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Hero Fighter 0.6Hero Fighter is a web-based fighting game written in Flash.The ... in the past - in Hero Fighter you can also zoom ... (32/0) download

Campus Fighter 1.1Fighter Game Campus is a boxing game, to show who is the strongest hero campus. There are 8 ... experience we get Campus Fighter.There are eight opponents ... (6/0) download
Capital Caveman 1.0 -  a first person boxing-fighter game with lots of pain ... (4/0) download
Primal Rage 1.0 -  Rage is a Street Fighter game but with monsters. You ... (21/0) download
Beetle Ju v1.0 -  An aracde game like earth-digging, stone ... Beetle Ju is aracde game like earth-digging, stone ... be a hero! The game features cartoon-like graphics, several dozens of in-game objects, such as bonuses ... (243/0) download
Street Fighter 2 -  Street Fighter is an action game for free. which offers ... full version of the game and choose from all ... levels. The best fighting game of all time ... rediscover ... (48/1) download
Rumble Fighter 2.3 -  Rumble Fighter is a free to play casual action game focused on fighting. Rumble Fighter allows a maximum of ... (5/0) download
Puzzle Hero 1.8.1 -  puzzle-RPG (role playing game). Puzzle Hero lets you defeat more ... charge through picturesque environments. Hero in you must save ... (10/0) download

Little Hero 2.0 -  Little Hero is THE arcade game right now. The creators ... of this free action game. There are three commands ... the simplicity of the game made it even more ... (5/0) download
FunnyGames - Pocket Fighter Nova 1.0 -  Choose your hero and defend yourself. Try ... defeat your enemy. Pocket Fighter Nova is a free game developed by Tibaco International ... (0/0) download
Mahjong Hero 1.1 -  Mahjong Hero is the mahjong software of traditional quiz game, which has Chinese classic culture. In the game, you will play with ... you have experienced Mahjong Hero, you will soon be ... is and although the game itself is complex, you ... (3/0) download
Crime Fighter v1.5 -  Crime Fighter is a strategy/adventure game for up to four ... your heels.In the game you drive around town ... several different things.Crime Fighter can be played in ... (163/0) download
Virtua Fighter PC -  Virtua Fighter PC is a 3-D arcade fighting game. Choose from a variety ... (910/0) download
MESH: Hero's Hearts v1.1c -  Hero's Hearts is a game of logic in which you move the Hero through a playfield filled ... wrong step and the Hero could be drowned, crushed ... time you move the Hero, many of the objects ... (43/0) download
Retro Game Pack 1.00.79 -  The Retro Game Pack is a collection ... version of the Retro Game Pack are Ant Attack, Find the Flag, Fire Fighter, Letter Drop, Letter Drop ... (0/0) download
jalada Air Strike Afghanistan Windows 1.7.6 -  flight simulator and combat game. It puts you directly ... the trigger, in the fighter pilot's seat ... ever on Earth.The game offers you an unprecedented ... (22/0) download
jalada Air Strike Afghanistan Mac 1.7.5 -  flight simulator and combat game. It puts you directly ... the trigger, in the fighter pilot's seat. Your ... ever on Earth. The game offers you an unprecedented ... (10/0) download
Cosmic Proof 2.0 -  Become a hero - download the new "Cosmic ... for your craft. Downloadable game "Cosmic Proof" is an ... (2/0) download
Little Fighter 2 2.0 -  Little Fighter 2 is the sequel to Little Fighter 1, a popular fighting game where the goal is ... a survival Stage, a game recording feature and background ... don't know the game, it resembles Street Fighter; the characters are controlled ... (235/0) download
Diner Dash - Hometown Hero 32.0 -  Diner Dash: Hometown Hero Help Flo restore shabby ... latest installment of the game series! Game Description Restore shabby hometown ... (4/0) download
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online 1.1 -  SD Gundam Capsule Fighter is a third-person shooter game that offers an array of in-game systems, missions, battle modes ... of SD Gundam Capsule Fighter.With hundreds of obtainable ... (3/0) download
Naval Hero 1.1 -  Naval Hero -Have a blast with ... classic-style "handheld" game for the PC.Modify ... tweaks, or change the game into something entirely new ... (2/0) download
Last Action Hero 1.0 -  Last Action Hero for the NES, Super NES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Game Boy and Sega Game Gear is one of a handful of video game adaptations of the Arnold ... many such adaptations, the game closely follows the plot ... of the movie. The game, like the movie, was ... (5/1) download
Hero's Tale Enhanced Edition 2.0 -  Edition is a jRPG game which captures the basic ... of challenge in the game. The story revolves around ... (16/0) download
QuadQuest 2.31.21 -  turn-based strategy adventure game in which you play ... quest has its own hero, but you choose the ... that will accompany the hero. Battle more than 100 ... (45/0) download