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Photo Booth Effects 6.6 -  Free Photo Booth Effects Software. Take pictures ... models are supported. Cool photo booth download for Windows, 100% ... ... (154/0) download

Composer FX Effects for iChat and Photo Booth for Mac OS 2.2.6 -  Effects for iChat and Photo Booth. Over 400 effects for ... (7/0) download
Magic Photo Print 1.1 -  Using "Magic Photo Print" you can easily create memorable photo album, collage or postcard ... (3/0) download
Magic Photo Creator 2005Magic Photo Creator is a fun ... image blending effects. Create Magic Photo Blending Effects! Magic Photo Creator is a fun ... your own from any photo. Magic Photo Creator does not require ... (337/0) download
Magic Photo Show 1.0 -  With Magic Photo Show you can create ... (13/0) download
Sparkbooth 2.6.2 -  Instant photo booth for your special event ... party experience. Make DIY photo booth area for you and ... into a full screen photo booth kiosk. Includes additional options ... (18/0) download
Sparkbooth 3.4.3 -  Instant photo booth for your special event ... party experience. Make DIY photo booth area for you and ... into a full screen photo booth kiosk. Includes additional options ... (0/0) download
MAGIC Photo Denoiser 1.0MAGIC Photo Denoiser will allow you ... (2/0) download

Magic Photo Editor 6.9Magic Photo is a photo editor With Magic Photo, you can easily blend your digital photo onto another image (a ... effect. It makes your photo interesting and pretty. The ... choose, which changes your photo in different shapes then ... (1160/0) download
CatEye for Mac OS 1.001 -  Leopard’s iChat and Photo Booth. The cast, in order ... together when presented in Photo Booth. mIs your iChat partner ... preview/alpha channel rendering in Photo Booth.- Added analog TV and ... (5/0) download
iGlasses for Mac OS 2.1.3 -  other programs, including iMovie, Photo Booth, Yahoo! Messenger and EvoCam ... using iGlasses in iChat, Photo Booth, QuickTime Player X and ... (2/0) download
iChatFX for Mac OS 2.3.1 -  for Apples iChat and Photo Booth. It makes chatting and ... (4/0) download
DotMatrix for Mac OS 1.606 -  If Photoshop and Photo Booth were sampled and remixed ... use mobile phone pictures, Photo Booth snaps or pictures from ... new era of instant photo-manipulation, combining powerful, non ... (2/0) download
MagicPhotoExposure 3.0Magic Photo Exposure adjusts photo exposure to light up ... Almost every ill-exposed photo benefits from the enhancement ... (1/0) download
Odin Frame Photo Creator 7.7.6 -  Frame Photo Creator looks like popular photo sticker booth not only enable you ... digital photos to improve photo quality but also can ... we also call it photo sticker,sticky photo,frame photo editor,big-head photo maker,photo booth software. Frame Photo Creator software has photo mode and digital camera ... (225/0) download
Magic Photo Recovery 4.0 -  Deleted a photo from your computer or ... from your digital camera? Magic Photo Recovery will scan the ... and reformatted several times. Magic PhotoRecovery restores images deleted ... (70/0) download
FastApps for Mac OS 2.0 -  of your iPhoto pictures, Photo Booth shots and any other standard photo app (including Aperture). When ... (2/0) download
Hue HD Webcam for Mac OS 2.0 -  and compatible with Skype, Photo Booth, Yahoo Messenger, Quicktime Pro ... (6/0) download Maker 1.0 -  Lets you record quick updates from your desktop. Run it full-screen and turn your computer into a kiosk! Main features: - Works as a stand alone *photo booth* that you can set up at any place or event. For example: publish real-time updates from your party. - Give it your own custom text blurb and #hash topic (ex: "Hanging out at #moustache ... (1/0) download
Photo Magic 5.1Photo Magic is a very most popular photo editing software this can ... friendly options. all the photo studio photo editor use this software ... help us to make photo very good looking you ... (10/0) download
Magic Data Recovery Pack 1.0Magic Data Recovery Pack has ... camera thanks to the Magic Photo Recovery tool. Magic Data Recovery Pack is ... Combining two useful tools, Magic Uneraser and Magic Photo Recovery, into one convenient package, the Magic Data Recovery Pack is ... (50/0) download
PhotoMagic for Windows 1.0 -  Simply edit photo for photo enhancement You can simply edit photo before customize it with effects. The photo enhancement software allows it to adjust photo with the basic functionalities. - Crop photo and make effect on a specific area. - Rotate photo to any angle - Filp photo for a different feeling. - Compare the finished photo enhancement ... (13/0) download
Xinfire slideshow Maker PRO -  As a magic photo editing tool, This amazing ... and convenient one, this photo slideshow maker enables you ... the other hand, this photo slideshow maker enjoys great ... (0/0) download
Xinfire slideshow Maker -  Slideshow Maker is a magic photo & picture editor delivering ... and convenient one. This photo slideshow maker enables you ... may ask what this Photo Slideshow Maker can do ... (0/0) download
Extra Mug Shot Sticker 8.22 -  Extra Mug Shot Sticker -- snap and share pictures of you and your friends using your webcam. With Snap, you can quickly and easily take snapshots, then add stickers, speech bubbles, and wacky fun-house filters. Fun doesn't end there. Extra Mug Shot Sticker -- enable you easily create, edit, enhance, print, and manipulate your digital photos. It is ... (23/0) download