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Active Phonebook 1.2 -  Addresses, Reminder, Printing, Tasks, Dialer, Photo, Notes, E-mail, Speed Dial, etc... A carefully designed ... (28/0) download

Express Dial Telephone Dialer 2.02 -  Express Dial is a phone dialer for Windows computers with ... numbers (as a predictive dialer) or to call single ... One application 0f Express Dial is for call centres and telephone surveys. Express Dial can be loaded with ... (46/0) download
a-squared Anti-Dialer -  No chance for the Dialer rip off! Protect your ... with a-squared Anti-Dialer from manipulated dial up connections, which can ... quickly. a-squared Anti-Dialer provides a complete defense ... (310/0) download
MarshallSoft DUN Dialer for C/C++ v1.0.1 -  MarshallSoft DUN Dialer for C/C++ is a ... Windows application program to dial up a local ISP ... Network) connection. MarshallSoft DUN Dialer supports and has been ... (52/0) download
MarshallSoft DUN Dialer for Visual Basic v1.0 -  MarshallSoft DUN Dialer for Visual Basic is ... Win32 application program to dial up a local ISP ... Network) connection. MarshallSoft DUN Dialer for Visual Basic is ... (61/0) download
Dialer 2000 v1.5.725Dialer 2000 is an integrated suite of dial-up modem tools, including ... connection from being dropped, Dialer 2000 includes an anti ... dropped for any reason, Dialer 2000 automatically reconnects.You can manage all your dial-up connections, and even ... (72/0) download
Express Dial Professional Phone Dialer 2.01 -  Express Dial Professional phone dialer is an automatic dialer for Windows computers with ... numbers (as a predictive dialer) or to call single ... and headset. Load Express Dial with a list of ... (2322/0) download
Dial2dayplus 5.9.9Dial 2 day plus us ... Version PC2PHONE AND MOBILE DIALER and make calls from ... (23/0) download

Secure Dialer 1.1 -  Secure Dialer will ALERTs user in ... software tries to secretly dial another number. - It enables ... number.If you use dial-up modem to connect ... (3/0) download
Excel Dialer Pro 7.9 -  the features of Phone Dialer Pro plus: - dials directly ... click - or it can dial automatically all phone numbers ... generator - it will not dial phone numbers included in ... (10/0) download
Dial Engine Pro 4.2Dial Engine Pro is a phone dialer without graphical user interface ... speakerphone; - it can also dial a phone number without ... (3/0) download
Gulf Plus 1.0.5Gulf Plus is a mobile dialer or application which makes ... the 3G/Edge/wifi Internet connectivity. Gulf Plus is developed based ... Providers business needs. Features :- Gulf Plus uses SIP protocol based for signaling. Gulf Plus Supports all codecs. Gulf Plus run Behind NAT ... (2/0) download
FreeConferenceCallHD Dialer 2030 -  The FreeConferenceCallHD Dialer provides a quick and ... way for you to dial into conference calls without having to remember the dial-in credentials. Save all of your conference call dial-in numbers and access ... app. With the FreeConferenceCallHD Dialer you can store and ... (1/0) download
World Access Auto-Dialer by 3.5 -  in 50+ countries to dial their friends and family ... NOTE: World Access Auto-Dialer for iPhone requires any ... and we will automatically dial for you! Instantly connect ... (0/0) download
Touch Dialer 1.1 -  Touch Dialer V1.0 When using ... of buttons, you could dial any number with your ... easily. Now you can dial any number on the ... (1/0) download
Gesture Dialer 1.0.3 -  Gesture Dialer - giving a new dimension to Speed Dial Gesture Dialer lets you makes calls ... without actually having to dial the number. Its even ... ready to go Speed Dial. It gives you fun ... (0/0) download
TS Speed Dial 1.1.2 -  **The best dialer app ever developed, by ... Dial" is a specified dialer for iPhone users. Now ... You can decorate your dialer with the various skins ... (3/0) download
Copy & Paste Dialer - Fast Calling 1.0 -  there was no quick dial link? Now you have ... With Copy & Paste Dialer, you will never have ... launch Copy & Paste Dialer. Quick and easy!! Get Copy & Paste Dialer today and make life ... (3/0) download
Gesture Dialer 2 1.0 -  limited time *** Gesture Dialer Two provides up to 64 contacts to speed dial Same gestures with different ... of these groups Gesture dialer lets you make calls ... without actually having to dial the number. Shake, Tap ... (3/0) download
Word Dialer 1.0 -  With Word Dialer you type in the ... 800-FLOWERS) and Word Dial converts the words into ... appropriate phone number. Then dial right from the app ... (1/0) download
SP Dialer 1.40 -  1 solution - advanced Internet dialer, time synchronizer and proxy ... (1388/0) download
InJoy Dialer 3 -  When the dial-up networking capability of ... the multi-platform InJoy Dialer. InJoy Dialer adds unprecedented flexibility, intelligent ... modem- and ISDN-based dial-up networking. In addition ... (17/0) download
MyPhone Book Dialer 6.1.0 -  MyPhone Book Dialer is a full-featured ... organized database. MyPhone Book Dialer makes it easy for ... a modem, it can dial phone numbers specified in ... (64/0) download
Flexiblesoft Dialer XP PRO 4.12 -  When developing Flexiblesoft Dialer XP PRO, the company ... fluctuating connection speeds. Flexiblesoft Dialer XP PRO tackles these ... phone numbers into Flexiblesoft Dialer XP PRO to make ... (373/0) download
Voicent Predictive Dialer 5.1.0 -  Voicent Agent Dialer is a predictive dialer and semi automatic dialer combined for telemarketing campaigns ... the system can rapidly dial a phone number by ... support in predictive dialing - Dial a phone number at ... (268/0) download