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32 Card Bridge v1.6 -  Card Bridge is the English version of "Belote Bridgee" ... (47/0) download

Ghostscript-manual-e -  Ghostscript manual (English) This is the English version of the Ghostscript manual ... (351/0) download
Bishops Bible 1568 1.0 -  long period, the only English version of the Bible available ... the Great Bible, a version endorsed by King Henry ... creation of a new English version, which was called Bishops' version, and was first printed ... (36/0) download
Co-operative Account System (Nepali) 5.0 -  This is latest and english version of cooperative accounting software ... (6/0) download
AquarioGest CD-Rom 4.0 -  features : - AquarioGest Software in English Version - Fish Database illustrated with ... (2/0) download
BibleMax Basic English Bible 1.0 -  The Basic English version of the Bible is ... have. The BibleMax Basic English Version is very unique. The Basic English translation makes use of ... 850 words from the English language, 100 words that ... (4/0) download
L&H TTS3000 British English 10.1 -  This is the british english version. The UK English voice Lawrence is a ... (7/0) download
Jacks Magic Pro 1.01 -  French and English Version.Official or Setting Rules ... (59/0) download

BarcodeChecker - Eintrittskarten prALfen 3.0English version: (Free download!) Deutsche Version: (Kostenloser ... (3/0) download
BarcodeChecker - Check Tickets 3.0English version: (Free download!) Deutsche Version: (Kostenloser ... (4/0) download
viCompte 1.3 -  made only a french version but now you can use the english version.Select demo account to ... (4/0) download
map&guide calculate 15.0 -  the English version of the Service Pack ... be installed to an English Program Version. Other languages can be ... (1/0) download
Total Recorder (Standard Edition) 8.3english version version française. Support for ... (0/0) download
Collins Pro Spanish-English Dictionary Mac -  Collins Pro Spanish-English Dictionary Software from Ultralingua ... the Collins Pro Spanish-English Version Here today! This dictionary ... translated from Spanish to English and vice versa. (64/0) download
Collins Pro French-English Dictionary Mac 1.0 -  Collins Pro French-English Dictionary Software from Ultralingua ... the Collins Pro French-English Version Here today! This dictionary ... translated from French to English and vice versa. Requirements ... (3/0) download
BibleMax Jewish Publication Society Old Testament Bible 1.0 -  the Jewish heritage for English-speaking people. Among their ... category is, undoubtedly, the English version of the Old Testament ... original Hebrew texts. This version is offered by BibleMaximum ... (13/0) download
IVM CE UK Free 3.01 -  you tried the previous version of IVM now you ... of vaccines.... Try this English Version of IVM CE UK game completely free. Version in English, prepared for you, with ... (1/0) download
Pricepirates for Pocket PC MS PocketPC2003 2003 -  the German Pocket PC version of Pricepirates which can ... eventually bring about an English version. Free support via Web ... (2/0) download
Wireless Keyboard Indicator 3.0 -  0 ----------------------------------------- This version have a great change ... it: Help 1. this version of the way language ... software default is the English version please if you need ... (1/0) download
AureoEyes English Version 1.0 -  diacritical accents (for non-English versions), numbers, symbols and ... (3/0) download
vRoot 1.7.4 -  Download latest Vroot version ... successful. Vroot Update Log Version 1.7.3 - released ... problem of false positives Version 1.7.2 - released ... (1/0) download
TicketCreator - Print Your Tickets 5.0 -  the fully functional shareware version for free and start ... tickets on your PC. English version: (Free download!) Deutsche Version: (Kostenloser ... (63/0) download
SmartBiz v5.01e -  Other features include: real-time inventory management, the ability to export data to external formats, and support for Chinese Windows (in addition to support for the English version of Windows). (45/0) download
Shift Calendar v1.7.1 -  that even in the English version, several German terms remain ... ... (278/0) download
AFXForm English Version 2.2 -  AFXForm allows to fill-out a preprinted form With AFXForm youlll do a one time form design lwhich is even fasterif you got a Scannerl where the formls blanks will be matched to a text box in the screen. After this, the designed form file is stored in the Computer, and every time you need to fill its blanks youlll just call it from the Computer, check ... (42/0) download