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LaunchOnFly 1.51 -  It lets you launch applications, open files, folders, Web ... (17/0) download

Active Keyboard 3.1 -  HotKey Program, Launch applications, documents, and URLs, and ... (149/0) download
csv2dg 2.0. -  the ability to print, launch applications. C2D allows quick display ... the ability to print, launch Excel or even launch a custom application. This ... (38/0) download
CastleBar 2.50.1 -  toolbar menu to quickly launch applications or open folders. Easy ... allow you to quickly launch applications or open folders. Keep ... (21/0) download
Optimal Archive 1.1 r13 1.5.0639 -  in the explorer tree - launch applications from inside the zip ... (38/0) download
UltraKeyboard 3.65 -  works, such as quick-launch applications, documents and URLs, emulate ... (15/0) download
ToolbarPro v4.0 -  toolbar which lets you launch applications, open Web pages, and ... upload and download files, launch applications, format text, and more ... (20/0) download
traystart 2000 v1.0 -  that allows you to launch applications, folders, or Web sites ... browser to use to launch its Internet shortcuts. (20/0) download

SmartWord v1.0 -  Lets you launch applications or open any document ... you retrieve a document, launch an application, or bring ... (57/0) download
COWON Jet-ToolBar v3.0 -  Lets you launch applications from a flexible, custom ... toolbar and the program launch buttons to any of ... sizes. You can place applications, shortcuts, and even Internet ... (108/0) download
Startup Launcher v4.3.0 -  Allows you to launch applications at Windows Startup, control ... the order of the applications that run at Startup ... (116/0) download
Icon Tray v5.03 -  Lets you launch applications, control your screen savers ... calendar.You can instantly launch your screen saver, place ... image file, and schedule applications to run at pre ... (33/0) download
CLS-TaskIcon v1.33 -  Lets you launch applications and documents from System ... menu icon lets you launch or open the associated ... (25/0) download
TaskMenuBar 2.4.2 -  Switch and launch applications in a customized menu ... as launching and switching applications, and opening files. Because ... (29/0) download
Chronomenon -  audio/video files, and can launch applications and command them to ... (7/0) download
Jump for Mac OS 2.0.3 -  utility designed to quickly launch applications, open documents, or access ... can add your favorite applications (with a simple drag ... course, click them to launch them. The Jump palette shows multiples applications at a time; however, you can search for applications in its palettes or ... (1/0) download
Programmer's Tool 1.3.4 -  shortcuts to Activate or Launch different applications in a similar fashion ... various actions. 2. Quick Launch Menu: Create a custom ... the following actions: a. Launch Application: This can be used to launch an application using the ... (116/2) download
QuickClick 1.0 -  Menu extra for launching applications. QuickClick is a menu extra that allows you launch applications, documents, aliases, and more ... such as launching multiple applications at once, plugin support ... (27/0) download
Indicator(s) for Mac OS 1.0 -  can divide the Dock applications into sets, categories and ... and efficiently use and launch applications. You may duplicate and ... (5/0) download
Wild-DNA PortaLaunch 1.0.0 -  a systray icon to launch portable apps. In xml ... popup menu, and can launch applications without full path. Icons ... (4/0) download
Power Autoplay menu wizard 3.0 -  these menus you can launch applications, documents, open web site ... (25/0) download
GhostMouse v2.0 -  GhostMouse can launch applications, click on menus, click ... (27/0) download
EasyWay 1.0 -  by specific direction to launch applications, open website,manipulate windows ... by specific direction to launch applications, open website,manipulate windows ... (8/0) download
Oneclick System Tray Utility v3.01 -  to ten programs simultaneously, launch applications with documents already preloaded ... (22/0) download
DeskLauncher 2.7 -  It lets you launch applications, documents, URLs immediately and ... alternative. It lets you launch applications, documents, URLs immediately and ... sample menu for you. Applications are added either through ... (16/0) download