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DWG Search 2.4 -  DWG Search for your Desktop and ... drives - is a specialized search program for quickly locating AutoCAD ... and reference names. DWG Search scans selected folders or ... (2/0) download

! TreePad Lite 3.0 -  + text editor w/ advanced search: powerful time-saver that ... and powerful personal database program, PIM and search tool. TreePad allows you ... the very fast internal advanced search tool and find instantly ... (8/0) download
! TreePad Lite for Linux 2.2.0 -  + text editor w/ advanced search: powerful time-saver and ... and powerful personal database program, PIM and search tool. TreePad allows you ... the very fast internal advanced search tool and find instantly ... (14/0) download
Desktop IRIS 3.0.6 -  an easy-to-use search program that can be successfully ... operating systems, allowing full search capabilities across a wide ... allows you to easily search Outlook email, contacts, calendar ... (0/0) download
WordFinder v2.1 -  is a general dictionary search program aimed at word game ... WordFinder allows you to search for words using a ... features the ability to search for: anagrams, pattern matches ... (97/0) download
LANster 0.99.5b -  A LAN search program used to find shared ... a network LANster - This program will search the users local area ... based on the users search parameters. The program displays file name, location ... (29/0) download
Ace FREE Domain Name Tool - Mozzle Std 2.30 -  name using simple or advanced search features such as independent ... domain name using the advanced domain name generation and search features of Mozzle. (22/1) download
CatView v3.2 -  CatView is a text search program designed specially for ASCII ... a simple text-file search program that provides a user ... CatView can help you search these files without having ... (30/0) download

GoogImager Browser 2.0 -  to the Google Image Search using parameters of Google Advanced Search and some exclusive parameters ... GoogImager utility and the advanced search modes of best image search engines you can perform ... searches and possibility to search through all Internet. (1/0) download
EMCO Malware Destroyer 6.1 -  Malware Destroyer is an advanced antivirus program that helps you find ... (0/0) download
MegaMindRecorder 1.4 -  MegaMind Recorder is an advanced audio-program anyone can use for ... (1/0) download
WordNetDT 2.6 -  Freeware Dictionary/Thesaurus with advanced search features, including wildcard, regular ... type for any given search. Results are formatted and ... hyperlinked in results. Scrabble search can be made from ... (2/0) download
SoftSpire PDF Image Extractor LITE 1.2 -  LITE is a highly advanced Windows program for extracting pictures, graphics ... (2/0) download
Copernic Desktop Search Home -  Copernic Desktop Search Home allows individuals to instantly search their files, e-mails ... hard drive. Features: - Easily search your entire hard drive ... your results - Optimize your search by refining fields or using advanced search keywords - Instantly preview filteredmatching ... (18/0) download
Search With Ease 4.9 -  Download picture search tool. Search With Ease is a ... compact, and useful desktop search program. The latest version includes ... normally found in desktop search programs, the ability to search more than one popular ... (10/0) download
diskMETA-Lite 1.0 -  of diskMETA hard drive search software. Its advantages: Internet search technology based, fast (1sec ... retrieval, full text doc search, txt, doc, html format support, advanced search option. diskMETA-Lite is ... version of diskMETA desktop search software. This version has ... (10/0) download
Izreke TextPad 1.0 -  editor that offers some advanced functions.Program supports images so now ... suit beginner and more advanced users.Software requires .net ... (2/0) download
Color Access 5.3 -  - Advanced search capabilities, including ancillary products ... update of data and program files with USB keys ... (3/0) download
Free Hex Editor 3.12 -  Document Interface, Text Viewer, Advanced Search and Replace features. Edit ... (190/0) download
Address F6 3 -  An advanced search routine makes it easy ... (56/1) download
MeD's Movie Manager -  Quick movie filter with advanced search options. List functionality for ... series. Multi-add function (Search directories for files). Obtain ... (2/0) download
Instant Document Search 1.12.1 -  Instant Document Search is a handy search engine for your desktop ... fast as possible. All search results are numbered and ... SQL etc.). In addition, advanced search options are available. You ... (113/0) download
Search and Replace Regular Expression Wizard v2.0 -  used by Funduc Software's Search and Replace utility. The ... fields in the "Search and Replace"\; main program dialog (if "Search and Replace"\; is running). The program is intended for both non-technical and advanced "Search and Replace"\; users. (28/0) download
MediaLibrary Search plugin 1.5 -  MediaLibrary Search is a plugin that ... ... (2/0) download
InfoWonder 1.1.3000 -  InfoWonder is an advanced PIM for many different ... forms. Features: reminders, text search, spell checker, backup, advanced search, import/export, and much more ... InfoWonder has a comprehensive search capability that can locate ... (14/0) download