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Libga 1.0 -  fast binary genetic algorithm library written in Java. Library optimizes single objective functions ... The Chromosome class extends java.util.Bitset and Population class extends java.util.Arraylist classes. Algorithm ... (4/0) download

Fts7 1.2.1 -  Full-text search engine library written in Java. Builds a search index on Java objects, having a text ... you can index any Java objects having a text ... (4/0) download
WUP: The major happenings of your city, in real-time. 1.0.5 -  What's Up Today? WUP shows the major happenings of your city, in real-time. FEATURES: # News: - The daily news most relevant from newspapers of your area. # Events: - Meet the full schedule of events in your area. - Some events offer online ticket sales. # Places: - Get recommendations on the best venues of the week. - Quickly view check-ins ... (2/0) download
opmock 0.7.8 -  of what exists in Java or C#. It was ... (3/0) download
AeroGlass-Library 1.1 -  The AeroGlass-Library was specially designed to be a library (written in C# ) that ... ... (39/0) download
Raw Xml Library 1.5 -  Raw Xml Library, also known as RXL ... and powerful raw Xml library written in FASM that ... Linux.In CIL the library is designed to target ... (3/0) download
League of Legends: Library FREE, Guide to LoL 3.3.0 -  League of Legends: Library is a comprehensive guide/database ... Lite version of LoL Library is limited in features ... paid version of LoL Library for the full featured ... (2/0) download
TimeSlotTracker 1.2.5 -  to use application in Java that will enable you ... (0/0) download

JIF 3.1 RC1 -  editor entirely written in java that allows the file ... ... (6/0) download
EMMR Java Emailer Library 0.1 -  is an Open Source Java Class Library that allows Java developers to easily integrate ... (0/0) download
Cognity 1.0 Beta -  object-oriented neural network library for the Java programming language.The main goal of the library is to provide an ... (6/0) download
JAVA MP3 Player 1.1.0 Beta -  MP3 player written in Java, that uses the BasicPlayer 3.0 library found in javazoom.Now ... (4/0) download
Turn Off Timer Portable -  simple utility programmed in java that allows the user ... gets to 0 Requirements: Java Runtime Environment 1.6 ... (4/0) download
JIF 3.1 RC1 1 -  editor entirely written in java that allows the file ... OS Independent Programming Language: Java Topic: Software Development ... (3/0) download
DataNucleus 3.2.0-M3 3 -  application data in a Java environment. DataNucleus provides open ... (3/0) download
BHD Converter Portable -  simple tool programmed in java that lets the users ... of a button Requirements: Java Runtime Environment 1.6 ... (5/0) download
MediaLibrary Top-10-module 1.5 -  The Media Library Top 10 module displays ... visited media from Media Library component in a list ... (4/0) download
Atlantic County Library System 4.85 -  The Atlantic County Library System in Your Hands! ... access the Atlantic County Library System anywhere with our ... Take the Atlantic County Library System with you! Changes ... (8/0) download
2012 Texas Library Association Annual Conference 1.4 -  century old, the Texas Library Association (TLA) is the largest state library association in the U ... TLA's membership also includes library vendors and citizens who ... of Friends of the Library organizations, and library users. The TLA Annual ... (4/1) download
Familytree 1.0 -  on a website This Java applet displays a family ... (46/0) download
MieNet's Free Animals Ic 1.4 -  MieNet's Free Animals Icon Library comprises a large variety ... an equivalent TPZ Icon Library, meant as a TreePad ... or BIZ. Both these library formats are standard in ... (51/0) download
Jukebox Synchronizer 3.2.4 -  you to manage your library of mp3's in two ... (69/0) download
Planar String 1.0 -  small program written in Java that allows to explore ... (5/1) download
Minimal Surface Editor 1.0 -  use application written in Java that allows you to ... (4/1) download