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XParanormal Detector 1.6 -  XParanormal Detector is an application designed ... in your computer. XParanormal Detector uses a unique algorithm ... TTS engine. Use XParanormal Detector to discover odd changes ... (60/0) download

P-Apps 1.0 -  Portable Application (P-Apps) the Portability, the quality ... will do it. Portable Apps is a Portable Application ... without installing it. Portable Apps isolates the application from ... (18/0) download
BROKEN GHOST 1.00 -  BROKEN GHOST is a TTF character ... (9/0) download
DRE Similar Images Detector 0.4.3 -  DRE Similar Images Detector was built as a ... Eraser". DRE Similar Images Detector was developed with the ... (5/0) download
Max Secure Spyware Detector Threat Definitions Dece -  Max Secure Spyware Detector is a complete solution ... (4/0) download
Scene Detector for raw video and Final Cut XML files for Mac OS 2.6 -  Scene Detector is a utility that ... each scene found.Scene Detector uses QuickTime for super ... (3/0) download
TDL Rootkit Detector 2.00 -  TDL Rootkit Detector is a handy application ... (1/0) download
Hypersight Rootkit Detector 1.0.1323.7971 -  Hypersight Rootkit Detector: the powerful tool for ... mode rootkits. Hypersight Rootkit Detector is designed as a ... system. Install Hypersight Rootkit Detector, reboot your PC, start ... (2/0) download

Ghost Control 3.0.6 -  deal with repetitive tasks, Ghost Control is the solution ... actions are stored into Ghost Control Jobs, wherefrom they ... you wish using the Ghost Control's Editor feature ... (5/0) download
Ghost File Eradicator 1.0Ghost File Eradicator (GFE) is ... (0/0) download
Visual Leak Detector 2.2 -  Visual Leak Detector is a free, robust ... Studio debugger, Visual Leak Detector will output a memory ... (1/0) download
Ghost Hunting Software 1.0 -  The Paranormal investigations and ghost hunting software is created ... (13/0) download
Ghost Mouse Win7 3.0Ghost Mouse Win7 is a ... (9/0) download
DVD Ghost -  DVD Ghost is a very useful ... to hard disk. DVD Ghost is a small and ... is very dangerous. DVD Ghost also allows you to ... (2/0) download
Build iPhone Apps 1.0 -  Build iPhone apps is freeware will help ... make your professional iPhone apps to earn money with ... downloading daily from Apple apps. Some developers earn more ... (2/0) download
Great Windows Apps 1.0 -  Great Windows Apps is a directory that ... you to discover great apps. Windows 8 is beautiful ... feature only the finest apps. Reviews and ratings from ... (1/0) download
Encrypted Disk Detector 1.1.0 -  Encrypted Disk Detector is a command-line ... volumes. Give Encrypted Disk Detector a try to see ... ... (2/0) download
PortableApps Maker with P-Apps 1.1 -  PortableApps Maker with P-Apps the Portability, the quality ... will do it. Portable Apps is a Portable Application ... without installing it. Portable Apps isolates the application from ... (2/0) download
X13-VSA PRO Voice Lie Detector 3.1.35 PRO 1.0 -  Voice Stress Analysis Lie Detector Software. The most advanced ... ... (19/0) download
SMS Apps Android -  Company offers SMS apps android phone program that ... length limit. Versatile SMS apps android mobile application publishes ... mistake. Features: * SMS apps android software provides facility ... (0/0) download
Openshere Message Detector 64-bit 2.5.2 -  Openshere Message Detector 64-bit is an ... a try! Opensphere Message Detector can be installed, configured ... different system components. Message Detector supports all JMS implementations ... (1/0) download
Ghost Thriller 2.0Ghost Thriller game has it ... that gives you creeps. Ghost Thriller game is better ... takes place in the Ghost hotel, full of blood ... (3/0) download
Audio Beat Detector 1.7 -  'Audio Beat Detector' is a digital DJ oriented automatic Beat Per Minute detecting software (BPM counter). Its concept is simple yet very powerful. Designed with the CD & PC Deejay in mind, it will surely be a helpful tool to get fast BPM information of your entire music CD and digital music collection. Forget "manual tapping" and let our software ... (6/0) download
Color Detector 1.01 -  Color Detector allows you to find ... (69/0) download
TurboVB Mini Apps 2.1 -  TurboVB Mini Apps is a set of ... (31/0) download