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Caesar's Commentaries in Latin 3.0 -  thru IV)"\; by Julius Caesar in TXT format. This ... (67/0) download

Transliteration for Mac OS 2.1.1 -  Hebrew, Greek-Latin and Julius Caesar rules are included.PLIST ... (5/0) download
Praetorians 1.0 -  to the time of Julius Caesar, full of battles, intrigues ... (3/0) download
Asterix and the Power of The Gods 1.0 -  Gauls, was defeated by Julius Caesar, and lost his shield ... (90/0) download
Caesar IV 5.2Caesar IV is a city ... history as the new Caesar. You can defend against ... t pay the bills Caesar will attack you with ... (8/0) download
CAESAR II Demo 5.2CAESAR II is the Pipe ... measured and compared. The CAESAR II spreadsheet input technique ... built, modified, and verified. CAESAR II was the first ... (8/0) download
Julius for SAPI 4.2Julius for SAPI is an ... (31/0) download
Uncle Julius and the Anywhere Machine 1.7.3 -  Uncle Julius - that celebrated scientist and ... (18/0) download

Julius 1.0.1Julius is a simple converter ... digits. The use of Julius is very easy: you ... (98/0) download
CaesarBackup LE 1.1 -  Digiphonics Caesar Backup LE is a ... (5/0) download
Roads of Rome Pack 1.0Caesar sends Victorius miles away ... (2/0) download
Oktagon 1.5.1 -  our shareware game Uncle Julius and the Anywhere Machine ... (29/0) download
EQAlign 2.3.7 -  method is that of Julius Scheiner (1858-1913) german ... (0/0) download
Catechumen 1.0 -  under the rule of Caesar Nero. The Christians had ... (4/0) download
Free Planet Of The Apes Screensaver 3.0 -  Will, who names him Caesar (Andy Serkis) and raises him in his house. Caesar has inherited his mother's ... (1/0) download
Goldfish Aquarium 2.0 -  ... Freida Ginger Halley Jack Julius Minnie Moby Monstro Morgan ... (258/0) download
NCrypt TX 2.1 -  This text based encryption tool allows easy message hiding, to be used in e-mail, messenger and other communications. NCrypt TX also has Steganography capabilities to hide a document inside a random generated text. It supports DES, Rijndael-AES, SHA, and MD5 algorithms, as well as historical algorithms such as ROT13 and Vigenere. With NCrypt TX you ... (60/0) download
Xena Breakout v1.2 -  Romans, Vampires and even Caesar himself at the end ... (127/0) download
CheatBook Database 2000 v6.0 -  3000, Gangsters, Alpha Centauri, Caesar III, Commandos: Behind Enemy ... (104/0) download
Rome Puzzle 1.0 -  Build the heart of the Ancient Roman Empire and become the Emperor! This legendary city was one of the most beautiful and powerful capitals to ever exist in history. And you'll be able to bring back to life all the masterpieces of the Roman architecture. Use your matching skills to Coliseum can become a good training school for your brave gladiators! (2/0) download
Celtic Kings for Mac OS 1.15v2 -  as the struggle between Caesar and the Gaul chieftain ... (13/0) download
CryptoLab 1.02.2 -  Shift ARCFOUR Blowfish Cipher Caesar Cipher Data Encryption Standard ... (3/0) download
Field of Glory 1.5 -  like to be a Caesar at the battle of ... (2/0) download
Cradle of Rome for Mac OS X 1.27 -  The fabulous lands of Caesar open their gates in ... (5/0) download