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Gerry 1.0d44.1 -  ICQ internet chat utility with more features than Mirabilis Gerry's ICQ is an alternative to the ICQ client provided by Mirabilis. The reason this \\clone\\ was created was because Mirabilis seemed to have forgotten about us mac users. Gerry's ICQ contains a majority of the features available in the Windows ICQ Client such as Message History and More ... (24/0) download
Gerry's Vocabulary Teacher 3.0 -  Gerry's Vocabulary Teacher has been designed to make life easier, and instruction more efficient, for those who teach English or English as a Second or Foreign Language. In a matter of minutes and with a few mouse-clicks, teachers can create gap-fill exercises to introduce, review/reinforce and test vocabulary. (2/0) download
Super Gerball for Mac OS 1.1Gerry the gerbil loves playing ... the house in which Gerry lives is not safe ... in. You must guide Gerry around the 60 levels ... (0/0) download
Gerrys ICQ Resources 1.0 -  Modifies the ICQ client. This patch will modify look and feel of your ICQ program from Mirabilis. (ICQ.COM) company (it's not compatible with other ICQ clones or ICQ-like clients from other producers) to look more Mac-like. You will get different icons on main places (not all icons were replaced), these icons you will know from Gerry's ICQ. Besides ... (7/0) download