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LiveRSS 1.0 -  This Google Desktop gadget downloads RSS feeds ... (133/0) download

Audio Files GDS Indexer 1.1 -  GDS Indexer is a Google Desktop Search plugin which allow ... (114/0) download
Belkasoft ICQ plugin for GDS Pro 2.01 -  your ICQ history with Google Desktop Search thus enabling you ... same familiar and convenient Google search interface. You can ... ... (7/0) download
DNKA 0.49 -  as a layer between Google Desktop Search (GDS) and user ... to access the search (Google Desktop Search) from another desktop; - Allow/Deny access from external ... (23/0) download
Lyric Ferret Gadget 1.2 -  gadget is made for Google Desktop users. It allows you ... access lyrics from your desktop. Itapos;s dead easy ... (2/0) download
Free Book Search Gadget 1.1 -  gadget is made for Google Desktop users. It allows you ... access ebooks from your desktop. It's very easy to ... (2/0) download
Clear All History 4.0 -  Yahoo search history, clear Google search history, clear MSN ... Publisher), clear history of Google Desktop, clear Toolbar search history ... (443/0) download
Larry's Gmail Indexer 1.0 -  that works great with Google Desktop. Google Desktop allows you to search ... an application similar to Google Desktop, but, still, many users prefer Google to Microsoft. Anyhow, Larry' ... a plug-in for Google Desktop. Its purpose is simple ... (4/0) download

TweakGDS 1.1 -  advanced, undocumented settings for Google Desktop Search, without having to ... (2/0) download
DrawPad 0.8 -  to use from within Google Desktop. It offers you a ... the top of your Google Desktop Gadget sidebar, where you ... something. I never used Google Desktop, but after looking around ... (3/0) download
gdTunes 1.2 -  plug-in for the Google Desktop Sidebar. By using it ... will need to have Google Desktop Sidebar and at least ... (8/0) download
Mp3tag Audio Indexer 1.0 -  a freeware plugin for Google Desktop Search which indexes metadata ... (2/0) download
Sidebar Radio 2.4 -  streaming radio from the Google Desktop Sidebar. Features: # *New* ... (3/0) download
Datashake desktop 1.0 -  Datashake is a desktop search interface solution that plugs into any existing desktop search software (e.g. X1-Yahoo, Google Desktop, MSN desktop tool-bar) and transforms ... will significantly change your desktop search experience as a ... patterns). C) Unlike other desktop search applications, even when ... (21/0) download
Gplex Crawler 2.0 -  so you can have Google-like searching for your ... and DB2. Similar to Google Desktop Search. The Gplex Database ... so you can have Google-like searching for your ... (11/0) download
gdShutdown 1.0Google Desktop Gadgets by Yannick Stucki ... (4/0) download
GD Winamp Control 1.0 -  functions right from the Google Desktop Sidebar. This plugin contains ... automatically added in your Google Desktop Sidebar. It is compatible ... the latest version of Google Desktop Sidebar working with Microsoft ... (8/0) download
Rapid Website Indexer 1.0 -  that uses a simple google hack to get any ... Website Indexer is a desktop application that generates over ... pings each one forcing Google to crawl them and index the ... (4/0) download
Elicit 1.1.7 -  Elicit, a desktop blog client that integrates services from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Bloglines, Amazon ... and Chitika in one desktop application for the purpose ... for blogs. Elicit, a desktop blog client that integrates ... (7/0) download
Copernic Desktop Search Professional -  Web results for your desktop queries - Search the Web ... (20/0) download
Copernic Desktop Search -  invest in a Windows Desktop Search tool? According to ... tool, such as Copernic Desktop Search, for the price ... the world's #1 Windows desktop search tool for PCs ... (158/0) download
Copernic Desktop Search Home -  Copernic Desktop Search Home allows individuals ... Web results for your desktop queries - Search the Web ... (19/0) download
Viapoint Smart Organizer 1.3 -  and reduce time consuming desktop searches. Viapoint's intuitive interface ... Excel, RSS, ACT!, and Google Desktop Search. The free version includes the following adapters: Google Desktop Search, Windows file types ... (20/0) download
SpotAuditor 5.0.3 -  40 programs passwords including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox ... Outloook, passwords for AOL, Google, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo and ... Live Messenger, Windows Messenger, Google Talk, Google Desktop, ICQ, Trillian, Miranda IM ... (36/0) download
GMarks -  manage your bookmarks with Google Bookmarks. GMarks includes a ... with Home+Home similar to Google Desktop's Ctrl+Ctrl search, and ... bookmarks directly to the Google Bookmarks site. There are ... (2/0) download