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EUR Bible 1.0 -  ? EUR Bible ?iPhone Bible version, User can read the Bible Anytime, Anywhere This Bible is produced by local ... can download ? EUR Bible ?to iPhone and read ... God Anytime Anywhere. - EUR Bible ?has some features: - It ... (29/1) download

Bible(US)* 1.0 -  ? Bible(US) ?iPhone Bible version, User can read the Bible Anytime, Anywhere This Bible is produced by local ... Catholic can download ? Bible(US) ?to iPhone and ... our God Anytime Anywhere. - Bible(US) ?has some features ... (8/0) download
Bible-Simple Bible Advance HD (BBE) 1.0 -  Advance Version Introduction: - Bible Version: Bible in Basic English. - Five ... size, screen lighting, double version setting. - Double Version Setting: Include He He ... asks where in the bible is this verse? - Other ... (7/0) download
Bible-Simple Bible Advance HD (KJV) - Lite 1.1 -  Advance Version Introduction: - Non-ads version is also available in ... search for "simple bible". - Bible Version: King James Version. - Five Main Function: Reading ... size, screen lighting, double version setting. - Double Version Setting: Include He He ... (10/0) download
Bible-Simple Bible(ASV) 1.2 -  Looking for a Simple Bible app? If you are ... fast ASV, KJV, BBE Bible, "Simple Bible App" is your best choice! App features: - Bible Version: ASV American Standard Version - Easy to use, not ... and Traditional Chinese Simple Bible is also available, plz search Simple Bible. (English Versions: ASV, BBE ... (3/0) download
World English Bible(with Audio)HD 8.0 -  World English Bible(with Audio) for iPad.The World English Bible project was started to produce a modern English Bible version that is not copyrighted ... English (such as the Bible In Basic English). Contains ... person) of world english bible for offline use. Quick ... (6/0) download
Bishops Bible 1568 1.0 -  period, the only English version of the Bible available and authorized for worship was the Great Bible, a version endorsed by King Henry ... of a new English version, which was called Bishops' version, and was first printed ... all-important King James' version, which is still used ... (44/0) download
King James Dictionary 2.06 -  the 1611 King James Version of the Bible full of hard, difficult ... more about this classic Bible version - The King James. (299/0) download

BibleMax HebGrk Bible 1.0 -  and searching the Holy Bible. The core program contains the King James Version of the Scriptures, but ... different versions of the Bible in many languages. One ... is the Hebrew-Greek Bible version. This add-in is ... (12/0) download
BibleMax Japanese Shinkaiyaku Seisho Bible 1.0 -  They produced an earlier version of the Bible in Japanese. Nevertheless, Christianity ... different translations of the Bible. This BibleMax free module ... Shinkaiyaku Seisho (New Japanese Bible) version of the Scriptures. It ... (16/0) download
Holy Bible In Amharic 1.9 -  happy to offer Holy Bible in Amharic for 50% ... the most popular Amharic Bible app in the Appstore ... " Easiest to use Bible app" " Resourceful " Holy Bible in Amharic is getting better, Version 1.3 includes, - Enhanced ... (16/0) download
BibleDesktop 1.6 -  reading and studying the Bible and other Christian or Bible-related texts. It contains ... showing more than one Bible version at once, allowing you ... Bibles shown, the default Bible and many more. On ... (13/0) download
BibleMemorizer 0.6 -  Memorizing Bible verses is very important for clerics and Bible scholars. This free, open ... you to memorize those Bible verses you want. You ... on- or off-line Bible version, thus making this process ... (16/0) download
Greek Old Testament (Septuagint) 1.0 -  The Septuagint Bible, also known as the Bible of the LXX due ... to you this important version of the scriptures as ... different versions of the bible, as well as other ... (5/0) download
BibleMax Bulgarian Bible 1.0 -  the translation of the Bible into the Eastern dialect ... which the first Bulgarian Bible translations were made. Despite ... module features a Protestant version of the Scriptures, so ... (7/0) download
BibleMax Romanian Orthodox Bible 1.0 -  Romanian translation of the Bible; it is not clear ... as part of its Bible, this version does not features those ... the versions of the Bible should be presented as ... (6/0) download
Amharic Bible with Audio 1.4 -  prosperous 2013 ~ Amharic Bible Team = = = ... = What's new in Version 1.2 ~ We ... stability issues ---------------------- Amharic Audio Bible is an app that ... (6/0) download
BibleMax Vincent's Word Studies (Book) 1.0 -  author, providing the exact Bible quote (book chapter and ... the commentary and the Bible text simultaneously, and find every Bible quote mentioned in the ... work regardless of the Bible version you are using. Being ... (4/0) download
KJV My Holy Bible Search -  My Holy Bible Search is a great ... meaning from King James Version. It is for both ... to consider what the Bible says and teaches. You’ll ... (31/0) download
The Holy Bible - King James Version v5.1.1 -  The Holy Bible - King James Version includes both the Old ... It also includes Easton's Bible Dictionary, Matthew Henry Commentary ... ... (1720/0) download
4-in-1 Audio & HTML Bible 3.0 -  This Bible software contains four versions of Bible integrated into one. They are King James Version, New International Version, Today's New International Version, and New American Standard Bible. The four versions of the Holy Bible are presented in HTML ... each chapter of the Bible. This Bible software comes with a ... four versions of the Bible ... (62/0) download
Updated King James Version Bible 1.0 -  The King James Version of the Bible has brought light and ... way the King James Version of the Bible reads, you will love ... ... (12/0) download
VerseWise Bible Revised Standard Version 4.4.2 -  VerseWise Bible (Revised Standard Version) is the Bible (with optional deuterocanon) at ... of the American Standard Version, published in 1901, which ... of the King James Version, published in 1611." ... (8/0) download
Holy Bible ASV(Ameria Standard Version)HD 8.0 -  Holy Bible ASV(Ameria Standard Version)for iPad contains full text of the holy bible in English. Colored background for index based on bible books classification. Innovative chapter# ... verse picker for quick bible navigation. Change font size ... (5/0) download
Holy Bible (The Classic King James Version) 1.0.2 -  The Classic King James Version of the Bible, containing the Old and ... (6/0) download