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Security Task Manager 1.8d 1.0 -  the standard information, including file name, directory path, description ... (4/0) download

Security Task Manager 2.1.8 -  basic information like its file directory path, resource usage ... (562/5) download
Security Task Manager -  Security Task Manager is one of a number of systems designed to help PC users manage their processes more effectively. Processes and programs can slow down a PC, causing it to appear sluggish. If your computer is running too many programs at once you may not be able to open games or other accessories. While Windows Task Manager can be helpful, it may ... (0/0) download
Foto Video File Sorter -  help of Foto Video File Sorter. A consequence of ... such as Foto Video File Sorter give you the ... a new folder. Supported file types: 3fr, 3g2, 3gp2 ... (49/0) download
Medieval Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer -  ready device that support File Transfer Profile (FTP), using ... & Drop and background file transfers are both fully ... (1344/0) download
Disk Doctors Instant File Recovery 1.0.1 -  Disk Doctors Instant File Recovery will instantly recover ... email and many other file types. Disk Doctors Instant File Recovery is simple to ... and recover files. A file when deleted never gets ... (139/0) download
iOpus File and Website Downloader 3.01 -  Automate, schedule and batch file and web page downloads ... (55/0) download
File Editor 2000 3.8 -  FxEdit is a small file utility that allows you ... the application's toolbar ribbon. File Editor can be configured ... (265/0) download

File Maven Pro 2.22File Maven Pro is a dual directory file manager that makes copying ... the advanced search feature. File Maven Pro also includes a universal file viewer, a text editor, a file splitter, a zip file handler, and much more ... (21/0) download
File Shredder 2.0File Shredder is free, secure ... software, tricks or hacks - File Shredder destroyes them beyond recovery. File Shredder is released under ... (295/0) download
File Access Manager - Server 3.13.2File Access Manager, is a robust open file utility that gives your ... locked or in-use file, ensuring that your business ... (22/0) download
Better File Attributes 1.3.1 -  Better File Attributes is Windows Explorer enhancement that allows file dates to be changed ... ... (29/0) download
DoneEx INI-File Manager ActiveX 1.3 -  INI-File Manager ActiveX allows you manipulate with an INI-file and its elements by ... programming language. The INI-File Manager ActiveX can be ... * Create new INI-file. * Load existed INI-file from disc file. * Update changes INI-file into disc file. * Encrypt whole INI-file from ascii to binary. * Decrypt whole INI-file from binary ... (67/0) download
Duplicate File Hunter 1.4 -  How many file duplicates are there on ... several minutes for Duplicate File Hunter to locate file duplicates. Start the program ... want to open a file, double-click it. You ... (66/0) download
Quick File Rename Personal Edition 7.1 -  Quick File Rename is a full ... professional world class batch file and folder (2-in ... list, DOS 8.3 file convert, file rename using wildcards, file masking to filter files ... (121/0) download
SynchronEX File Synchronizer, Backup/FTP -  realizes robust multi-directional file tree synchronization and backup ... extensive automation. The virtual file system design of this file synchronizer integrates ZIP archives ... SFTP, FTPS, WebDAV, automatic file version tracking (XVS), split ... (31/0) download
Better File Rename 5.0 -  Better File Rename 5 is a comprehensive batch file renamer that transforms the ... task of changing multiple file names into a simple ... embedded sequence numbers, inserting file creation and modification dates ... (26/0) download
Blancco - File Shredder 2006 -  Blancco - File Shredder is a secure ... When you delete a file, empty the Recycle Bin ... recovered by anyone. Blancco - File Shredder is user-friendly ... (24/0) download
Explorer View File Viewer -  Explorer View is a file viewer built into Windows ... of more than 200 file types. Explorer View is ... a document, photo, music file or video to instantly ... (2984/0) download
Universal File Splitter & Merger 1.21 -  Universal File Splitter & Merger is ... * splitting/merging very large file (GB) fast, securely, and smoothly * splitting/merging any file by size or by ... files from the merged file * merging split chunks ... (56/0) download
File Folder Organizer 3 - EX 3.14 -  then you need the File Folder Organizer. The Windows ... actually scanning the documents, File Folder Organizer? allows you ... cabinets on your computer. File Folder Organizer? organizes all ... (34/0) download
File Properties Changer 1.17File Properties Changer is an ... change properties of files, file attributes, file name extensions and a name of a file. Program can set the ... and time that a file was created, last accessed, or last modified. File Properties Changer lets you change file name extensions with few ... (439/8) download
DoneEx INI-File Manager DLL 1.3.4 -  you manipulate with INI-file by the easiest way ... or load existed INI-file and manage sections and ... and keys of INI-file as: - search, add, delete ... (22/0) download
File Deleter 1.0389File Deleter is an easy ... from formatted disks, deleting file under windows is not ... for your important personal file. File Deleter can erase all ... (91/0) download
Strong File Encryption Decryption 1.0 -  PrimaSoft Strong File Encryption and Decryption utility ... public-key encryption). Strong File Encryption Decryption software supports ... most popular ZIP archive file format within the Strong File Encryption / Decryption utility ... (603/0) download