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ISeePass 1.1 -  browsers are hidden behind asterisks. This is for your ... or copy a saved password from behind the asterisks? ... that instantly reveals all password on a web page ... (44/0) download

ShowPassword 2.6 -  will be replaced with asterisks, these can be easily ... where you defined a password: your mail accounts, personal ... allow to show the password in browser (Internet Explorer ... (3/0) download
AsterWin 1.20 -  This utility reveals the password stored behind the asterisks in standard password text-boxes as used ... program will unmask the password in the application input ... (39/0) download
Weeny Free Password Recovery 1.0 -  longer enter the saved password manually, you tend to ... the saved passwords? The password is staring right at ... a row of "******" asterisks. Weeny Free Password Recovery is a free password recovery tool that lets you see the actual password behind the asterisks. It can recover passwords ... (2/0) download
RemotePocketAsterisk 1.0 -  passwords stored behind the asterisks ('***') in standard password text-boxes of Pocket ... (3/0) download
Asterisk Master 1.0 -  shows passwords hidden under asterisks (***) in password fields of any web ... then it substitutes all password text boxes with normal ... etc. Interestingly, this handy password revelation utility is absolutely ... (17/0) download
Asterisk Key 10.0 -  that are hidden under asterisks. Unlike many others, this program works both with password dialog boxes and web ... your passwords hidden under asterisks. Asterisk Key is easy ... Uncovers hidden passwords on password dialog boxes and web ... (13/0) download
FREE Password Manager 3.2.1 -  A FREE Password Manager and Generator with ... Paste, Go to Website, Password Generator with Strength Indicator ... same login ID and password for everything is impossible ... (99/0) download

KeePass Password Safe 1.06 -  and easy-to-use password safe for Windows. You ... easily. The program supports password groups, in which you ... specific field in the password list. KeePass can import ... (75/0) download
ViPNet Password Roulette 2.9.2.SP1 -  absolutely free of charge password generator. We have been ... in charge of the password management, INFOTECS released an ... free of charge software password generator, which generates random ... (32/0) download
SC-PassUnleash 1..0 -  passwords of ISP's, the password of your email client ... FTP tool. Once the password is stored, it is ... a row of "***" asterisks and cannot be read ... (19/0) download
Email Password Recovery (pop3) 1.0 -  Have your forgoten your e-mail password? You can get it in a minute. This utility works with every mail client! Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, The Bat, Eudora....any! (41/0) download
Password strength analyzer and generator -  The Password Strength Analyser and Generator ... using only one master password, so there is no ... in mind hundreds of password when you can store and unlock every password with only one secure ... (130/0) download
OEM Password Recovery 1.1.4 -  account information (login and password) using AutoComplete feature, Outlook ... if you check Remember password option during creation E ... you can't remember all password you need. Unfortunately, Internet ... (36/0) download
Password Recovery for Corel Paradox 1.0Password Recovery by HXTT is ... to retrieve forgotten database password from Paradox password protected files (*.db ... (129/0) download
Asterisk Logger 1.02 -  you to type a password for using it in the application. The typed password is not displayed on ... instead of the real password, you see a sequence ... ... (136/0) download
Password Recovery for MS Access 1.0Password Recovery by HXTT is ... set up a single password that controls who can ... If there's a database password set, all users have to enter that password to open the database ... (168/0) download
X-Lizard Password Generator 1.5 -  X-Lizard Password Generator is a software ... You can copy the password to the clipboard or ... to file. X-Lizard Password Generator is a stylish ... (66/0) download
Secure Password Manager -  Secure Password Manager is the right ... personal data manually. Secure Password Manager is well designed ... Review Don't let this password manager's busy interface scare ... (44/0) download
Efficient Password Manager 1.35 -  Now we have Efficient Password Manager, a completely free but powerful and unique password management package. She can ... help you remember general password information, but also record ... accounts, etc. A random password generator is integrated which ... (650/11) download
Lazesoft Recover My Password Home 3.0.0 -  Lazesoft Recover My Password Home Edition is a ... easy to use Windows password recovery freeware. With its ... wizard in recovering Windows password job. It allows home ... (205/0) download
Password Depot 4.1.4Password Depot protects your important ... passwords using the integrated Password Generator. - Maximum protection of ... from keyloggers and spyware: Password Depot protects your passwords ... (22/0) download
Access Password Get Pro 3.17 -  State of the art password recovery engine - all passwords ... recovered simultaneously Description: Access Password Get is an easy ... State of the art password recovery engine - all passwords ... (94/0) download
Sticky Password 8.0 -  Just one password to remember. Instead of ... filled in by Sticky Password. It's easy to use ... core of the Sticky Password solution is the secure ... (60/0) download
Password Assistant 1.0Password Assistant a complete solution ... company or large corporation, Password Assistant is an important ... requirements and privacy policies. Password Assistant gives you a ... (2/0) download