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Compare fractions calculator 1.0.0 -  Compares fractions and mixed numbers. You can use this calculator to compare two and three fractions to find out if ... case of comparing 3 fractions, the calculator arranges them in order ... least to greatest. The calculator compares fractions with like and unlike ... (4/0) download

Fractions Pro - fraction calculator with parentheses and exponents 1.0.0Fractions Pro is a powerful ... and well designed fraction calculator that lets you perform ... with proper and improper fractions, mixed numbers, decimals and ... (3/0) download
Division Calculator v1.0 -  Division Calculator is a specialty calculator that takes a particular ... in feet, inches, and fractions of inches, divides it ... (46/0) download
Pattern-Making Calculator 1.0 -  Pattern-Making Calculator is a program designed ... to convert decimals into fractions or from cm to ... be done by any calculator, but when it comes ... (5/0) download
Home Improvement Calculator 1.0 -  This calculator allows you to work ... yards, feet, inches and fractions. Lets you quickly estimate ... (2/0) download
Woodworkers Fraction Calculator 1.1 -  need to calculate in fractions such as 1/4 or ... This is a simple calculator that includes a fraction ... and perform arithmetic as fractions, rather than decimal. It ... (0/0) download
Fraction: Add, Compare, Subtract, Divide, Multiply, Reduce Fractions, LCM & GCD 7.1 -  > Productivity The Fraction+ calculator app is a tool to help you calculate fractions. Fractions (Add) Fractions (Compare) Fractions (Divide) Fractions (Multiply) Fractions (Reduce) Fractions (Subtract) Greatest Common Factor ... included is a commuter calculator to save money and ... Cost Difference Commute Time Calculator Distance ... (3/0) download
FIS Calculator 1.0.3 -  FIS Calculator FEET-INCH-SIXTEENTHS A simple basic dimensional calculator developed for the iPhone ... iPod Touch. The FIS Calculator is the simplest way ... with dimensions that include fractions. Never before has there ... (6/0) download

Weights And Measures Plus 3.1 -  in either Decimals or Fractions due to our unique ... easy-to-use Trigonometry Calculator is included along with ... the metric system, decimals, fractions, or trigonometry. A table ... (51/0) download
Scientific Advantage Calculator 2.0calculator that lets you work ... and displays Feet-Inches-Fractions (e.g., 24' 7 ... entry of feet-inches-fractions using the decimal key ... (58/0) download
Ultimate Advantage Calculator 2.0calculator that lets you work ... and displays Feet-Inches-Fractions (e.g., 24' 7 ... entry of feet-inches-fractions using the decimal key ... (85/0) download
SciCalc -  A scientific calculator featuring trig and log functions, fractions, 5 memories and 15+2 ... (13/0) download
Calculator Widget 11.5Calculator Widget is a very small and simple calculator. It only provides the ... and multiplication. It supports fractions, i.e., 1.4 ... The background of the calculator is transparent. You may ... (15/0) download
Precise calculator 2.5 -  Precise Calculator has more than 150 ... real numbers, complex numbers, fractions, vectors, matrices. Commands if ... (2/0) download
eCalc Scientific 1.5 -  a very advanced scientific calculator that offers you all ... logarithmic, and angular functions, fractions, unit conversions, and more ... of a real scientific calculator. Its buttons are very ... (4/0) download
RedCrab - The Calculator 4.32 -  RedCrab is a calculator with a full-screen ... complex algebraic equations with fractions, square roots, exponents, etc ... (5/0) download
Scientific Calculator CX90E 1.0 -  CX90E - Scientific and Graphic calculator for Windows. 166 functionalities ... Factorials, logarithms and exponentials. Fractions and root fractions output Trigonometric, hyperbolic and ... (1/0) download
FracCalc 1.0 -  FracCalc is a calculator for performing simple arithmetic operations with fractions. This is the fraction calculator application from Programming in ... by Stephen Kochan. The calculator is based on Program ... is added to convert fractions to decimals, operations can ... (1/0) download
Interest Calculator 5.0 -  The Markosoft Interest Calculator was originally designed as ... apparent that the Interest Calculator was more than just ... it off? The Interest Calculator is capable of answering ... (125/0) download
Euro Calculator 3.5 -  Euro Calculator is a calculator and currency converter with ... annd translucent skins. The calculator and euro conversion features ... (60/0) download
Moffsoft Calculator 2.1.1 -  Moffsoft Calculator has a simple, easy ... the printable and savable calculator tape, you'll discover powerful ... and data storage. Moffsoft Calculator also has a variety ... (82/0) download
PG Calculator (Second Edition) 2.2 -  PG Calculator is a powerfull scientific calculator and an excellent replacement for standard calculator. It ofers full customizable ... and looks like real calculator on user desktop. PG Calculator works in Algebraic and ... and conversion functions). PG Calculator enables numbers inputing in ... (71/0) download
Basic Advantage Combo 2.0calculator that lets you work ... options to make the calculator work the way you ... and displays Feet-Inches-Fractions (e.g., 24' 7 ... (40/0) download
Construction Advantage Calculator 2.0 -  The Ultimate Builder's Construction Calculator for your Desktop, Notebook ... (74/0) download
Scientific Calculator - ScienCalc 1.3 -  convenient and powerful scientific calculator. ScienCalc calculates mathematical expression ... equations in seconds: Scientific calculator gives students, teachers, scientists ... (105/0) download