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N64 Codebook v5.99 -  138 cheats, tips or gameshark codes included, many with screenshots ... ... (157/0) download

Fix Error Codes 1.6 -  and faults, Fix Error Codes is your one stop ... (6/0) download
Hash Codes 1.62.780.7200 -  Hash Codes is a simple and ... (6/0) download
2D Codes Generator SDK 2.2.3 -  2D Codes Generator SDK is a ... (1/0) download
2D Codes Reader SDK 1.2.1 -  2D Codes Reader SDK is a ... (1/0) download
UPC Search and Lookup Multiple Codes Software 7.0 -  Lookup multiple UPC codes to find detailed information ... (5/0) download
EAN Search and Lookup Multiple Codes Software 7.0 -  to look up EAN codes for one or more products. EAN codes are international barcodes often ... user can add EAN codes or load them from ... (14/0) download
black friday coupon codes 1.0 -  with Black Friday Coupon Codes for searching, if you ... market Black Friday Coupon Codes are listed here Online ... Now! Black Friday Coupon Codes Black Friday Coupon Codes With our Black Friday Coupon Codes to decide on from ... (4/0) download

US Zip Codes 1.0 -  the extended US Zip Codes database. The 'US Zip ... codes' package. US Zip codes are in five-digit ... (5/0) download
Create Multiple QR Codes Software 7.0 -  to create multiple QR codes from regular text. QR codes are a two-dimensional ... size of the QR codes. These options are described ... (3/0) download
WorldUnlock Codes Calculator 4.4 -  WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is a free ... (36/0) download
CrossEyes 3.0.45 -  New low price! Now only $49.99 to buy. CrossEyes is an add-in which 'REVEALS the CODES' in MS WORD. Save time and stop frustration when working with Word documents. Word shows you WHAT you will get when you print your document, CrossEyes shows you WHY. CrossEyes shows one window with the complete formatting and other non-text information of a Word ... (35/0) download
Geozip 1 -  US (optionally Canadian) zip codes or geographical coordinates, latitude ... (58/0) download
USA Postal Codes Referen 1.7 -  Cross-lookup ZIP codes and area names in ... to look up postal codes.If you need to look up ZIP codes often and on the ... (39/0) download
Easy Html Codes 1.1 -  Easy Html Codes helps add useful features ... variety of useful html codes which you can use ... (31/0) download
Excel Zip Codes Convert, Lookup & Format Software 7.0 -  Excel Zip Codes Convert, Lookup & Format Software converts zip codes in Excel. Quickly change ... trailing zeros to zip codes. Convert zip codes in Excel. Quickly change ... ... (18/0) download
Bar Codes and More 6.3 -  Print your own bar codes from Windows! This set ... way to print bar codes from Windows, this font ... you true WYSIWYG bar codes in any Windows application ... (100/0) download
German Postal Codes Lexi 1.6 -  German Postal Codes Reference These are Bi-Directional German Postal Codes Lexicons for BDicty. Enter ... over 27, 000 postal codes. About BDicty:BDicty is ... (34/0) download
Resistor Colour Codes v1.03 -  Resistor Colour Codes is a graphical utility ... (143/0) download
ESF's Bar Codes and More (LaserJet) v2.11b -  ESF's Bar Codes and More (LaserJet) is ... fonts for creating bar codes. This set include five ... (49/0) download
ESF's Bar Codes and More (TrueType) v3.0 -  ESF's Bar Codes and More (TrueType) is ... fonts for creating bar codes. The package includes the ... most commonly used bar codes and offers numeric, upper ... (143/0) download
50 Free Html Box Codes 1 -  free, easy-to-use codes. Create picture frames, logos ... free, easy-to-use codes. A great way to ... (44/0) download
HTML-Color-Codes 40.41a -  HTML-Color-Codes, a personal pocket-palette! ... other critters! HTML-Color-Codes, a personal pocket-palette! ... (39/0) download
Apple Errors Codes -  most recent Mac error codes from Apple. Search by ... just browse. Several hundred codes, some with detailed explanations ... explained. Sad Mac Error Codes. No Mac user should ... (61/0) download
Perl-Locale-Codes -  Locale-Codes module for perl (4/0) download