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Governor of Poker HD 1.7 -  Youda Governor of Poker goes back to the ... heard about Texas holdem poker by now? Who Hasnt? Youda Governor of Poker is a totally different kind of poker game. Play either as ... highly interactive and addicting poker game. Your only Goal ... (7/0) download

Solitaire Piknic 4.5.0 -  blends the rules of poker with solitaire. The object ... game is to identify poker hands within a deck ... build more (and better) poker hands within the set ... (87/0) download
Poker Dash 1.0 -  dash for the best poker hand! Do you like ... a quick game of poker without the need to ... weight action game? Then Poker Dash is the game for you. Poker Dash is an action ... (5/0) download
How To Play Poker 1.1 -  needed to dominate the poker tables. Here are all the different types of poker games this app will ... Stud Hi-Lo - Horse Poker - Razz (7 Card Stud ... Etiquette - Game Types - Live Poker vs Online Poker Strategies - Glossary - Advanced Strategy - Poker Psychology - And Much More ... (1/0) download
Poker Plunge Free 1.1.1POKER PLUNGE is a unique game of poker solitaire driven by gravity ... a standard 5-card Poker Hand. If you score ... (1/0) download
Poker Blinds Timekeeper 1.7Poker Blinds Timerkeeper is a Poker game timer. Although at ... for most types of Poker game. Features include -Set ... Changes: New Features! Antes - Poker Blinds Timer now supports ... (4/0) download
Poker AnyTIME! 1.2 -  Play tournament poker with your friends. The best turn based poker app in the App ... Words with Friends of poker apps." - mwcanton "Great ... Perfect for feeding my poker addiction, got at least ... (2/0) download
Poker Tips + 1.3Poker Tips 1) How To Play Poker 2) Poker Glossary Of Terms 3) Basic Poker Rules 4) Poker Hands 5) Winning Poker Hands 6) Basic Poker Strategy 7) Video Poker Strategy 8) Video Poker Tips 9) Poker Tips 10) Internet Poker Strategy 11) History Of Poker 12) Poker Odds 13) Texas Hold 'Em Poker Rules 14) Three Card Poker Rules 15) Omaha Poker Rules ... (2/0) download

British Poker : 6 Game Bonus Video Poker! 1.0 -  and throw down some poker fun! British Poker is an exciting new poker game that brings all the thrills of poker and more to the ... payouts! If you thought poker was fun before, this British Poker game has taken poker-style gaming to betting ... Don't worry about your poker-face, you can play ... (1/1) download
Poker Dash Lite 1.0 -  dash for the best poker hand! Do you like ... a quick game of poker without the need to ... weight action game? Then Poker Dash is the game for you. Poker Dash is an action ... (0/0) download
Slash Poker 1.2 -  of five rounds of poker. From the second round ... (2/0) download
Mahtrix Poker 1.0 -  Mahtrix Poker give the player a new way to play poker. The unit in different ... 1 to 4) of poker cards The unit is ... a full horizontal line poker cards. Different levels have ... (2/0) download
Speed Poker - Solitaire Card Game 1.0 -  complete a lot of poker role of high scores ... (0/0) download
Video Poker World Adventures 1.1 -  Welcome to the Video Poker World Adventure. Deal the ... of poker! *** Video Poker World Adventures is one ... the most realistic video poker simulator available to challenge ... (1/0) download
101 Concepts Poker & Game Theory 1.7.4 -  Welcome to 101 Poker & Game Theory Concepts! 101 Poker & Game Theory Concepts ... the vast field of poker and game theory for ... main purpose of 101 Poker & Game Theory Concepts ... (3/0) download
P.I.N.K. Video Poker - Six Vegas Style 5 Card Poker Games in One 1.0 -  Pink 5 Card Video Poker Do enjoy a good ... 6 great 5 card poker games in 1 Play our 5 card poker games just like in ... (10/0) download
Poker Einstein 2.2 -  most exciting 13-card poker (a.k.a. Pusoy or Chinese Poker) game on iPad, iPhone ... this popular variant of poker against your Facebook friends ... nerd stuff behind your poker hands. SPECIAL FEATURES - Play ... (3/0) download
Tri Card Poker - Elite 3.0.1 -  on the game of poker. Tri Card Poker Elite is the new ... (0/0) download
Gravity Poker 1.2.2 -  GRAVITY POKER is a unique game of poker solitaire. You drop cards ... is scored as a poker hand. The objective is ... to share data with Poker Square Collection composite app ... (1/0) download
Poker Arena 1.7.1 -  Play Poker Arena for FREE with a house of poker players across the globe ... and whenever you want! Poker Arena stands out because ... that lets you play poker with all of your ... (2/0) download
9nagatangkas 2.7 -  enjoy the experience of poker, blackjack and other casino ... (1/0) download 3.6 -  The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the most trusted name in poker having been around since ... for those interested in poker and online poker. Land-based poker tournaments: The World Series of Poker held annually each summer ... 000; World Series of Poker Europe, held each Fall ... (1/0) download
WelcomePK 3.1 -  most popular forms of poker. Check out the complete rules of poker to get all the ... the easiest form of poker. The rules are simple ... ... (3/0) download
Big Slick 1.0Poker Room offers players a fantastic range of poker tournaments and poker games, including Texas Holdem ... (2/0) download
RaginBet 3.4 -  most popular forms of poker. You can play Texas ... Stud. The basics of poker are simple. The object ... (7/0) download