents. Fax Server Pro provides some advanced ... (79/0) download
Faxmind Server -  FaxMind Server is a powerful fax server that enables you to send and receive fax by email from Windows ... often called Email to Fax and Fax to Email services. The ... over the world. FaxMind Server will fetch email messages ... (6/0) download
Joyfax Server 10.20.0821 -  Windows network fax software allows you to send ... Joyfax client automatically. Outgoing fax jobs are submitted to the server from clients running on workstations or terminal server client. You will be ... the results of outgoing fax jobs.. Features: - User-friendly Interface - Cover Page supported - Fax over IP (FoIP/3CX Phone ... (14/0) download
RelayFax Server 6.7.3 -  a powerful email-to-fax and fax-to-email fax server. RelayFax Pro automates the ... and managing your network fax traffic. By integrating into ... from your desktop. This fax software will prove cost effective ... (30/0) download

Alt-N MDaemon Messaging Server 13.0.4 -  MDaemonT« Messaging Server, email server software, supports IMAP, SMTP, and ... SBS, the MDaemon Messaging Server provides outstanding groupware features ... access anywhere. The mail server software provides secure, standards-compliant ... (3/0) download
Alt-N MDaemon Server Free 12.0.4 -  MDaemon mail server software for Windows is now ... wanting a reliable mail server that will grow with ... following languages for the server and its webmail client ... (3/0) download
FaxMind Desktop Client for Windows -  connect to a FaxMind Server, for send and receive fax from every workplace. Feature ... allows you to send fax from any application. - TWAIN ... profile from client - Generate fax email and send to ... (4/0) download
AA Mail Server 3.94 -  AA Mail Server software is an easy to use Windows Mail Server software and Webmail Server software for Windonws 2000/Windows XP/Windows ... The database based mail server software has much advantages of ... equivalent file-based mail server software. AA Mail Server is great for small ... (74/0) download
MDaemon FREE Mail Server for Windows 11.0.3 -  MDaemon FREE mail server software is a 5-user ... award-winning MDaemon Email Server for Windows. MDaemon FREE ... wanting a reliable mail server that will grow with ... (4/0) download
Visendo Fax Server 3.0 -  Visendo Fax Server receives fax messages (modem and ISDN ... the WebClient, the Visendo Fax Printer or programmatically via ... (14/0) download
Merak Mail Server Software 8.2.0 -  Merak Mail Server Software - supporting unlimited users, POP3 ... IMAP4, HTTP protocols, mail server based virus scanning, spam ... mail accounts. Merak Mail Server Software - supporting unlimited users, POP3 ... (16/0) download
GFIFaxMaker 2013 -  also works with online fax services - no phone lines or fax boards required. This fax server for Exchange, Lotus and ... MailArchiver®. With this update, fax email headers will be ... connectivity via analog, ISDN, Fax over IP and select online fax services. GFI FaxMaker’s fax over IP (FoIP) support ... (0/0) download
4-Sight Fax 5.1.5Fax client/server software. 4-Sight Fax is widely accepted as ... TCP/IP access allows a fax user to access the fax server from anywhere in the ... with the ability to fax forward to email using ... (16/0) download
RelayFax Network Fax Manager 7.0.0 -  RelayFax Network Fax Server management software automates sending, receiving, and ... all while providing unlimited fax sends and receives with ... intervals and collects waiting fax messages, which the software then emails, faxes, or ... (5/0) download
123-Flash-Chat-Server-Software 6.8.1 -  123-Flash-Chat-Server-Software is full-featured chat server for high-load websites ... of a java chat server and a flash chat client. The multi-threaded server engine works like clockwork ... Scalable. 123-Flash-Chat-Server-Software is flexible, it includes ... (34/0) download
Snappy Fax Network Server -  Network Fax Server manages incoming and outgoing ... for network users. Includes fax filtering and fax forwarding. Network Fax Server manages incoming and outgoing ... for network users. Includes fax filtering and fax forwarding. Supports up to 16 regular fax modems, no expensive third-party dedicated fax boards required. Snappy Fax 2000 is used as ... (29/0) download
Project Planner Enterprise server trial 4.9 -  a scalable client / server software which lets you manage ... trial version of the software can be downloaded from ... (2/0) download
Complete Mail Server 1.7 -  Complete Mail Server is high-performance professional SMTP/POP3 server software engineered for corporations and ... flexible and reliable mail server. It works along with ... you to protect the server from the outside and ... (3/0) download
SANDeploy Boot Server 2.0 -  target and iSCSI boot server with built-in DHCP, TFTP server software for Windows. that allows ... Diskless Boot iSCSI SAN Server. SANDeploy Server was designed for easy ... a few times. SANDeploy Server not only supports the ... (3/0) download
4PSA VoipNow Express 1.6.2 -  leading Linux IP PBX server software for Hosting and Internet ... users. With multi-tenant software architecture 4PSA VoipNow delivers ... as a standalone PBX server in a company office ... (1/0) download
123 Live Help Chat Server Software 2.1 -  123 Live Help Chat Server Software offers full-featured software or hosting service for ... 123 Live Help Chat Server Software supports from one seat ... for Staff 123LiveHelp java server enables instant chat. *Web ... (36/0) download