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TB antibiotic resistance mapper New -  order to find out mutation sites. Now you can ... (3/0) download

CodonCode Aligner Sequence Assembler 3.7.1 -  alignment, contig editing, and mutation detection. In addition to ... processing and scripts - Sensitive mutation analysis with unique tools ... phylogenetics, evolution research, biogeography, mutation detection, and other biomedical ... (1/0) download
DNA BASER - affordable contig assembly -  assembly, contig editing, and mutation detection for Windows. It ... (26/0) download
Peach x64 2.3.2008 -  performing both generation and mutation based fuzzing. Peach requires ... (2/0) download
SeqScape 2.7 -  based analysis such as mutation detection and analysis, SNP ... pair, consensus sequence and mutation using robust algorithms, enhanced ... (5/0) download
CancerGene 5.1 -  a family carries a mutation in one of the ... archives family history and mutation probability information to a ... (3/0) download
Wild panther range ScreenSaver AŠ StrikePill 1.4 -  is a very common mutation of the leopard. Sometimes ... (0/0) download
MutationDetector 1.0 -  Applied Biosystems Mutation Detector™ Software is an ... analysis tool that performs mutation detection analysis of real ... quantitation data from TaqMan® Mutation Detection Assay research experiments ... (0/0) download

Hard Disk Imager with Sector Mutate 1.0 -  Disk imaging with sector mutation. Allows you to image ... (5/0) download
DNA BASER Sequence Assembler 2.60 -  editing, metadata integration and mutation detection. It also offers ... each sequence ambiguity / mutation with a single click ... (2/0) download
Out Of The World 3.1 -  was polluted causing the mutation of the biosphere. You ... (138/0) download
Strife v1.1 -  it left fire, plague, mutation, and something worse. Those ... (80/0) download
DynaMine v3.4 -  various obstacles, including invisibility, mutation, speed, and more. Use ... (29/0) download
Bugs! Screen Saver v2.0 -  the global genetic code mutation rate, the maximum number ... (35/0) download
Candy Volcano Arcade Game! -  the Miracles of Genetic Mutation. Unfortunately, his formula had ... (6/0) download
ASaturA New -  rare' depending on their mutation probabilities, which are inferred ... (18/0) download
Solfina Payroll 2.7Mutation and promotion. Payroll processor ... (10/0) download
Apophysis 2.0 -  edit them through the mutation window and through the ... show the selection. The mutation option of the application ... (4/0) download
Libga 1.0 -  such as crossing-over, mutation and selection. Crossing-over ... (3/0) download
Accent ZIP Password Recovery 4.5 -  scenarios - applies the password mutation mechanism during the dictionary ... that determines the password mutation rules is implemented in ... (3/0) download
Ziperello 1.5 -  Attack with the word mutation option - Template-based Attack ... (185/0) download
Edge Of Chaos 1.1 -  solving, and evolution by mutation and selection are all ... (18/0) download
WormyJungle 1.0 -  Screen saver WormyJungle is for those, who like an unpredictable and mind bending game of colors and shape. The principle of the WormyJungle is simple, but the simplicity gives a wide range of visual effects. You will see simple worms, consisting of segments. They randomly move, change color, and their tangles sometimes look like real jungle. WormyJungle ... (13/0) download
Ziperello 2.0 -  Attack with the word mutation option; - Template-based Attack ... (0/0) download
Framsticks Theater 2.10 -  like genes and genetics, mutation, evolution, user-driven evolution ... (16/0) download