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Stellar Game Development Kit 98 v2.2 -  Stellar Game Development Kit 98 is a 2D DirectX game development library for Watcom or ... (29/0) download

Zenipex Beta -  designed to be a game development framework. Zenipex's main goal ... (3/0) download
Zenipex Beta 1.0 -  designed to be a game development framework. Zenipex's main goal ... (3/0) download
Game Editor 1.4.0Game Editor is an open ... interactive multimedia tool for game development, with a simple and ... based Smartphones and Linux. Game editor will let you ... (304/0) download
Unity for Mac 3.4.2 -  Unity 3 is a game development tool that has been ... all aspects of your game, from draw calls to ... (5/0) download
Delightful Gifts 2.0 -  into a world of game delights, adventures, and fun in this ... matching game! Explore 4 game modes, each with its ... the way. In the game, you will find a ... (8/0) download
Ice2D Game Engine Demo 1.8 -  Ice2D™ Game Engine targets commercial game development with focus on independent ... be used for rapid development of multimedia and games ... (6/0) download
Serious Game Design Summer School 2013 1.0 -  Tampere Finland, the Serious Game Design Summer School hosted 42 University level Game design Students. The Summer ... role play of a game development company, where students created serious game concepts for selected target ... setting of the Serious Game Design Summer School allows ... (0/0) download

Metroid Games 1.0 -  created by new amateur game development team. As any other ... (2/0) download
SpellForce 2 - Shadow Wars 1.1 -  is a role play game developed by Phenomic Game Development. Plot: Long after joining ... As in the previous game, the designers have created ... ... (1/0) download
Bookworm Buddy 1.1 -  an english based anagram game that wraps an RPG type video game Bookworm Buddy is intended ... used alongside the popular game Bookworm Adventures as a way to ... ... (9/0) download
EarthSculptor 1.1 -  designed exclusively for rapid development of 3D landscapes for visualization, multimedia and game development. Features: - Fast 3D hardware ... (9/0) download
Panda3D 1.0 -  Panda3D is a game engine, a framework for 3D rendering and game development for Python and C ... was created for commercial game development, and its primary users are still commercial game developers. Because of this ... (3/0) download
MetasequoiaLE R 2.4 -  modeler for 3DCG and game development. It provides you efficient ... (1/0) download
Autodesk Photo Scene Editor 2.1 -  on design, historic preservation, game development, visual effects, fun, etc ... (12/0) download
SpriteViewer Demo 32.0 -  is a full featured game development editor. The package consists ... (1/0) download
Vanda Engine RTI Pro 1.2 -  RTI - a new free development platform to deliver solutions ... architecture, designing, planning and game development. If you have already ... (15/0) download
Hitman Absolution: Full Disclosure 1.0 -  shows a side of game development that is rarely seen ... production folders by the development team, who provide an ... (12/0) download
On the Freerun 1.0 -  as part of a game development workshop run by Guerilla ... Area Coordination Team. The game was built during the ... and processes involved in game development. ---------------------------------------------------- The world has been ... (3/0) download
Algonquin College - Dragon Rider 3: Goin' Roman 1.0.0 -  Roman' is an iOS game, developed by Kyle Gardner ... student in Algonquin College's Game Development Program. The three-year ... students for careers as game developers, a profession increasingly ... (7/0) download
Scene View Touch 1.2.1 -  that will make your game development more productive. It allows ... (4/0) download
Schneekugel 2.2 -  engine usually used for game development Schneekugel turns your iPhone ... (2/0) download
Lessons in Xcode SpriteKit 1.2 -  learning iPhone & iPad game development with the powerful SpriteKit ... (1/0) download
Tater's Training Trash Yard 1.0.2 -  Are you interested in game development on the iPhone and iPad? This game was created for the book, "Creating 3D GAME ART for the iPhone ... " With Creating 3D Game Art for the iPhone ... learn to create optimized game content with cutting-edge ... (3/0) download
Sprite Path Designer 1.2.1 -  This App enables IOS game development hobbyists to draw a ... (5/0) download