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Mesh Electronic Circuit Analysis 2.0 -  an open source Visual Basic 6 program which is under active ... (15/0) download

FBS - Palm Logbook To CSV 1.4 -  This is a basic conversion program. It takes the Palm ... PalmLogDB-Nlog.pdb for basic version 1.x and fbPL-Log.pdb for basic version 2.x) and ... at this time. This program only reads from the ... (7/0) download
Shead Spreet 3.4.2 -  Shead Spreet is a basic spreadsheet program for the Google's Android ... by USB. With this program, you can rename, duplicate ... it is a great program for Android, an OS ... (5/0) download
CadStd Lite v3.10 -  CadStd Lite is a basic, easy-to-use 2D CAD program. CadStd is a simple, basic CAD program that comes with over ... (265/0) download
Toddlers Colors free 1.1 -  colors is a simple program for toddlers to learn them the meaning of basic colors the program is designed with toddler's ... your help 3- only basic colors which can be ... you can use the program to learn you kid ... (2/0) download
ZetaCalc 1.01 -  ZetaCalc is a free basic calculator application for Windows ... (12/0) download
QuickBible - NASB 1.0 -  It is a basic, light program with several useful features ... chapter and verse. The program will find the verse ... and "bread"; the program would search the entire ... (49/0) download
Message Box Generator 1.0 -  This program generates code to display ... Message Box within Visual Basic 4. It may also ... other versions of Visual Basic, I don't know ... (2/0) download

CHANGE OWNER 1.1 -  This program changes the register owner ... It is a Visual Basic 6 program which will check the ... (5/0) download
OmniGraphSketcher for Mac OS 1.1 -  the ease of a basic drawing program.Add as many lines ... a spreadsheet or database program, just copy and paste ... (2/0) download
BASIC-256 is a handy ... kids easily see how program flow-control works.BASIC-256 has a built ... concepts through fun exercises.BASIC-256 is licensed under ... (12/0) download
Creating Your First Visual Basic Program - Full 1.0 -  Creating your first Visual Basic Program”, created by MSDN ... in creating a Visual Basic project, designing and creating ... interface, and testing your program. In about 10 minutes ... (5/0) download
Unit Converter Basic 1.0 -  UNIT CONVERTER BASIC - is a free and ... to use unit conversion program. The program is fully customizable, i ... (3/0) download
Kendall-Theil Robust Line Program 1.0 -  This is a Visual Basic program for calculating and graphing ... (2/0) download
Great Cow Graphical BASIC 0.9 -  Great Cow Graphical BASIC is an icon based program editor. It allows you to create Great Cow BASIC programs without having to ... between Great Cow Graphical BASIC and a text editor with a Great Cow BASIC program in it! GCGB will ... ... (4/0) download
Q Serial Terminal 1.00 -  QT-based serial terminal program. Works on Linux or Windows. Basic serial terminal for use ... (22/0) download
Novastar's Basic Combat Tutorial + SaberCombat I 1.0.1 -  Carauddo's own saber combat program. Get the basic Saber Combat tutorial from ... to the full NCSC Program. Novastar & Caine Saber ... (6/0) download
Visual Basic Controls (Source Code) 3.0 -  Visual Basic Source Code that demonstrates ... VB Code. Free Visual Basic source code control example ... compiled into any VB program without any additional file ... (1173/0) download
Creator Forms 1.2 -  programs developed on Visual Basic. There is a set ... curves Bezier. Besides the program possesses the easy, convenient ... of job with the program the opportunity of viewing ... (176/0) download
Exploring the Sun v2.2 -  Sun is an astronomy program for students in grades ... the Sun, and includes basic Sun information, two science ... section lets you learn basic information using simple multiple ... (44/0) download
Maths Practice Program v1.0 -  you to practise your basic math skills. The Maths Practice Program provides different practice levels ... multiplication, and division. This program is aimed at children ... (40/0) download
SoftStep MIDI Algorithmic Composer (Basic) v1.3 -  SoftStep MIDI Algorithmic Composer (Basic) is a complete, MIDI ... after analog sequencers, the program provides a variety of ... a comprehensive algorithmic composition program with fractal and chaos ... (99/0) download
EasyMessage ActiveX Control v1.0 -  that allows a Visual Basic program to employ user defined ... (22/0) download
BlackJack Drillmaster 4.2.0 -  training software for learning basic strategy and card-counting ... drills built into this program, you will develop the ... tables. The theory behind basic strategy and card-counting ... (2/0) download
identikit 1.0.14 -  A basic and easy java program to make black and ... the face with is basic elements choosing for each ... (2/0) download