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DotNetLocalizer 1.0 -  Currently uses Google translation APIs so you will need a Google API key.Currently it will ... (3/0) download

GSpread.NET 1.0 -  for developers working with Google Spreadsheets by using the well-known API from Microsoft Excel. We're exposing the API into COM, so you ... have used MS Excel API before, including scripts and ... programs with the new Google API usage. Just instantiate our ... (96/2) download
Advanced Website Position Reporter 1.0 -  report website position on Google. Advanced Website Position Reporter (AWPR) is real safe Google search engine ranking report ... send automated queries to Google using Search Service. AWPR send automated queries using Google API Service. User can send ... not be blocked by Google for website position report ... (26/1) download
SEO Studio 3.5.7 Build 826 -  Boost Your Google, Bing and Yahoo Ranking ... and International search engines. Google API support for safe ranking ... the major search engines: Google, MSN, Yahoo, and many ... (1/0) download
DualClip Translator 2.2 Beta 1.0 -  or clipboard contents, with Google Translator. Automatic translation can ... A TE update library google-api-translate-java-0.97 ... library microsoft-translator-java-api-0.61.jar [ ... (1/0) download
Adolix Keyword Tracking Tool 1.5 -  Monitor keyword evolution in Google, Yahoo and MSN. Check ... created and your own google API key. It's 100% free ... (19/0) download
SEO Manager 1.11.1 -  REAL keyword rankings (no Google API) - All Google Domains and languages supported ... (4/0) download
Weather Forecast -  Forecast add-in uses Google API for city search. Google API provides a limited amount ... can provide your own Google API key, so that you ... click +) and provide Google API key in the corresponding ... (178/6) download

Distance Table Computer 1.1 -  installation - just get a Google Maps API key, input the key ... (4/0) download
EaseSearch 1.0 -  free search engine using google web api, it is ... free search engine using google web api, it is ... (21/0) download
Lite Weather 0.97.15 -  its data from the Google Weather API. FEATURES: The feed ... (6/0) download
SensePost SPUD 1.0Google stopped issuing API keys for their API in 2006. This rendered ... away. SensePost Unified Data API (SPUD) will help get ... (0/0) download
wxSU BETA 0.3 -  open source plugin for Google SketchUp that extends the SketchUp API with the capabilities of ... SketchUp plugins. The SketchUp API provides GUI dialog support ... (1/0) download
GPXFlash 1.3 -  GPS-Tracks on a Google Map using the Google Maps Flash-API and draws Height-Profiles ... (4/0) download
Location Map module 1.5.1 -  web site creation with Google map. Features: The Location ... The module uses the Google Maps API (for which you can ... has the following parameters: - Google Maps key - Map Center ... (16/0) download
Find a Pizza 1.1 -  and interacts with the Google Maps API to find the nearest ... (1/0) download
JSON Designer 3.2 -  any diagrams in the API documentations of Google, Facebook, Twitter and the ... right into defining your API, without reading a single ... Browse hand-picked popular API examples Tutorial Open-in ... (3/0) download
QTranslator Lite 1.2 -  sudden change in Google's API that causes QTranslator to ... Yiddish As soon as Google adds a new language ... perform live translation via Google Translate. QTranslator provides a ... (1/0) download
nijaVoiceToText 1.0 -  to text converter using Google Cloud Speech API. It takes WAV,RAW ... 04 per minute Highlights Google Cloud Speech api use 110 languages supported ... (160/7) download
ASP Did You Mean 2.00 -  corrections feature seen on Google , Yahoo and EBay. ASP ... Mean has a streamlined API allowing implementation in under ... (132/0) download
Hook API SDK 1.23 -  Hook API SDK is a Software ... develop Windows system wide API Hooking Applications. It helps ... (55/0) download
Blade API Monitor -  Blade API Monitor is a useful ... can trace and log API and ActiveX interface with ... any DLLs, including Windows API and any other 3rd ... (126/0) download
Eroiica API 4.6 -  EDM/PDM/PLM/ERP/CRM/Workflow via its rich API, Eroiica facilitates fast and ... applications using the Eroiica API;(b)Image-enable any ... using Eroiica's powerful API interface;(c)Vectorize raster ... (0/0) download
WebNMS SNMP API .NET 4 -  WebNMS SNMP API .NET Edition is a ... SNMP SET. WebNMS SNMP API can be used to ... the best optionWebNMS SNMP API consists of a hierarchy ... (2/0) download
WebNMS SNMP API - Free Edition 4.0.6 -  WebNMS SNMP API offers a comprehensive development ... the Java-based SNMP API can receive SNMP traps ... SNMP management. WebNMS SNMP API completely supports SNMPv3, as ... (2/0) download