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MB Eye Color Inheritance 1.10 -  MB Eye Color Inheritance is an eye color determination tool for your ... genetic inheritance of the eye color from a parent to a child. Eye color inheritance has been an ... born with a different eye color, which slowly darkens as ... (4/0) download

ArtEyes 1.0 -  for removing the red-eye effect from digital photos and the eye color correction. With ARTEyes you ... example, change the person?s eye color so that it will ... his or her clothes color. Intuitive interface and good ... (60/1) download
Makeup Guide 1.0.4 -  not pleased with the eye color? Don't worry ... ... (1/0) download
Makeup Guide Lite 1.2.2001 -  not pleased with the eye color? Don't worry. Now ... ... (1/0) download
S10 RedEyes 2.1 -  A sophisticated red eye removal program and general ... photo editor. Includes circular/elliptical eye selection tool, smooth redness removal, adjustable eye brightness, pupil brightness and eye color. Replacement eye option for severe cases ... is a sophisticated red-eye removal program that also ... (14/0) download
Juvenile Data 2.0 -  data including height, weight, eye color, gang affilation, school, etc ... (16/0) download
Pet Eye Fix Guide 1.2.2001 -  Corrects any color (red, blue, green, yellow ... used for human red eye also. Allows you to ... flash; Gleam - add gleam; Eye Color - changes iris color; Pupil - restore pupil in ... (0/0) download
MB Motivation And Self Help 1.20Hypnosis helps your mind free itself of all tensions. Color Therapy helps you relax ... and fight phobias. MB Color Therapy Software is an ... tensions, stresses and strains. Color Therapy can trap people ... (6/0) download

Digital Coverup for Mac OS 1.0 -  You first select the color of the blemish, then ... The coverup keys on color, so the color of the blemish must ... used for changing the color of and/or smoothing anything ... (2/0) download
STOIK Imagic 3.5 -  tools including Auto Red Eye, color and exposure compensation, powerful ... (28/0) download
Amazifier -  you look, remove red-eye or whiten teeth. The ... such as applying lip color, blush, hair color and eye color.Put the perfect finishing ... (15/1) download
Nautilus VeriAge Wizz 2.9.3 -  available - Adjustable Valid Age - Color message and sound alerts ... Sex, Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color.All that you need ... (4/0) download
Martial Empires 1.0 -  the hair and the eye color, the color of its clothes and ... (4/0) download
ComiPO 20130731a 1.0 -  such as hairstyle, clothing, eye color, accessories and glasses. Just ... (4/0) download
RGBmachine 4.1 -  rotate, resize, crop, correct color and remove red-eye problems in the fastest ... one of the best color-editing tools, it is ... RGBmachine uses a unique color correction engine to reconstruct the most appropriate color curves. The user just ... (28/0) download
Free Red-eye Reduction Tool 1.0 -  Free photo red-eye reduction tool. Remove or fix red-eye effect very easily. The red-eye effect in photography is ... of red pupils in color photographs of eyes. Free Red-eye Reduction Tool is a ... tool. With this Red-eye Reduction Tool you can ... (2/0) download
QS DMX Color Programming Tool 1.0 -  The DMX Color Programming Tool allows users to specify the color for each intensity of a Grafik Eye QS zone. Users can ... (5/0) download
CSS Scrollbar Color Designer 3 -  with spectacular CSS scrollbar color themes. The Renegade CSS Scrollbar Color Designer is point and click easy with color pickers, color mixing sliders, and color eye-droppers that can pick any color from anywhere on your ... let you preview your color schemes as you change ... you keep your various color schemes available to change ... (91/0) download
Absolute Color Picker 3.0 -  Absolute Color Picker is a free ... by means of various color models and convert them ... Being a great compact color designer it features a free color picker, color scheme generator, color history builder, color scheme management system, screen color grabber and much more. Absolute Color Picker is fully compatible ... (48/1) download
PixTwix 4.08 -  wands, RGB mixing, red eye removal, convolution, low and ... clipboard support, masking, skewing, color replacement, blending, colorizing, tinting ... (30/0) download
Phantastic Screen Saver v3.0 -  Fractal Painter, Falling Rain, Color Blend, Bouncing Balls, Bull's Eye, and Funky Clock. (24/0) download
Photo Enhancer 1.25 -  digital noise, corrects poor color, white balance and sharpness ... problem and remove red eye. Photo Enhancer allows fixing ... photographing, and achieving natural color rendition, high detail and ... (98/0) download
ColorVeil 1.0 -  ColorVeil adds a color filter over your Desktop ... use your own favorite color, and experiment with beautiful ... feature helps you reduce eye strain, especially at night ... (6/0) download
PatchTool 4.0.0 b312 312 -  statistics), convert, and export color lists in a color-managed environment. You can ... also export lists as color catalogues to be used ... profiles, check if a color list will be clipped ... (4/0) download
Harmony finder 1.0 -  Free color wheel software. We often think of a good eye for color as something innate . But ... ... (5/0) download