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100 Chords Method 1.0 -  the 100 most important guitar chords positions. You will also ... (122/0) download

Guitar chords basics 8 -  Basic Guitar chords and signatures ear training. Basic Guitar chords and signatures. Find and save list of chords. Basic guitar chords A sheet of the most used rock chords. Suitable for beginners. Empty ... An empty sheet of chords templates to print out and use. Basic guitar chords Em, C, G, D ... lesson on the basic guitar chords Em, C, G, D ... (57/0) download
Guitar chords machine 1Guitar chords machine. There are 2 ... as you learn new chords. Play the notes of ... Chord finder, including split chords and chord variations. Guitar chords machine. There are 2 ... (47/0) download
Guitar Chords Made Easy v1.2 -  view over 1,800 guitar chords. Simply click on beginner (3 chords per key with 2 ... chord) or advanced (25 chords per key with up ... The program displays the chords on a 15-fret diagram of a guitar fret board (as opposed ... (65/0) download
Hendrix The Guitar Chords Generator v2.00 -  Hendrix The Guitar Chords Generator is an entertaining ... help you generate interesting chords. The program has an ... graphical interface depicting a guitar neck. Your mouse cursor ... (58/0) download
Guitar Chords Program v1.2Guitar Chords Program displays over 3,000 guitar chords. You select a chord ... your fingers on the guitar neck to play that ... (167/0) download
ChordPractice for Beginners 1 -  of the most useful Guitar chords that beginners need to ... (7/0) download
Open Guitar -  Open Guitar was developed to be ... beautiful sound of arpeggiated guitar chords in the first position ... open" strings sound). Open Guitar can just do strums ... (3/0) download

D'Accord Guitar Chord Di 1.0Guitar Chord Dictionary - Learn how to play guitar chords! D'Accord Guitar Chord Dictionary, useful to ... skilled guitarists. With D'Accord Guitar Chord Dictionary, you can browse, play, and print guitar chord positions as well as importing chords from lyrics. You can ... chord [diagrams/positions]. Download D'Accord Guitar Chord Dictionary now for ... (91/1) download
Guitar online maps 12.23Guitar chords maps. The game won't ... your kids to play guitar, but it'll get them ... them to concentrate chord guitar, guitar scales, guitar picking. Guitar chords maps. The game won't ... (27/0) download
Super Guitar Chord Finder v5.0 -  Super Guitar Chord Finder helps you ... for, analyze, and play guitar chords. The Chord Analyzer shows ... also shows you which chords can be played in ... (92/0) download
Alternate Chord 1.1 -  is designed to exercise guitar chords and scales. The program ... with a set of chords and scales, but you ... them with your own chords and scales. The usage ... (5/0) download
120GuitarChords -  Play the Guitar chords right away - no experience ... app contains all necessary chords to be able to ... You can: - see the chords standard string representation, in ... (0/0) download
GuitarChordsLite 1.3 -  Play the Guitar chords right away - no experience ... The app contains major guitar chords. You can: - see the chords in notes representation, as ... save and load the chords sequences, - drag and drop pictures with chords to your documents, - listen to the chords you picked with original instrument sound, - transpose the chords to level which ... (0/0) download
CDizz Player 0.9864 -  Lyrics, Karaoke, Slideshows, News, Guitar Chords, Pops and more. Users ... voting on other plugins. Guitar players can use CDizz ... learn how to play chords. By entering a song's chords information they can view ... (44/0) download
OpenChords 1.1.5 -  OpenChords is a guitar chord manager. It allows ... to present songs with guitar chords to a computer screen ... pages and pages of guitar chords is a thing of ... (0/0) download
Guitar Tuner Drop D 1Guitar Tuner Drop D is ... use forever. Tune your guitar by ear and strum ... and allow for new guitar chords to be created. Try ... (1/0) download
Spicy Guitar 1.2 -  Spicy Guitar is a free physically modeled acoustic guitar synthesizer. Relying on an ... natural and lively. Piano chords are automatically detected and converted into guitar chords on the fretboard. Most of the chords can also be played ... (1/0) download
Chord keyboard major online 9 -  and save list of chords. Basic guitar chords A sheet of the most used rock chords. Suitable for beginners. Empty ... An empty sheet of chords templates to print out ... and save list of chords. Basic guitar chords A sheet of the most used rock chords. Suitable for beginners. Empty ... (50/0) download
Guitar Chords and Scales 1 -  The Chords & Scales is a ... gain knowledge about the guitar fretboard. Become a Master of Scales, Modes, Chords and Arpeggios with this fully interactive Chords & Scales software! Using ... open your eyes to guitar fretboard and ears to ... (182/0) download
Guitar Chords Library 5.7 -  Find chords (more then 3000), select ... and mode play of guitar for playing chords (more then 72000 MIDI ... songs, songbook. When a song is playing you see ... (37/0) download
Guitar Tuner Standard 1Guitar Tuner Standard is now ... for free. This classic guitar tuning is a starting ... for playing scales and chords The standard tuning works ... (0/0) download
Guitar Scales Method 1.1 -  you want to master guitar scales, modes, and improvisation... on all chords, in all keys, all ... without hesitation... then the GUITAR SCALES METHOD multimedia course ... become a master of guitar scales and improvisation. (157/0) download
Guitar chord Game 2.00Guitar open chord game, remember ... Can you name the chords form the chord maps ... which you recognise the chords you need to know ... (0/0) download
Guitar Learning Software 2.0Guitar learning with tab editor ... Learning games for tuning, chords, tab, the stave, rhythms ... (3/0) download