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Kids English Plus Free 2.1 -  Best Bible for Kids starting to Study English! Kids English, the kid learning program jointly developed with English ... Essential Vocabulary 100 * Kids English comprises 100 essential ... In addition, even the kids lacking in concentration can ... (0/0) download

RapidTyping Portable 5.1 -  marks the latest in typing software. Learning how to ... you can improve your typing abilities or start at ... designing your very own typing tutor tailored specifically to ... (43/1) download
Richard the Ghost 1.1 -  info Richard the Ghost is a children's book ... story is perfect for kids aged four and older ... (1/0) download
Scooby Doo The Ghost Pirate Attacks 1.0 -  Scooby Doo The Ghost Pirate Attacks - Guide Shaggy ... (6/0) download
The Sigil Tarot Program 1.8 -  The Sigil Tarot Program is a card game ... (6/0) download
Kids Anatomy The Kidneys 1.0 -  All Kids anatomy The Kidneys: in ... (1/0) download
Kids On The Farm 1.1Kids on the Farm is ... gets the right answers, Kids on the Farm advances ... we're eager to help! Kids on the Farm is ... (1/0) download
Kids Anatomy The Stomach 1.0 -  All Kids anatomy The Stomach: in ... (4/0) download

Happy Kids Join the Dots 1.1 -  Happy Kids games are: Easy, Safe, Sensible. All kids love it! With this game from the Happy Kids learning games series it ... point by point. Here, kids learn the succession of ... as well as imitation, kids learn their numbers quickly ... (9/1) download
Albert the Ghost 1.0 -  you help Albert the Ghost escape the graveyard? Collect ... (9/0) download
Albert the Ghost - Halloween Pro Edition 1.0 -  you help Albert the Ghost escape the graveyard? Collect ... (10/0) download
Kids Connect the Dots FREE 1.0 -  letter recognition skills with Kids Connect the Dots, the ... on the App Store, Kids Connect the Dots FREE ... (2/0) download
ROBO Kids Typing Software 2.2.1 -  ROBO Kids Typing Software, a typing program for kids with learning difficulties. Children ... insert them into their typing. Of these words over ... (382/0) download
Letter Chase -- Learn the Keyboard 1.0 -  Letter Chase Typing Tutor -- Learn the Keyboard, is a free typing program to learn the keyboard ... the keyboard. Effective for kids. Schools can purchase a ... (12/0) download
Kids Mask Factory 2008 1.2.5Kids Mask Factory, is a program which is aimed at ... age and skill. The program is designed to create ... handled by parent options.Kids Mask Factory comes with ... (3/0) download
Doodle Kids 2.5 -  Doodle Kids is a painting program written by Lim Ding ... 9 years old. This program is designed specially for ... sisters and all the kids in the world. Ding ... (3/1) download
Switch Kids Lite 3.1 -  Switch Kids Lite is a touch-only version of Switch Kids, our fun switch-accessible program to introduce kids to the wonders of using a computer. Switch Kids Lite teaches simple cause ... for switch users, Switch Kids Lite can be used ... action (the effect). Switch Kids contains three activities, Funny ... (1/0) download
Learn Spanish with Little Pim: "Colors" - Foreign Languages for Kids 1.0 -  the #1 language learning program for young children. Little ... specifically designed to teach kids at the age they ... Pim will teach your kids Spanish as he goes ... (6/0) download
Surpriise 1.3 -  Surpriise is a joke program, incredible desktop entertainment, which ... of fun to your kids, and the entire family ... This cute absolutely free program is a little gift ... (0/0) download
KTBs' Myanmar Typing Tutor 5.0Typing Tutor is a highly customizable typing program for computer beginners or ... user interfaces for all typing learners. Each lesson begins with a typing tip or piece of ... from the history of typing. It includes many features ... (1/0) download
Typing Pal 6.0Typing Pal is a typing program for beginners and old hands alike. Fifteen short typing lessons will give you ... of the fundamentals of typing. Amusing animated scenes will ... of over one hundred typing lessons, typing practice texts, and oral ... (5/0) download
Horror House : Text To Survive 1.3 -  only be killed by typing their names. But as the ghost names get longer and the typing time shorter - can you ... (4/0) download
ABC Writing Practice ! 1.2 -  is a program made to help kids learn the alphabet with ... games can help the kids to memorize the letters ... writing order so that kids can follow the orders ... (28/0) download
KP Typing Tutor v3.0 -  KP Typing Tutor is an easy-to-use and effective typing program that helps you learn to type. KP Typing Tutor has a number ... you practice a basic typing course, sentences, or longer ... used. Features of the program include optimized step-by ... (1079/0) download
IPA Typing Assistant -  The IPA Typing Assistant is a simple ... computer programs. The IPA Typing Assistant uses an easy ... desired character. The IPA Typing Assistant is free, but ... (9/0) download