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Gann Wheel 1.0 -  or fundamental analysis, THE GANN WHEEL will transform your trading ... SECRET ON WALL STREET. Gann Wheel is the implementation of ... (623/1) download

Mouse Wheel Control 2.0 -  Mouse Wheel Control enhances the features of the mouse wheel. With Mouse Wheel Control, you can use the mouse wheel even where it is ... programs where the mouse wheel is not used or ... than you'd like. Mouse Wheel Control solves this problem ... (137/0) download
Wheel of Death 1 -  The Wheel of Death will help ... you would a roulette wheel, but instead of landing ... by Valeria Clark, this wheel was created as a ... (4/0) download
Wheel of Fortune Super Deluxe for Mac OS 1.0 -  Spin the Wheel, call a letter, buy ... super-sized version of Wheel of Fortune Super Deluxe ... ... (7/0) download
Wheel of Death Free 1 -  The Wheel of Death Free will ... you would a roulette wheel, but instead of landing ... by Valeria Clark, this wheel was created as a ... (1/0) download
Gann Lines Analyzer 2.0Gann Lines Analyzer is a ... nine, advanced and simple Gann fan, Super Andrews Pitchfork, the star of David, Gann square and grid, presenting ... in graphical form. This Gann tool is compatible with ... (25/0) download
The Samurai Code Better Behavior Wheel 2.0 -  icons), the spinning behavior wheel and Samurai Warrior images ... their actions. The behavior wheel concept has been proven ... (2/0) download
Counting Wheel ppc 1.1 -  Counting wheel is a simple to ... (8/0) download

Super Prize Wheel 2.1.2 -  to use a prize wheel. With the fun environment ... design your own prize wheel with different colors, sectors ... programs in Super Prize Wheel: Wheel Editor and Wheel Player. Design the prize wheel with Wheel Editor, add prize sector to wheel and define the quantity of prize. Use Wheel Player to create prize wheel project with the prize wheel created ... (62/0) download
Color Wheel Expert 4.2 -  Based on the color wheel and color harmony theory, Color Wheel Expert enables users to ... a circle. With Color Wheel Expert, it's easy to ... color palette and color wheel, users can easily create ... (58/0) download
WheelKeys 1.0 -  you turn the mouse wheel. Keys are sent when ... is selected. Original mouse wheel commands are discarded. Key ... is selected. Original mouse wheel commands are discarded. A ... (32/0) download
Design Color Wheel 1.00 -  Design Color Wheel was specifically developed for ... (12/0) download
Rock and Roll 1.0 -  is to show your wheel to the Prehistoric Society's ... (14/0) download
SoundWheel 1.2 -  systems may have a wheel which is completely useless ... perfect to have this wheel always handy? If so ... is for you. Sound Wheel is a sound control ... (119/0) download
ScrollNavigator 5.4.0 -  acceleration to your mouse wheel. This indispensable feature makes mouse wheel scrolling more accurate when you turn the wheel slowly, and it scrolls ... when you turn the wheel quickly. Try it out and see how wheel acceleration will make your ... enjoyable. Turning the mouse wheel will scroll the window ... (185/2) download
Volumouse 1.52 -  simply by rolling the wheel of your wheel mouse. It allows you ... for determining when the wheel will be used for ... to use your mouse wheel for volume control when ... (69/0) download
Wheel of Time 1.1Wheel of Time is a ... will require using The Wheel of Time's revolutionary, strategic ... (56/0) download
Disney's Hercules Wheel of Sparta v1.1 -  Lets you spin the wheel and guess the correct ... (2927/0) download
Dream Wheel 1.0.0 -  In Dream Wheel you get to wage ... own advantages. In Dream Wheel you get to wage ... (17/0) download
Wheel-A-Lotto v1.0.0Wheel-A-Lotto is a ... numbers you wish to wheel (your picks) to create games from the wheel template. The game files ... print the unsubstitute lotto wheel.It also includes a full Wheel Generator which can quickly ... (78/0) download
Wheel Maker v98.12.005Wheel Maker calculatess spoke lengths ... (26/0) download
JavaScript Wheel PopMenu 1.0 -  JavaScript Wheel PopMenu creates professional menus with wheel effects for web pages ... (22/0) download
Tordex Wheel 1.0 -  you roll the mouse wheel, Windows roll the currently ... cursor position. With Tordex Wheel, Windows rolls the window ... to activate them Tordex Wheel is a useful and ... (13/0) download
Secrets of the Dragon Wheel for Mac OS 1.0 -  ancient and mysterious Dragon Wheel Artifact are pure fantasy ... knowledge of the Dragon wheel to stop the murder ... songs and the dragon wheel.- Rocket into the ancient ... (0/0) download
Wheel Of Life for Mac OS 1.1 -  was taken from the wheel of life, which contains ... year, a month, etc.Wheel Of Life does not ... recommend you to use Wheel Of Life daily, and ... (2/0) download