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EDB File Extension, Repair Crashed EDB 1.0 -  EDB File Extension, Repair Crashed EDB File Recovery service to repair ... recover Exchange EDB database file as Outlook PST, restore ... mail, Get Exchange EDB extension file converted to OST, recover EDB extension file from Live Exchange as ... (913/0) download

File Extension Monitor Extension Monitor (FEM) is a ... the system, filtering the file extensions, infact the user ... able to add custom file extensions to monitor. The ... (258/0) download
Filex (File Extension Database) -  Filex (File Extension Database) consists of file name extension-related information in the ... a Windows HTML Help file. Filex features 3,600 ... (2953/0) download
File Extension Changer 3.3File Extension Changer is a tool ... you to change the extension of files from your ... You can change their extension either by directly clicking on "Change extension(s)" button after ... (166/0) download
Change File Extension Shell Menu 2.8 -  The Change File Extension Shell Menu is a ... helps you to change file extension. You can rename one file extension, selected files, or all ... all the files with extension that you want to ... (43/0) download
File Extension Manager 1.7File Extension Manager allows you to know and modify the extension of any file directly with right click ... the information of the file, and attributes. To utilize ... Explorer, select the desired file and right-click with ... (53/0) download
File Extension Changer .NET 1.0File Extension Changer .NET is the .NET version of File Extension Changer. It does not ... installing an additional shell extension thereby not loading the ... (20/0) download
fileextensioninfo 2.0 -  the end of any file name, you can view file extension name. Generally it consist ... characters but in some extension names it may be ... an identification for the file from which your system recognise the file and open it in ... (13/0) download

FileXIdentifier -  designed to identify real file extension for windows os based ... (91/0) download
What's This File Type 1.4 -  What's This File Type? tells you what a file is, and what program ... right-click on the file, and select 'Bloody Hell! What's this File Type?' (other text available ... If you have a file extension and you have no ... (481/0) download Search 0.2 -  With free Search utility ... the information about any file extension that you are looking ... a quick access to database and information about file extension and the software it ... (219/0) download
ExtInfoEditer 10018 -  edit relationship between 'file extension' and some programs ... (1/0) download
Determine File Type Using HEX Editor 1.0 -  Determine file type using HEX editor. HEX View file extension, file types. Opening and viewing any file in HEX unveils its ... used in authoring that file. Signature bytes are file headers determine encoding with which the file is structured. It is ... you came across any file with some arbitrary file extension or the extension which canOCOt help file ... (8/0) download
PC-Extension codes DB 1.1 -  Describes the PC file and the related file extension code. PC-Extension codes database is a ... entry describes the PC file and the related file extension code. The program includes ... ... (2118/0) download
File Sorter 1.7 -  files sequentially, using any file extension. File Sorter allows you to ... ... (36/0) download
filecure 2.0 -  such problem is the file extension error that is due ... generally reported when the file extension that we are trying ... attempting to open it. File cure software can be ... (101/0) download
Peacock Sorter -  A file sorter/folder organiser which will ... create about it's file extension, name, file size, mp3 tags, date ... A Make rules about file name, extension, dates and file size A Ability to ... (4/0) download
FileTypeDetective Beta -  library designed to detect file types by header and not by file extension.Every file has an extension and if it is a binary file, it has magic numbers ... the header of the file that indicate what type of file it is. It is ... programmatically what type of file it is, if there is no (or incorrect) extension. This library provides an ... (3/0) download
File Extension Advanced Pro 1File extension advanced pro helps you ... (11/0) download
Download urls 1 -  Internet Look at the file extension of the file you want to download ... the internet and different file ... Use Download URLs utility ... Internet Look at the file extension of the file you want to download ... (175/0) download
Referee v2.51 -  multiple applications with a file extension, and prevent other programs from changing file associations. Referee lets you ... multiple applications with a file extension, and access any of ... clicking on an HTML file in Windows Explorer would ... (32/0) download
Hide or Show Extensions for Mac OS 1.2 -  This action hides the file extension of the selected files ... ... (7/0) download
Extract Files Action for Mac OS 1.01 -  any combination files by file extension or file type. This is very ... included subfolders for the file extensions or types specified ... use this action enter file extensions in the form ... (7/0) download
Change Extensions for Mac OS 2.2 -  action will change the file extension of the selected files ... (4/0) download
The Reader for Mac OS 1.3 -  files with a astxtat file extension). Many books of this ... (4/0) download