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eXtreme Gammon 2.0 -  pitch yourself against eXtreme Gammon, in match or money ... (0/0) download

Party Gammon 10.9 -  Backgammon is a game for two players. The game is played on a board with 24 triangles in alternate colors called TLpointsTl. They are numbered 1 to 24. The board is divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant contains six points. The lower right-hand quadrant is known as your TLhome boardTl. The upper right-hand quadrant is your opponentTls home board. (3/0) download
Backgammon Classic 6.0 -  This version has a new design, more strength, many playing options and an intuitive interface! Three different levels, from beginner to advanced, can extend your fun and improve your skills! Selectable skin, game or match play, statistical information, save/load a game, doubling cube, several playing levels and player ratings are a few of our backgammon ... (106/0) download
Online Backgammon Empire 5.1 -  Write messages, chat with friends while playing backgammon. Play Backgammon 24 hours, 365 days a year. Participate in backgammon tournaments and mess with your friends online. Challenge and chat with worldwide players. Play in fun and exciting online Backgammon matches. A fun game that you'll like! Features: *Play for fun or real money Learn ... (218/0) download
Gammonet 2.0 -  Play backgammon with your friends from all over the world. This game version has new 3D boards, many playing options and an intuitive interface. It allows you to play on the Internet with a direct IP connection or using an instant messenger client. You can invite your opponents to play rated or unrated games, having the doubling rules enabled or not; ... (5/0) download
Absolute Acey Deucey Backgammon 5.7.5 -  Ready for a fun game of acey deucey or backgammon! Try this excellent, easy to use acey deucey and backgammon game. With superb graphics and up to 5 skill levels, you won't be disappointed. For all levels of player, from beginner to expert. Now includes 6 variations of acey duecey and backgammon: american acey deucey, backgammon, dutch backgammon, ... (94/0) download
PC Backgammon Online 2.2 -  Welcome to the amazing backgammon world where you can play for real money or for fun absolutely free of charge. Our room is one of the biggest online and you can play with thousands players from all over the world any moment. The software offers classical backgammon (tavla) for 2 players with perfect 3D graphics and sound, the board is set in a traditional ... (7/0) download
Backgammon Classic Pro 6.1 -  This pro backgammon version is designed for skilled players. It has many playing options, an intuitive and easy to use interface, including a game position editor. New 2D and 3D design for game boards, game or match play, statistical information, save/load for games, doubling cube, new checker styles and rating support for twenty users are a few ... (5/0) download

Backgammon Kings 1.0.3 -  Tavla, tavle, tawla, tavli, gammon, shesh besh, mahbusa, narde ... (2/0) download
Backgammon NJ HD 4.0.1 -  these matches with eXtreme Gammon confirms a world class ... (5/0) download
Backgammon Live 1.3 -  be referred to as: gammon, backgamon and even baggamon ... in backgammon matches? A gammon is a completed game ... off any checkers. A gammon is also called a ... (1/1) download