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Database ViewerPlus(Access,Excel,Oracle) 3.5 -  or any ODBC enabled database with palm.Add, Delete, Modify Database records on palm. Get ... on desktop automatically. Create database on Palm. View and ... or any ODBC enabled database with palm. Add, Delete, Modify Database records on palm. Get ... (31/0) download

ThumbsPlus 8.0 B3537 SP1 1 -  a highly customizable image database and graphics editor software ... different and interesting image filters are available. Photo printing ... a choice of ODBC database applications including SQL Server ... (3/0) download
CodeBank -  based (XML) personal information database. It allows you to maintain a hierachical database of textual information like ... "Search Engine" for the database * syntax highlightning in ... Drag & Drop * Unlimited database size * Export/Import between ... (1/0) download
Access Repair Toolbox 2.2.0 -  Microsoft Access and Access database repair solution. It delivers ... Access file repairs with unlimited database sizes and includes the ... need for the originating database program. Unquestionably, Access Repair ... (31/0) download
AboutMyStyle 2.3.4 -  Features * Free filters * Unlimited uploads * Earn credits ... (24/0) download
CaptainsLog 2000 SR-2 -  A 40,000 airfield database is available on the ... and flying currencies, data filters, unlimited custom logbook and summary ... (80/0) download
PowerAG Personal Information Manager 4.1.2000 -  Automatic backup; - Data scheduling; - Unlimited database entries; - Free software updates ... (3/0) download
SSuite Office - Portable Briefcase 1.1 -  more efficient and smaller database - Full document control for ... new documents to the database - Unlimited database size and also unlimited document and file size ... (1/0) download

Universal Biorhythms 2.02.1 -  An unlimited database allows categorizing profiles into ... (29/0) download
Physis DataBase Database Export Utility -  Physis Database Export Utility is to ... even enjoyable. It converts Unlimited Databases, including (Firebird, Interbase ... is displayed. Select the database you want to work ... (56/0) download
TreeProjects personal database 2.3.2001 -  Personal database tool for unlimited, freeform, ordered hierarchical organization ... be stored in the database (free icons included); * ... file attachments): search entire database (including attachments), separate branches ... (1/0) download
MySQL Charts Generator 1.0 -  generating and managing an unlimited amount of dynamic charts ... directly from a MySQL database and situated around the ... and styles, define data filters and of course define ... (5/0) download
MySQL Report Maker 2 -  compile and manage an unlimited number of MySQL database reports based on tables ... not all... whenever your database has been updated with ... (4/0) download
SSuite Office - MonoBase -  Features Available: - Create unlimited databases with unlimited tables, fields, and rows - Access any ODBC compatible database of any size, from ... you in creating custom database reports - Full administration capabilities of any ODBC compatible database through our SQL engine ... that your ODBC compatible database requires - Export your data ... (1/0) download
Fly Filters - Create Custom Photo Filters 1.0 -  Make your own photo filters - adjust Real-Time Filter ... give you an almost unlimited number of possible effects ... first release of Fly Filters, so we would really ... (1/0) download
Truth Or Dare Unlimited HD 1.4 -  with Truth or Dare Unlimited HD! Truth or Dare Unlimited HD is a game ... growing and changing online database of questions and dares ... touch... Truth Or Dare Unlimited - truth or dare on ... (1/0) download
NativeWinds Database Manager 1.1.5 -  Ndb is a powerful database manager. The Ndb software ... Create or use powerful database solutions that make organizing ... to disk. 8. Set filters and ranges to view ... (46/0) download
Database Toolbar Icons 2008.3Database applications don't have to ... the appearance of your database with slick, modern icons. Database Toolbar Icons is a ... images that depict various database concepts, symbols and actions ... (122/0) download
Address Database Professional v4.4 -  Address Database Professional is a versatile ... folder labels\; store an unlimited number of notes\; search ... to ten fields. Address Database Professional also lets you ... (126/0) download
Alventis Database 1.24 -  Alventis Database is a Universal Information ... data-entry forms is unlimited. Full-text indexing ensures ... (22/0) download
PromaSoft Autoresponder 2.0 -  email automation tool with unlimited autoresponder, Mailings, Follow-up mailings, Database support, Data extraction and ... (2/0) download
SoftBase Collectors Edition 4.1 -  you store a virtually unlimited number of items in its database. But rather than lump ... (2/0) download
Brilliant Database Ultimate 9.4 -  Brilliant Database Ultimate Edition allows you ... it, install on an unlimited number of computers royalty ... (5/0) download
Sawmill Professional 8.1.0 -  standard Oracle and MSSQL database servers (as well as the integrated Sawmill database as used in LITE ... Report drill down (Zoom Filters) * Clickstream Web Visitor Reports * Integrated Sawmill Database * Oracle database server support * MSSQL database server support * Complete* ... Log Filter Editor (Import Filters) to filter the raw log data ... (1/0) download
Database Viewer for iPhone 1.1 -  View any database on iPhone. Synchronize database Wirelessly (3G, EDGE and ... and any ODBC Compliant Database. Data is secured as ... Apply SQL Select queries, Filters, Sort the fields and ... (7/0) download