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AMC Graphic Workshop Pro 4.0a.32 .32 -  Graphic Workshop Pro is the image ... other storage devices for graphics. Apply interactive image filters to your graphics, including soften, sharpen and ... Add text captions to graphics. Identify mystery graphic files ... (21/0) download

Graphic Workshop Professional 4.0a.27 .27 -  Graphic Workshop Professional is the image ... Windows 8. [ Graphic Workshop Professional full changelog ] (2/0) download
AMC Animation Workshop 4.0a.16 .16 -  Animation Workshop handles the elements of ... files are structured. Animation Workshop will assemble your animations ... text objects, rather than graphics - the text content of ... (19/0) download
AMC Animated Tiles 1 Plugin 2.0a.03 .03 -  pages can be animated graphics - we too were shocked ... headlines and other conventional graphics. Complete instructions for their ... (14/0) download
AMC Transitions 3 Plugin 2.0a.19 .19 -  Make your graphics into animated transitions - add ... (16/0) download
AMC Transitions 2 Plugin 2.0a.17 .17 -  Turn your still image graphics into start-of-the ... (18/0) download
AMC 3D Effects 1 Plugin 2.0a.19 .19 -  build 3D animations and graphics. No longer the exclusive ... digital graphic artists, these graphics will make your web ... (17/0) download
AMC Pagan Daybook 4.0a.7 .7 -  the year - full color graphics, an integrated screen saver ... (21/0) download

AMC Calendar Wizard 4.0a.2 .2 -  import your choice of graphics from many popular Windows ... (12/0) download
AMC PNG-MNG Construction Set 4.0a.16 .16 -  add transparency to PNG graphics and a lot more ... rotating two-dimensional animated graphics. Protect your graphics with Protection Matrix. Drag ... (17/0) download
AMC GIF Construction Set Pro 4.0a.22 .22 -  rotating two-dimensional animated graphics. Protect your graphics with Protection Matrix. Manage ... (22/0) download
AMC e-Paint 4.0a.10 .10 -  creating original artwork; building graphics for business presentations or ... (16/0) download
AMC Raw Plugin 4.0a.7 .7 -  installs in AMC Graphic Workshop Pro 3, the image ... available with the Graphic Workshop Professional RAW plugin compared ... ... (21/0) download
AMC Screen Saver Construction Set 2.0a.46 .46 -  Easily import your graphics in the most popular ... (17/0) download
AMC GIF Construction Set Tutorial 4.0a.01 .01 -  includes all the example graphics you'll require to complete ... (11/0) download
AMC Buttons 2 Plugin 2.0a.05 .05 -  infinitely configurable to create graphics that stand out like ... universe with superb button graphics by tea time, even ... (14/0) download
AMC Elements 1 Plugin 2.0a.15 .15 -  the surface of your graphics; LAKE - reflect your images ... (18/0) download
AMC Spies: A Cold War Daybook 2.0t 1.0 -  AMC Spies: A Cold War Daybook is a calendar, daybook and screen saver of stories from the dark history of 20th century espionage. Display a different story for each day of the year. Use its calendar feature to browse the stories - although doing so may spoil its surprises. You can configure AMC Spies: A Cold War Daybook to run on command or add it ... (19/0) download
AMC The Ultimate Screen Clock 4.0a.14 .14 -  The Ultimate Screen Clock will manage time on your system as few applications have managed it before or since. It will integrate an attractive graphic clock with your Windows desktop. You can configure the appearance of your clock, selecting from a library of digital and analog clock styles, or you can design your own. One of the most powerful features ... (24/0) download
Ultimate Screen Clock 2.0a42 42 -  The Ultimate Screen Clock will manage time on your system as few applications have managed it before or since. While this software has been certified as being incapable of actually violating any physical laws OCo or at the very worst, just fracturing a few of the complex ones only physicists understand OCo it will do things with time that would have ... (12/0) download
AMC Presentation Wizard 4.0a.4 .4 -  AMC Presentation Wizard builds self-displaying, interactive slide shows, catalogues, brochures, clickable advertisements, distributable portfolios and other multimedia Windows applications. Accomplish almost anything with a few mouse clicks. Your presentations will become Windows EXE files - executables that will display on any Windows system without ... (13/0) download
AMC Greeting Card Construction Set 2.0a.24 .24 -  AMC Electronic Greeting Card Construction Set helps you design and create greeting cards for your friends, relatives, co-workers, inlaws, outlaws... your list of potential recipients may vary. The cards it creates are similar to traditional cards with a cover, an inside spread and a back. Add your choice of pictures, sounds, animations, graphic elements ... (20/0) download
AMC Font Wrangler 2.0v 2.0v -  AMC Font Wrangler is the TrueType font manager that makes it easy to batch install, remove, rename, and copy fonts. You can quickly browse and weed installed and downloaded fonts, print a contact sheet, and resolve typeface name conflicts. If you install fonts in Windows, you will find that keeping track of them becomes taxing at best. Remembering ... (18/0) download
AMC Text Effects 4 Plugin 2.0a.07 .07 -  Create special-effects text that is difficult to ignore. These are the perfect graphic elements for your web page, PowerPoint presentation, screen saver, Presentation Wizard document or hard copy. The Text Effects #3 plugin offers 21 high-quality text effects that will work with any alphabetic TrueType font in your system. Sophisticated antialiasing ... (16/0) download
AMC Electronic Signs 2 Plugin 2.0a.06 .06 -  Enhance your web pages, PowerPoint Presentations, e-mail messages and other documents with sophisticated electronic sign animations. The Electronic Signs #2 plugin features twelve impossible-to-ignore sign styles, each supporting two or more sizes and over a dozen text effects. A rich palette of sign effects and text styles will let you build signs ... (17/0) download