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LogMyTraining 8.7 -  LogMyTraining lets you download data from Garmin Connect, Strava, RunKeeper, MapMyRide, MapMyRun ... not be able to download any new data, but ... Backup and restore. o Download training data from Dropbox ... (1/0) download

FTP Find Files On Server Software 7.0 -  This software offers a solution for users who want to find files on a FTP server. The user simply enters the FTP login information and chooses a folder on the server. There are options to search all or part of a filename or a word or phrase in a folder. The results are displayed in a list and can be checked or unchecked before saving the selected items ... (1/0) download
WISE-FTP 7.0.3 -  you can use to connect to any FTP server ... order to upload or download files and folders.WISE-FTP highlights:- Connect to any FTP site! ... (0/0) download
Splashtop Connect for Firefox 1.5 -  Introducing Splashtop Connect, the browser extension for ... now available for FREE download. Splashtop Connect combines the following: Search ... (3/0) download
Splashtop Connect IE 1.1 -  Splashtop Connect is the browser extension ... Firefox, available for free download. It combines the following ... all Splashtop products, Splashtop Connect is designed to quickly ... (2/0) download
Championship Connect Four 1.4 -  Championship Connect Four Game for Mac ... a vertical checker game download. Players alternate dropping their ... The object in the connect four game is to ... (10/0) download
Dots Connect 1.0Download now ,FREE until 06.July !!! Dots Connect Lite is available, you ... (3/0) download
Connect All Xtreme 1.0 -  until 31st March *** Connect All Xtreme is a ... hugely popular puzzle game, Connect All, which is available to download free on the appstore. Connect All Xtreme offers the more elite Connect All players that extra ... in app purchases in Connect All Xtreme. You get ... (6/0) download

Talksoft Connect 1.5 -  Talksoft Connect is the first app ... that enables you to download, view details of, and ... (6/0) download
N200 Visit Connect 3.5Download the new Visit Connect app and start connecting ... information Real-time Visit Connect gives you real-time ... app with a Visit Connect account: - Synchronisation to a ... (11/0) download
Flucard Download HD 1.6 -  photos from Flucard and download to iPad photo albums ... function of Flucard 2. Connect Wifi to "Trek_FLUCARD_WiFi" 3 ... application to browse and download photos. Changes: -fix bugs (7/0) download
Commonwealth Connect 3.3.12 -  Commonwealth Connect empowers residents and visitors ... local government for resolution. Download and use the app ... (2/0) download
Linkz 1.2.1 -  of Linkz is to connect all the open ends ... any graphics application and download the Tiles Development Kit ... (19/0) download
Strong DC++ x64 2.42 -  sharing files in Direct Connect network. It is modification ... under GNU/GPL, you can download source and modify it ... * Safe segmented downloading Download one file from more ... (1/0) download
RUT - Quick Connect 5.1 -  Quick Connect is a handy and ... front it. With Quick Connect you can provide technical ... privileges to run Quick Connect. Simply download the file and launch ... (8/0) download
Download Master Master is an easy-to-use and effective download manager that can increase download speeds by up to ... uses intellectual multi-section download to provide the best ... at the same time.Download Master resumes downloads, broken ... (15/0) download
Remote Support System 1.7.2003 -  that a client can download off your Web page ... executed it will automagically connect back to you (through ... are all available. The download is a live installer that will always download the latest version of ... (1/0) download
HPP-22 1.0 -  will enable you to connect your Hitec radio equipment ... a setting and even download telemetry data collected from ... (0/0) download
iXchange 2.0 -  will enable you to connect your mobile phone to ... sync data, back up, download and install software, update ... It allows users to download and upload picture files ... (2/0) download
Ruby P2P OutBreak 2.8.0 -  which allows you to download various filetypes such as ... is the ability to connect to and search 4 ... increase as you can download from more users from ... (5/0) download
Bear Share 10.0 -  only allows you to download the latest music and video but you can connect with friends and make ... (11/0) download
Yivosoft Easy Sync 1.0 -  to your phone, then connect to another PC and download them or just email ... (6/0) download
CaddyConnect 1.1 -  that helps you to connect the Caddy devices to your computer and download the required course map ... (10/0) download
ONE attune 1.0.3 -  App enables you to connect with your attune colleagues ... your smartphone or tablet. Download it now to follow ... ... (6/0) download
Flucard Shoot & View 1.4 -  allows user to automatically download new photos from Flucard ... function of Flucard. 2. Connect to Flucard WiFi with ... and it will automatically download new photos taken by ... (2/0) download