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Jigaro Fibonacci Market Timer -  The Jigaro Fibonacci Market Timer principle is ... Wave principle and the Fibonacci percentages. Even though there ... (279/0) download

Fibonacci Lines Analyzer 2.0Fibonacci Lines Analyzer is a ... designed to show the Fibonacci retracement, expansion levels, arcs, spiral, ellipses, time zones, Fibonacci fan, channel, grid, spiral ... in graphical form. This Fibonacci tool is compatible with ... (10/0) download
Forex Fibonacci Levels 1.0 -  Forex Fibonacci Levels is a Freeware offline Fibonacci levels calculator. Leonardo Fibonacci (1170 - 1250) was a ... the number sequence named Fibonacci Numbers. In the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, each ... 89, 144, 233, etc. Fibonacci ratios derived from this ... (1/0) download
System Fibonacci FX -  Excellent looking charts with Fibonacci retracemenst, projections, arcs, fans ... trend information to the Fibonacci Market Timer to get ... (134/0) download
System Fibonacci -  charting analysis tool: System Fibonacci. With System Fibonacci you can create excellent ... even zigzag lines. Two Fibonacci trendlines instead of just ... resistance levels. Experiment with Fibonacci arcs to get a ... (218/0) download
Fibonacci Calculator 2.00.01Fibonacci Calculator calculatess and shows Fibonacci Levels The Fibonacci Calculator calculates Retracementand Expansion ... determine input data for Fibonacci Numbers calculation. The Calculator ... user error.When the Fibonacci Numbers calculated Retracement and ... (93/0) download
Fibonacci Trader 4.0Fibonacci Trader is a true ... chart, all real-time. Fibonacci Trader works on all ... (9/0) download
Fibonacci calculation 1.1.1 -  application to calculate the Fibonacci retracement&expansion, which is a ... (2/0) download Browser 1.5 -  points on charts with Fibonacci spirals. Our website contains ... points on charts with Fibonacci spirals. Our website contains ... (21/0) download
Forex Trading Tools 1.0 -  using Elliott Wave Forecast, Fibonacci, Stochastic, & MACD. This ... (1/0) download
Hotel Escape 2 1.1.0 -  This game tests your ability to use your brain, and items to escape! It is a beautiful hotel room, no doubt. But you would like to get a little fresh air, huh? Well, easier said than done... and who is Fibonacci? Changes: Bug fixes (2/0) download
Fit or Fugly - How ugly are you? 1.7.1 -  Over 2,000,000 downloads worldwide, don't be the last to find out if your Fit or Fugly!! Beauty was in the eye of the beholder until this app was created to prove otherwise. Fit or Fugly can measure how attractive you are using Fibonacci's Golden Ratio and literally change your life! "The only app to tell you if you're hot or hideous" - HuffingtonPost ... (4/0) download
Perfect Morning Alarm Clock HD 1.1 -  quality alarm sound scenarios Fibonacci alarm sequence (Golden Sequence ... discovered by the mathematician Fibonacci, you will be guided ... (0/0) download
FlameScrumV 1.1 -  Apart from the traditional fibonacci number, you can also ... (2/0) download
Fibonacci Phi Generator 1.0Fibonacci and golden Phi numbers ... numbers relating to the Fibonacci and Tribonacci sequences. Data ... Golden Ratio sequences of Fibonacci and Tribonnaci are easy ... (103/1) download
PatternExplorer for Amibroker 3.70 -  Rainbow Chart, Candlestick Recognition, Fibonacci Recognition, Price Chart with ... (141/0) download
AnyChart Stock and Financial Flash Chart 1.1.2000 -  Trend channel, Andrew's pitchfork, Fibonacci fan, Fibonacci arc, Fibonacci retracement, Fibonacci time-zones, Buy/Sell signals ... (28/0) download
RampRT 1.0 -  trendlines, breakouts, MACD divergences, Fibonacci retracements, W bottoms, head ... (8/0) download
Pivot Points Calculation Software 101 -  days levels, including classic fibonacci sequence ratio formula, camarilla ... (10/0) download
iFlash Market Alert Software 1.10.1007 - LLC exists to provide you and every individual investor with the BIG PICTURE by exposing them to accurate reliable pattern recognition, stock analysis, technical analysis and fundamental analysis, trading tools, trading methodologies and concise market indicators via the Publication Network. Our sole purpose has ... (89/0) download
RapidSP Day Trading Simulator 10.5 -  Speed Lines, Gann Fan, Fibonacci Arcs, Fibonacci Fan, Fibonacci Retracements, Fibonacci Time Zones, Tirone Levels ... (72/0) download
Equity Rider Standard Edition, monthly 2.0 -  other drawing tools including Fibonacci line, channel and fan ... (96/0) download
Scan Workshop / NeoTicker EOD 3.61 -  to let you draw Fibonacci, trend lines, channels, support/resistance ... (27/0) download
Trading Strategy Tester for FOREX 1.81 -  rays, poly lines and Fibonacci tools with different styles ... (49/0) download
Tradingbasis - Tools for Amibroker 3.26 -  Rainbow Chart, Candlestick Recognition, Fibonacci Recognition, Price Chart with ... (57/0) download