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Orneta Task Manager for Smartphone 2002 0.1.1 -  Orneta Task Manager is a system tool ... Smartphone's. Windows Mobile Smartphone doesn't come with ... the system. Orneta Task Manager is a system tool ... (13/0) download

Kabel Deutschland Programm-Manager 1.11 -  dem Kabel Deutschland Programm-Manager planen Sie Ihr Unterhaltungsprogramm! ... dem Kabel Deutschland Programm-Manager planen Sie Ihr Unterhaltungsprogramm ber das Web, Ihr Smartphone oder Ihr Tablet ganz ... (9/0) download
Halo Control 1 -  iQE Halo Home Heating Manager, enabling the remote control ... weekly programming through a Smartphone, allowing you to control ... the Halo Home Heating manager and the full range ... (2/0) download
OFMapp 1.0 -  extension of Online Fitness Manager. It allows users modified ... the website via a smartphone. Users will be able ... (2/0) download
M4PhoneLock 2.0 -  Phone directly from the smartphone. Requires Mida eFramework virtual ... a Cisco Unified Communications Manager. This app requires 1 ... 2. Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) M4M Application Servers ... (3/0) download
FREE Password Manager 3.2.1 -  A FREE Password Manager and Generator with unlimited ... (99/0) download
Emsa WinStartup Manager 1.0.45 -  Emsa WinStartUp Manager is a tool that ... (22/0) download
Perl Module Manager -  Perl Module Manager helps you to install ... ExtUtils::MakeMaker. Perl Module Manager makes all the necessary ... (44/0) download

Wise Doc Manager 1.5 -  you need Wise Doc Manager. Wise Doc Manager is innovative and excellent ... or required. Wise Doc Manager have a user friendly ... (55/0) download
Oxygen FM Manager 2.0 -  Oxygen FM Manager is designed to give ... you want. Oxygen FM Manager grants access to the ... (104/0) download
MP3 EZlib Music Library/Playlist Manager 2.4 -  Music Library and Playlist Manager. Features: (1) Custom-Query ... (68/0) download
PPedia Task Manager Svchost Edition 1.02 -  Free Task manager with built-in process ... and malware. PPedia Task Manager displays detailed information about ... improves on Windows Task Manager, providing file path, security ... (73/0) download
Chameleon Startup Manager Free Edition 2.6 -  Chameleon Startup Manager is a Windows startup, schedule, service and task manager that accelerates Windows startup ... launched, etc). Chameleon Startup Manager automatically monitors and reports ... startup list, while a manager provides advanced details on ... (84/0) download
Task Manager Fix 2.0 -  enable disabled Windows Task Manager. Utility to fix error "Task manager has been disabled by ... This utility enables Task Manager disabled by trojans or ... by enabling the Task Manager to view all the ... (513/0) download
AltMove manager 2.1.4 -  to-use mouse enhancement manager. Can move and size ... (74/0) download
Secure Password Manager -  Secure Password Manager is the right solution ... data manually. Secure Password Manager is well designed to ... madness, and Secure Password Manager proved easy to use ... (44/0) download
Advanced Code Snippets Manager 1.0 -  Standard Code Snippets Manager for Visual Studio - the ... the Advanced Code Snippets Manager, the tools that removes ... restrictions. Advanced Code Snippets Manager is free yet powerful ... (357/0) download
Subscription Manager 1.0 -  With Subscription Manager you can create subscription ... ... (19/0) download
Chameleon Task Manager Lite -  Chameleon Task Manager Lite is a replacement for Windows Task Manager with the following main ... (48/0) download
Chameleon Startup Manager Lite -  Chameleon Startup Manager Lite is a Windows startup manager that accelerates Windows startup ... (39/0) download
SterJo Task Manager 2.7 -  SterJo Task Manager software is designed to ... usage. Using this task manager software, you can also ... to Windows default task manager, as it performs many ... (26/1) download
Wondershare Disk Manager Free 1.0.0 -  Wondershare Disk Manager is a handy tool ... With this safe partition manager, you can Do It ... (23/0) download
Subscription Manager - Free Version 1.0 -  With Subscription Manager you can create subscription ... ... (6/0) download
ShutDown Manager 2012 1.0.0 -  zebNet ShutDown Manager 2012 is a free ... After installing zebNet ShutDown Manager 2012, you will be ... by using zebNet ShutDown Manager 2012. Simply click with ... (11/0) download
Medical Manager 0.0.2 -  Medical Manager is a small, easy ... (6/0) download