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King James Bible Diction 1.0 -  Free Bible Dictionary for Palm OS The King James Bible has stood it's ground ... changed since 1611. The King James Bible Dictionary for Palm OS ... (331/0) download

Bible Inspirations II Screen Saver v1.0Bible Inspirations II Screen Saver ... inspiring verses from the King James Bible against beautiful background scenes ... (54/0) download
SpiritMeal 2.0 -  The King James Bible and the King James Dictionary have been bundled ... designed to make your bible study both simple and ... absolutely free. Main features: -Bible study and scripture look ... (1/0) download
Bible Plus 1.0 -  Freeware popup King James Bible program. Superfast lookup. Both ... (1244/0) download
BiblePlayer for iPod 1.1 -  a daily dose of bible scriptures? Or maybe you need a bible reading plan? Now you ... and listen to the King James version of the Bible on your iPod with ... Bibleplayer also includes: - entire King James Bible (more to come) - Spurgeon?s ... (319/0) download
KJV My Holy Bible Search -  My Holy Bible Search is a great ... words and meaning from King James Version. It is for ... to consider what the Bible says and teaches. You’ll ... (30/0) download
The Holy Bible - King James Version v5.1.1 -  The Holy Bible - King James Version includes both the ... It also includes Easton's Bible Dictionary, Matthew Henry Commentary ... ... (1689/0) download
MS Access Bible (King James) v1.0 -  MS Access Bible (King James) is the complete text of the King James Version of the Bible in the Microsoft Access ... (536/0) download

HTML Bible (King James) v1.0 -  HTML Bible (King James) is the complete text of the King James Version of the Bible in HTML format. Each chapter of HTML Bible (King James) is hyperlinked to the ... the index.The HTML Bible uses cascading style sheets ... (518/0) download
King James Dictionary 2.06King James Dictionary - Is the 1611 King James Version of the Bible full of hard, difficult ... ... (298/0) download
KJV Interactive Holy Bible Study -  easy-to-use Holy Bible Study applications in one, this interactive Holy Bible Study is not just ... there learning knowledge of King James Holy Bible. Try our easy to use bible study application of King James Version. Read the Holy Bible and learn the word ... Moses and more. Holy Bible Basics: Read the fundamentals about the Holy Bible. Memorize ... (38/0) download
4-in-1 Audio & HTML Bible 3.0 -  This Bible software contains four versions of Bible integrated into one. They are King James Version, New International Version ... and New American Standard Bible. The four versions of the Holy Bible are presented in HTML ... each chapter of the Bible. This Bible software comes with a ... (41/0) download
HTML Bible (Large Print KJV) v1.0 -  HTML Bible (Large Print KJV) is ... of the Large Print King James Version of the Bible in HTML format. Each chapter of HTML Bible (Large Print KJV) is ... the index.The HTML Bible uses cascading style sheets ... (400/0) download
Visual Bible (Gustave Dore - KJV) v98.1.0 -  Visual Bible (Gustave Dore - KJV) includes ... and pictures of the King James Version of the Holy Bible in Microsoft HTML Help ... the books of the Bible and the available topics/stories ... (426/0) download
Bible Inspirations Screen Saver v1.0Bible Inspirations Screen Saver displays ... scripture passages from the King James version of the Bible. The screen saver displays ... (89/0) download
3-Bible Concordance 1.0 -  The 3-Bible Concordance allows word and ... three translations of the Bible: The King James, the American Standard, and ... (20/0) download
KJVocabulary v1.10 -  the meaning of archaic Bible words from the King James Version. Do you find that the King James Version is full of ... of all those tough Bible words, like "concupiscence ... for use with your Bible reading. It also includes ... (39/0) download
MemoryMan 2.2.26 -  Includes 800+ Bible verses in in King James (KJV), New King James Versions(NKJV), and New ... a few of the Bible verses, the full, registered ... (4/0) download
Word of the Hour 0.3 beta -  William Marrion Branham, the King James Version Bible, the Greek/Hebrew lexicon and ... buttons. When searching the bible you can search through ... (5/0) download
Free Bible for mobiles 1.0 -  compact edition of the King James Version of the combined ... edition of The Holy Bible is easy-to-read ... (11/0) download
Voice of the Bible 1.3 -  Voice of the Bible is used to convert bible text or any other ... languages are supported. The King James, New International, New American Standard Versions of the bible and a bible dictionary are included. Additionally ... the perfect tool for bible study, listening to bible or other documents, and ... (20/0) download
Bible-Discovery for Linux 3.3.0 -  this web site and Bible-Discovery software were designed ... the skimming of the Bible and they need more ... like to understand the Bible verses and their original ... (9/0) download
Assorted Scenes And Scriptures 1.0 -  New Testaments of the King James Bible. Shareware version shows only ... uninstall are also included. Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. is ... (5/0) download
Bible Crossword Puzzles v1.3 -  Lets you solve Bible crossword puzzles on your ... are related to the Bible, and include references to the King James version. It features answer ... ... (168/0) download
Read the Holy Bible -  Reading the Holy Bible is a great application ... whether you're reading the Bible frequently or you're just considering what the Bible says and teaches. There’re ... used with a complete Bible reference, an easy to use list of bible events and stories from ... (31/0) download